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Lachesis Out Of Nowhere!

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine’s friend Claire suddenly comes down with “Lachesis”!

Elaine, I had an interesting Lachesis situation.

Do tell!

A couple nights in a row, I felt a sort of stitching quick pain in the vicinity of my left ovary.  It was very late to be ovulating but that’s sort of what it felt like; ovulation-related.  Anyway, looking it up, it seemed Lachesis was indicated but I didn’t take it.  It went away.

The next night, the same thing happened but it stopped before I took anything.  The next day, around dinnertime, I got this weird sensation of something in my throat. It wasn’t mucus; I didn’t have a cold.  It felt literally sort of like how if you swallow a large vitamin and it doesn’t quite slide down right.  And on the outside of my throat, right at that indentation at the base of the throat, if I pressed, I felt the same discomfort.  I felt very constricted which was more psychological than actual throat constriction; but it was that panicky feeling I used to get when I put on a turtleneck shirt as a little kid, like “OMG I’m stuck, how do I get out of this thing??”

Of course my mind wandered to how people have allergic reactions and their throat swells shut, which didn’t help any.  It was that perfect Lachesis constriction sensation; again, psychological.  If I swallowed, I felt it, but in between swallowing, didn’t really notice it.  But chewing some food and swallowing, it felt like the food was only *just able* to slide by whatever that “lump” was.

Plus, it felt like the way your larynx feels when you’ve talked too much.  Only I hadn’t.  Anyway, I took a dry dose of Lachesis 30c and it went away. I went to bed.  The next morning, it was back!  I made an RSB (remedy solution bottle) and probably took 3 doses as needed with five succussions before each dose.

Explain how you made the RSB.

I made the RSB with 2 pellets of Lachesis 30C in 6 oz. of water, a sip being a dose.  Then sometime later in the evening I was going about my business and realized, “Hey, I think it’s gone for good!”  It had been hours since I took a dose and it was one of those situations where your awareness of it fades along with the symptoms.  Not sure I’ve ever had to take Lachesis before but the throat/constriction sensation was interesting!

So….here’s what we have:

pain, ovaries

throat, constriction sensation

touching the throat agg.

lump sensation in the throat while swallowing

fear of turtle necks

left-sided complaints

worse after sleep

fear of suffocation.

That’s Lachesis alright!

And why is Lachesis so sensitive in the throat area?  Because the throat is the one spot on the snake’s body where it can be controlled!  And do you know what?  Lachesis people can’t stand being controlled!  They can’t work under anybody, they can’t bear restrictions!  So, good for you, Claire, you nailed it!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • here’s another case for Lach. The foll sym brought forth by a 27 year old woman. Lach 6 foll by Bell 200 cleared up the problem in two days. Incidentally this was periodic occurrence with her and she had tried allopathic approach constantly ( in vain).

    Mouth; pain; sore, bruised; cheeks, inner
    Mouth; pain; sore, bruised; lips, inner side
    Mouth; pain; sore, bruised; tongue; edges
    Mouth; redness; lips, inner
    Mouth; redness; tongue; edges
    Mouth; redness; tongue; tip
    Mouth; redness; bright; tongue
    Throat; itching

  • This article gives very clear indication of Lachesis. The method of administration of Lachesis is also interesting.

  • Elaine, thank you so much for saying this: “Lachesis people can’t stand being controlled.” Just a few days ago I gave my husband Lachesis 200c. Your statement really describes him. He has a huge problem with any authority figure – he’s always railing against them. I also have some in LM4 which I’ve started taking for my hypothyroid condition and I’ll be starting my husband on it, too. (Not that he would ever obey me about anything without a big fight but, for homeopathic medicines, he simply opens his mouth and lets me drop them in.) Thank you so much, Elaine!

    • Hi Linda! Boy, “Lachesis Out of Nowhere”, I forgot all about that article! But Linda, why give your husband Lach. LM4 if you just gave him 200C? And by the way, LM4 is a pretty high potency. If you’re taking it yourself for hypothyroid? I’m not sure why you think Lach. is what you need, but, I would take just one dose and wait and see what happens.

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