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Homeopathy and Covid: A Case Series

Case 6 

Date: 19th  Oct 2020

T.A: A 38 Year-old female; Minor Thalassemia (Hb is approximately 10 g/dl); Gynaecologist

“Covid Symptoms appeared on 18th Sep and CRP on the same day was +1. Body pain and shivering. Sometimes internal heat is felt so intensely that the T- shirt I wear suddenly gets drenched. As if suddenly hot water is poured on me and I have to take the T shirt out as I feel hot.”

“Calves’ pain. I Like to get massage with the body pain and likes to do small stretches. I don’t feel like doing anything and just lie down. I feel extremely weak. Even the spoon feels heavy. I prefer not to hold anything with my hands. (energy level is estimated 3-4 out of 10) “

“Perspiration is upper trunk, back and neck especially. I prefer cool and open air in normal time, now I prefer warmer.  Generally I am thirstless and now also I am not feeling like drinking but if I want to drink something it will be cool water. I am always like this. Only when I shiver do I want to drink something warm.”

“Mood wise my eyes well up as I feel very helpless with the body pain. I felt I have caught Covid and that what will happen? But generally when I fall sick I easily get tears.  I prefer that I have company.”

Rx: No prescription was made; wait for a retake.

On 20th evening a follow-up was done to check the symptoms:

The lower lip was swollen up since late afternoon on top of other symptoms. And the energy level is much fluctuating.

The strongest and most clear symptom in this case which worked as an anchor to base the prescription on was an isolated swelling of the lower lip.


Rx: Puls 200C every 6 hourly

Follow up: The recovery was steady; the swelling of the lip disappeared on the 2nd day of treatment. The only symptom which lingered to the 6th day of treatment was fluctuating energy level with the intensity of the fluctuation decreasing day by day. Pulsatilla every 6 hourly was continued for 7 days and then BID for 3 more days.


Despite the anaemic patients who we treated for severe forms of Covid who came out of extremely ill states as quickly as non-anaemic ones, their full recovery happened in a longer time; mostly around 12-13th day with the main lingering symptom to be weakness.

Case 7

Date: 3rd  Dec 2020

F.A: A 48 year-old male; No Hx of any chronic condition; Obesity (BMI=31.4); responsible for tax affairs.

“I had sore throat about 2 weeks ago as well as general body ache. Within two days, the pain in my body increased so much but the doctor diagnosed it as a common cold. In about a week I started to grow significantly worse and then I obtained CT scan of my lungs on 28th Nov. “

“After the positive CT scan I was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine, Desloratadine, ReciGen with no amelioration.

Since 3 days I am oxygen dependent. The SpO2 level drops below 85% without Oxygen and with Oxygen it maximum raises to 90%-91%. “

“I had slight sore throat which was constant; kind of burning.  Both of my eyes were swollen which remained for two days and disappeared. I have weakness and prostration. It is very difficult for me to walk at home, I am weak and I feel so much breathlessness. Talking is so difficult as I feel so breathless. The main weakness is felt in my chest. My body pain is better than the initial days. “

“Weakness gets better if I drink something like water, fruit juice or buttermilk. I am generally very thirstless person; but I prefer cool drinks. Now also still thirstless. I only force myself to drink.  I generally cannot take energetically warm food items like Ginger, I get hot flushes as well as constipation. “

“In general I prefer moderate weather, now during the course of this disease I cannot tolerate warmth at all; I have switched off the heater. I love fresh cool air; it makes me breathe better. (the temperature nowadays is maximum 2-3 degrees Celsius.) The cough is occasional and dry. “

Palpitation and increased HR with the least exertion up to 140 bpm. I prefer to lie down. I don’t have the energy to do anything or the breath to do anything; like my normal times I prefer lying on my left side but for my breathing to get better I lie on my back and then after I feel better with my breathing I turn to my left hand side.

No appetite

No sense of smell or taste; but whatever I eat I feel it is either salty or greasy

Communication makes me tired. My family loves me so much, I love to be with them but due to my weakness I prefer to be in a calmer environment.

No nausea

No diarrhoea

“Generally I perspire quite easily especially when in warm place but nowadays I don’t perspire at all.  Now I am more inclined towards sweet things.  No dryness in the mouth”

The patient is very cooperative. “It is not that I am anxious for anything with this disease, I see it as a common cold. I don’t think something will happen with my lungs or what. It doesn’t create any tension. Do you think it will be alright?”

D: Yes, within 2 days you will feel significantly better.

P: I am sure about it. (This asking about how things will go was repeated several times in our communications.)


Rx: Puls 1M every 6 hours

Follow up: 48 hours after the start of the treatment: “I don’t have any more body ache. My energy level has increased by 50% at least. I can eat now; despite not much but there is a little appetite back. I don’t feel food is salty or greasy anymore. My breathlessness is better than 2 days ago; my need to use oxygen therapy has way decreased but still I fall short of breath with some exertion, say if I climb the stairs. SpO2 has raised to 95%-96% with Oxygen therapy. The maximum pulse oximetry reading with oxygen therapy before homeopathy treatment was maximum 91% and without oxygen therapy it would fall below 85%. Now without oxygen therapy it has also raised to 88%-89% and it sustains during slight exertion.

No coughs

“When I breathe deeply I can feel my lungs closer to the base; this is also much better than before start of the homeopathy treatment. “

Day 6: “I can take care of my needs at home with ease. My heart doesn’t race with exertion any more, nor I fall breathless when I climb the stairs. I don’t need Oxygen therapy since day 4. SpO2 is 94-95% without Oxygen therapy.”

Puls 1M every 6 hourly is continued for 7 days and then continued BID for another 3 days.

CT scan was repeated on 15th Dec 2020 that shows a satisfying improvement.

15th Dec: 

P: Can you take a look at these CT scans? I feel better, I don’t feel things are bad at all. But can you just say what do you think?

Rx: Puls 1M BID for 3 days (the patient is still anxious about his health and needs reassuring)


Apart from these 3 cases, we had several other cases which were treated with Puls. All of these cases had some sort of self-limiting swelling, most prominently somewhere on the face or else as a prominent sensation internally and interestingly enough it appeared in the very first days of the disease.

Although there are many references to “swelling” in Puls, but its steady appearance in the first days of Covid and its self- limiting nature is noteworthy and needs to be verified clinically in more cases.

Carbo Vegetabilis 

Case 8

Date: 5th  Dec 2020

R.HH: A 58 year-old female; Hx of (moderately controlled) DM, Hypertension and ischemic heart disease; Fatty liver Grade 2 and carcinoid tumor of small intestine with mesenteric involvement; housewife

The patient is very cooperative but she doesn’t have energy to talk and also she doesn’t remember what really happened during the first week she fell sick. So, the daughter gave the main body of information.

Symptoms started two weeks ago with nausea and vertigo. Nausea was intense and constant. Couldn’t eat or drink anything even water. If water was given for consuming the prescribed medications, within max few minutes it was all vomited out. With nausea there was constant eructation with temporary relief.

Due to the severity of nausea, and the fact that she was unable to intake anything orally, she experienced an altered consciousness state of delirium and confusion.

Hypertensive patient, but within the course of the disease the BP was significantly low without any medication (100/60 mm Hg)

She is diabetic for the last couple of years and she is on medication regularly; the BS levels would normally exacerbate when she was nervous or angry or over ate. But in the course of the disease despite not having anything and also taking the medications regularly, the FBS was not lower than 300 mmol/L.

The SpO2 levels started to drop since early stages; 85-84% and with Oxygen therapy it reaches to 89%-90%.

The breathlessness gets worse and the SpO2 drops when lying on back. She asks others to massage her back and that would make the breathlessness and general condition better.

Always a hot person but now she feels cold. She would like to be covered. During nausea and vomiting she felt very cold, the body would be icy cold. The perspiration was profuse all over her body and that also would be cold.

No fever

No cough

No diarrhoea

Nausea would aggravate with odours especially something fried and with noise. She was unable to sleep for days due to intense nausea. The IV medications used to alleviate the nausea would only work for maximum one hour.

Her sense of smell and taste have been intact and her sense of smell became even more acute.

In normal times she is a thirsty person. When her BS goes high she gets thirsty but now it is folds more. The mouth feels so dry. Prefers more orange juice and carrot juice but due to diabetes she avoids carrot juice.

Extreme weakness. Cannot sit.

Generally loves pickles.

Tongue coated white; thin

No body pain

She had become very irritable. She would prefer to be in a calm quiet place. When she would put her head down the noise coming from the house of the neighbour down stairs would irritate her and that also would aggravate the nausea.

No specific taste in the mouth

The main issue now on 5th Dec is the extreme weakness and breathlessness.

CT scan was Obtained on 28th Nov 2020.

Allopathic Treatment: Recigen (Interferon Beta-1a) /Favipiravir without significant amelioration


Rx: Carb-veg every 6 hours

Follow up: 48 hours after the commencement of homeopathic treatment: She threw up in 10 minutes after taking the first dose and slept for 8 hours. When she woke up she looked livelier.  She is much better than two days ago. Her breathlessness has decreased significantly and she has been able to eat soup without nausea or throwing up. Her BS is still high around 250 mmol/L.

Day 4: She is much better, just a little bit discomfort in the stomach. She is able to sit and talk and is not anymore disturbed by surrounding noises. She is not feeling breathless any more. She is just a little bit weak due to the intensity of the disease and her low intake of food. Her BS is back to her usual normal measures.

Day 7: She is all fine; no nausea or vomiting. No eructation. No breathlessness, doesn’t need any oxygen therapy for the last 3 days. Her SpO2 has been 94-95% without oxygen therapy. As of day 7, the FBS was 101 mmol/L.

The healing happened smoothly and the remedy was continued for 10 days, every 6 hours for the first week and then BID for 3 days.

The patient is now being treated for her chronic conditions.

Veratrum Viride 

Case 9

Date: 11th  Oct 2020

Covid infection is not only the cause of significant and potentially fatal physical health issues but it also makes significant turbulence in mental and emotional balance of the patients, some to an extent that needs immediate intervention to keep the psychological integrity of the patient intact. There is no evidence showing that Covid is the direct cause of these psychiatric states, but in presence of underlying issues, a crippling flare up is highly probable.

T.A: A 38 years old female; Hx of hypertension since the birth of her second child; self- employed

I saw the patient on 11th Oct, in restlessness and fear.  Fever 38 degrees of Celsius and the face especially the cheeks were flushed; eyes also moderately injected, with headache.  Crying for help.

“I am afraid, I am not able to sit, nor to lie down, my second delivery (2 years ago) has been very difficult. I had pre-eclampsia. I delivered my baby in 8th month. I am pleading everyone to rescue me. It is more than 10 days now that I have been sick. It all started with general body pain; fever and chill. My frontal sinuses have pain and also headache and eyes pain.”

Maximum fever was 38.5 degrees of Celsius

The following CT scan is obtained on 9th day of the symptoms. I received the patient a day after this CT:

“I was prescribed Azithromycin, Anti-pyretic, Vitamins. Dexamethasone was advised but the patient denied to inject it.

It all started at night; I was watching TV and suddenly a chill passed through my back, I was shivering from within.

I have loads of back ache, I need to lie down and if I manage to lie down I feel better but I cannot. I am so extremely restless. I am very afraid of what may happen.

I have diarrhoea every day, in between for 2 days it went away and I generally felt better but since yesterday it has started again and I am dying of stress. I get a sensation in my pelvis and abdomen that everything is coming out. I need to hold my vagina, press it inwards, otherwise I cannot even stand. I hold it and I walk.

The moment I get stressful thoughts about what will happen to me with this disease, that vague feeling of fear, this sensation comes to vagina and lower abdomen.

I feel I am dying from some unknown disease. I will die and no one will even know what will happen to me.

I have very severe coughs. I am very afraid. I have coughed so hard that I have abdominal pain.

No sense of smell; No sense of taste

I am perspiring a lot which is cold. “

Exacerbating factors of this sensation in the abdomen?  “If I am worried about financial issues, if I am worried about my sister who has got Covid as well, I get this sensation.

For my back pains I need to sleep on my back and if I manage it makes me better but I am not able to at all. I sleep for 2 minutes and something in me just throws me out of bed. I have no idea how I jumped out. Due to this feeling in my abdomen especially when I have diarrhoea it is intense.

Cough ameliorates with hot drinks and keeping the head slightly higher

I have severe nausea; no vomiting

My chest feels so heavy, there is a heavy pressure on my chest; I cannot breathe deeply.

I feel very cold

I generally drink lots of fluids but in the course of disease I was thirst less; it is about 2-3 days that my mouth feels so dry and I need to drink more something like room temperature water or non-alcoholic beer.

Any dream since a week prior to this disease? I saw my cousin, she competes me kind of. We were having a party at home, I had ordered a dress but when I went to try it, it was absolutely not what I had chosen. I tried to make it in a way that suits me but it didn’t work out. I was thinking how can I attend this party? “

How did these panic attacks start? “Two years ago while pregnant with  my second son, I went for a check up to my gynaecologist. I didn’t feel I have any problem, she checked my pressure and it was 190 systolic and ordered immediate admission. I stepped into ICU with my own feet. I had no idea what was happening. In ICU, the nurses could not easily do IV injection, and that was the moment the fear happened.  My systolic BP reached to 240 and the doctor ordered to end the pregnancy immediately. They rushed me to the theatre. I was in shock. I had no idea why all this is happening to me. After delivery the pressure quickly dropped but again in the evening it raised to 190 Systolic. And since then I am on medication.”

“I don’t want to sleep; I am afraid if I sleep I will die “

“I get severe palpitation episodes; like beating in my mouth. HR is around 150 bpm and I have increased the dose of my medications. I suddenly feel all blood of my body is running upwards to my face and to my head especially when I get fever.”

Brief History before Covid:

She has been working in a very well-known organization for about 10 plus years. She was the boss of a section. Despite she was very hard working, as she was the only female employee in that rank, the male co-workers started to make wrong stories about her regarding financial issues of the organization and she was eventually laid off work.

She battled alone for about 3 years to clear her case and she succeeded. “I did everything to clear my name, I fought very hard, I couldn’t allow them to do this to me”. The organization apologised and she went back to work but again she was threatened that if she is not going to leave her work by herself they will create another reason to dishonour her. Finally, she quit but after all she learnt that her husband also having a high rank status in one of the governmental offices was behind the scenes working hard to throw her out of her position. She was absolutely independent financially.

“I was a very bright student, I had two masters and I graduated with merit. my successes were earned with lots of effort.” He also made her to undergo an induced miscarriage ( about 3 years ago) before her last delivery which was complicated with severe pre-eclampsia.

“Now I am working from home without my husband knowing. All these years he oppressed me, he wanted to confine me, despite all I did for him and for my life, I found him cheating on me. I was always asking what I had done that he preferred others to me? How could he throw me out like this?”


“Weight with feeling as if all pelvic contents will press out through vagina if not prevented by pressure with the hand or by sitting down” a very well-known symptom of Lilium tigrinum which indicates the sensation which runs through the family Liliiflorae: the sensation of being forced out, pressed out, excluded against one’s will and the reaction is to do everything to keep included and belonged.

From my point of view, her current acute state was an extension of the state she was having for the last few years intensified after her last delivery and flare up with Covid.  So in her case I kept the major exciting factor of the state which was being fired from a high-paying, high rank work and dishonoured in analysis of the case.

Rx: Verat-vir 1M every 4 hours

Veratrum viride shares with Veratrum album the rubric “Ailments from loss of social position” and both of them feel disappointed by the circumstances which hinder their true potential. The main feeling of Veratrum(s) is of being excluded, and the loss of social position.

The symptom which was more in favour of Verat-vir was the intense turbulence she had in her circulation causing the appearance resembling that of Bell and severe palpitations.

Follow up: Due to the intensity of the condition, first follow-up was obtained after one dose of the remedy in 6 hours.

“After an hour of taking the dose my cough increased significantly but within 10 minutes I felt an intense sense of calmness and I fell asleep. I woke up after two hours and I have been so deeply asleep compared to the last 10-12 days that I have hardly been able to shut my eyes closed, that my husband had thought I am dead. All the cough, and the body pain stopped and I fell asleep.”

In observation she is not blushed in face. Not crying.

Day 2: “Yesterday, I had a huge bout of weeping and I felt extremely relieved afterwards. A huge oppression was removed off from my chest after that. No fever, I don’t feel the rush of blood to my face any more. My coughs are more than 60% better. Only once went for a relatively loose stool. “

Rx: Verat-vir 1M every 6 hours

Day 5: “The sensation of bearing down has decreased enormously. It comes with much longer interval but I don’t need to hold my vagina. I can lie down on my bed and naturally I like to lie on my left side and that it enough”.

“My face doesn’t flush with heat.

My heart rate is between 75-80 bpm and I take my anti-hypertension medication in their originally prescribed dosage.

My restlessness is significantly less. I don’t need to walk constantly. In case if the stress comes and that feeling comes I just get slightly restless where I am sitting and then it is over.

No diarrhea anymore.

I can fill up my lungs down enough in inspiration, it was impossible for me 2 days ago.”

The recovery afterwards was steady and continuous.

The remedy was used for 7 days every 6 hours and then BID for 4 more days. And the patient is continuing her treatment to address her chronic health issues.

Rhus Toxicodendron 

Case 10

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