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Life is Too Much

Written by Angelica Necula

Homeopath Angelica Necula shares a case of a woman of 39 who felt detached, was unobservant yet hypersensitive to feelings.

Female patient, 39 years old

December 15, 2020   INITIAL CONSULTATION

  • She was complaining mostly of “weird” feelings (her words) like she does not belong to this world, that sometimes she cannot feel her body, as if only her soul exists, without no physical body.  She said “Life is too much!”
  • Her partner told her that it looks like lately she lives in “her own world” because several times when they were crossing small streets together (with no traffic lights), she did not even look to check the surroundings, to see if there was any car coming.
  • A few times after paying for groceries, she took only part of the bags with groceries she bought, as if she was not aware of the other bag or maybe she forgot to take it. She mentioned also, that the crowds of people disturb her and affect her ability to concentrate on what she needs to do. As a result of what it is happening to her right now, she said she does not trust herself anymore.
  • Even though she admits these are things she needs to correct, when her partner wants to talk with her about these unusual situations, more often she does not feel comfortable at all discussing them.
  • She found herself daydreaming at work, and at home too; she had periods of times during her life when she was daydreaming, but lately this and the other symptoms are more intense and repeat more often.
  • She feels disconnected from reality, like not present in this world.
  • Therefore, she said, she feels sad and nothing can make her feel more joyful.
  • She is longing for something more meaningful in life, but does not know what that could be.
  • She gets headaches approximately once or twice per month, but does not know what the cause of her headaches could be. The headaches, affecting her temples, are not extremely painful, but they make her feel “spacey”; sometimes she gets spells of dizziness as well.
  • She is a chilly person in general, with nose, hands and feet feeling cold almost all the time.
  • She feels “disconnected” from her partner, no desire for intimate relationship.
  • She is thirsty in general, and drinks at least 2 liters of water per day, soups, coffee, and milk – which she likes a lot, but unfortunately it causes the eczema on the occipital area to flare up.
  • As a child she had many recurrent ear infections, as an adult she gets these very rarely.
  • She decided not to have children.
  • Her mother could not breastfeed her (due to some health issues).

Based on the totality of the symptoms presented, I recommended Lac Maternum 1M. (See mentals of Lac Maternum below)

FIRST FOLLOW UP – January 20, 2021

  • She did not get any headaches this month
  • No dizziness
  • No flare up eczema
  • She felt a bit more connected to her partner (20 – 30% improvement)
  • A bit more present and aware of her surroundings (just by approximately 10%)
  • Still affected by crowds of people which give her some anxiety
  • She still feels sad, no joy

She noticed that she felt more tired than before, even though she slept the same number of hours and nothing changed in her sleep routine. She had the same load of work.

Since there was improvement, I gave her a dose of the same remedy, but in 10M this time.

Lac maternum  –Source: mixture of human milk from nine donors at different stages of lactation, including colostrum. Proving: Dr. Tinus Smits

Essence Of Lac Maternum (by Dr. Tinus Smits): Anxiety in accepting the physical state; disconnected from reality. unawareness of the true identity, loss of ambition, lack of focus, starts a project, but never finishes. Not centered, his/her energy is easily disturbed by the energy of other persons and of the surroundings. There is no real clarity of mind, different types of allergies: to medication, food, pollens, dust, etc. Headaches; dizziness, skin issues: eczema.

This remedy helps patients to feel happier, more in their body more energetic, more confident in life, more self-aware, more alert, less negative, less anxious, aware of what they feel, more aware of what they really want, more efficient, everything becomes more real, they see things more clearly, they feel more in touch with everything, desire to do more in life, more conscious of their boundaries.

SECOND FOLLOWUP – February 26, 2021

  • There are more improvements since the previous follow-up.
  • The most important one was the fact that she felt much more aware of her surroundings (about 70 %). She was more present in this world.
  • A bit more connected with her partner (approximately 50%).
  • More aware of her symptoms in her body.
  • The anxiety from being in crowds of people is back.
  • Her tiredness got worse, even if she slept more.
  • She started to feel overwhelmed at work and even by the chores at home (even though there were not so many).
  • Bad news on TV about people, life or pets really affected her, like she feels the pain of those unfortunate people or pets.
  • Loud music or people talking or laughing loudly at work or on the street or in public started to bother her more than in the past.

I recommended Vernix Caseosa 200CH and asked her to repeat one more dose, if needed. I decided to give her the remedy in 200CH potency, since she is so sensitive.

The remedy Vernix Caseosa was created by Dr. Tinus Smits. It is made from the white, fatty substance found on the skin of newborn babies. This fatty substance plays a role in protecting the baby, through the presence of antibacterial proteins which fights against some infections during birth.

“Vernix homeopathic remedy enables us to stay in contact with the outside world on all levels without being overwhelmed by it and to know what our own feelings are and what those of others are without mixing them up.”  – Tinus Smits

Tinus Smits:

A very unprotected person, insufficiently protected against the outside world. They are easily disturbed, and have the feeling that they are “naked”, lacking a skin

  • They experience the outside world as a threat. Everything comes directly inside, and the outside world is experienced as being too intense. They are over-sensitive to everything
  • A guilty feeling, with the feeling of not doing enough for others. It is impossible to say “no”
  • Sensitive to noise and smells
  • Desire to be held; desire to be swaddled
  • They need to develop contact with their own needs and feelings

 THIRD FOLLOWUP – March 31, 2022

  • She said she took 2 doses of Vernix Caseosa 200CH, because she felt she needed it.
  • At work the boss is giving her more work and she cannot say “no”, because she feels guilty if she says “no “and so as a result she feels extremely overwhelmed. At home she cannot even prepare dinner, because she does not have any energy left after work.
  • She feels like the boss is taking advantage by giving her more assignments.
  • She started to daydream again at work, probably as a copping mechanism
  • She has a restless mind and she is thinking about everything that is happening in her life and how her life makes her feel now.
  • Her partner says she feels the need to be hugged more than before, because she said hugs feels like giving her more protection, more security from the overwhelming situations in her life
  • She is extremely tired and she sleeps more now, but she does not wake up with more energy. In fact, she feels anxious to get through the day.
  • Crowds of people make her feel even more anxious; sometimes she feels the pain especially of older people or kids crying.
  • She said like she is too much in touch with feelings.
  • She feels like quitting her demanding job to stay at home or go to her mother in the mountains area, to recover.
  • She decided not to watch the bad news since it affects her so much
  • The allergies she used to suffer from in the past are coming back.
  • She said she felt like life is too much for her right now and that she needs to retire from everything.

I gave her Vernix Caseosa in 1M.

FORTH  FOLLOWUP – April 30, 2022

She said she felt some very small general improvement in what concerns all her symptoms mentioned at the previous follow up.

I repeated Vernix Caseosa in 1M.


  • There was definitely more improvement after the second dose of Vernix Caseosa. She has more energy for the things she needs to do. She is more in control of her life and feels less overwhelmed. She is aware of her feelings caused by the outside stimuli (crowds of people, bad news on TV about life and people and pets, an over demanding boss and overwhelming job), but she can manage those feeling better s now.

I recommended another dose of Vernix Caseosa in 1M in case there is no further improvement or in case the old symptoms start to come back.


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