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Impetigo in a Girl of 4

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Dr. Jaya Saini presents a case of impetigo in a girl of four. Craving for salt, hard stool followed by thin stool and itching eruptions led to the simillimum.

This little girl of four years arrived on July 1st, 2018 with eruptions on her face that I diagnosed as impetigo. The child was brought by her mother who said the problem started three days ago and was getting worse. She scratches all the time, especially near her eyebrows.  The mother said the girl goes to stool 2 – 3 times of which the first part was hard and after it, liquid stool comes. Wherever she sees something with salt, she starts licking it. During eruptions she is very irritable. The girl desires salt:  “I have to hide it from her.

My observation – the child was constantly biting her nails.

Nat Mur 200 was given with plain sac lac every three hours.

Natrum mur covered the specific area of itching and also the consistency of stool (hard stool followed by thin liquid). Only three remedies emerged and Nat. mur was one of them. The special desire for salt, biting nails also fit. The most interesting aspect is that Nat. mur doesn’t cover the rubric “impetigo on face.” But we have to prescribe for the individual, not the disease.

Rubrics selected for case

MIND – BITING – nails – children; in
MIND – IRRITABILITY – children, in
FACE – ERUPTIONS – impetigo
FACE – ERUPTIONS – Eyebrows – About – itching
FACE – ERUPTIONS – Lips – Upper
FACE – ERUPTIONS – Nose – Around
STOOL – HARD – followed by – thin stool
SKIN – ERUPTIONS – impetigo
GENERALS – FOOD AND DRINKS – salt – desire

After 7 days the child was far better. See photos below

About the author

Jaya Saini

Dr. Jaya Saini completed her BHMS from Swasthya Kalyan Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre. She trained under her mentor Dr. Devendra Pal Singh Jadoun. Dr. Saini started her practice last year in Jaipur.

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