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Metastasizing Melanoma Clark Level IV

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A detailed case of a woman with a very advanced cancer, cured with homeopathy. She is now working as a football coach!

Translated by Katja Schütt

In 2003, a 43 year old, likeable patient discovered a changed area on the skin of her right foot sole which did not want to heal and bled repeatedly. After diagnosis and operation of an acrolentiginous melanoma, she received interferon therapy for four months, which was stopped due to side effects and depression. In October 2006 tumor relapse and metastasis on the right thigh, bioptically confirmed metastases in the right groin. She was operated on again in 11/2006. In the aftermath, a painful tumor relapse developed in the groin of a size 6×8 cm. CT revealed lung metastases. Homeopathic treatment began in the hospital in St. Croce on 2006/12.

Anamnesis: My life has been difficult. I was a nurse and fully motivated. I saw the problems on the wards and wanted to change everything, but had to recognize that no change was desired. Then I was constantly bullied so that I remained silent. She is weeping when telling this. She got the feeling of being rejected and repudiated. This is a experience which I know since childhood. I was not planned or desired and had to live with this. My sister was anorexic and always cared for, whereas I have always been the odd one out. I’m rather introverted and never spoke with people about myself, for fear of being vulnerable. It is a kind of self-protection for fear of being hurt. It always makes me anxious to be rejected and repudiated. When I had a fight with my mother I did not get any love, so I did not show my anger and kept it inside. When I was a child I often had the dream of being persecuted. I wanted to run away but was unable to do so. I could not move at all or only in slow-motion. Sometimes I was shrieking when dreaming. I do not like to sleep on soft mattresses, which cause backache. After the first interferon therapy I felt so bad that I had to be treated in psychiatry due to depression. At first they thought, after making MRT, that there were metastases in the brain. I was told this but it was not confirmed. Since 2005 I have recurrent shoulder problems and repeatedly got cortisone injections, the last one yesterday. For the last three months I do not work because of the shoulder problems. I cannot lie on the right side due to the shoulder problems. The left hand often falls asleep at night.

A metastasis in the lymph gland of the right groin was operated on, but now it is really getting worse. Palpation reveals a hard, solid lump in the right groin, of a size of about 8 cm. This is surrounded by lymph which had to be drained regularly, otherwise the pain would have been unbearable. The skin of the groin is livid. I always have livid and marbled skin on arms and legs, for a very long time. My fingers were always cold. Finger nails get blue and livid in cold and hurt. Tight clothes on the throat do not bother me. When I’m sitting comfortably before the television, my heart starts beating wildly. I’m often irritable before menses. I often had an inflamed throat and repeated herpes on the lips when I was a child. Jealousy has always been a problem in my life, especially when my friend went to others, then the fear of losing her arose. Wounds heal badly, always with discoloration and keloids. I had small warts on my toes. There was a condylomata on the groin which the dermatologist cut off. Nausea when riding in the car in childhood. In former times I often had  white spots on my nails. Wool causes severe itching. My nose is always very red. Very horny skin on the feet. Tongue indented. Family anamnesis: mother bronchial carcinoma, father tuberculosis.  The worst is currently the tumor in the groin and its terrible pains. Can you help me with homeopathy, considering that I was not given much hope? Ideas? How to proceed?  What is to consider ?

  • Female patient, 43 years, acrolentiginous melanoma, right, plantar ED 8/03
  • Interferon therapy 2003/10 – 2004/01
  • Stopped due to depressions
  • Melanoma relapse 2006/10
  • After operation of melanoma metastases at the right thigh, bioptically confirmed metastases in the right groin
  • Anew operation 2006/11
  • Tumor relapse in the groin 6×8 cm
  • Beginning of homeopathic treatment 2006/12
  • Interferon therapy again in 207/12 which was also stopped



Symptom picture metastasizing melanoma

Mind, delusions, imaginations, neglected, he is (8)

Mind, weeping, tearful mood, telling of her illness, when (10)

Mind, fear, injured, of being (19)

Mind, ailments from, anger, vexation, suppressed, from (20)

Mind, dreams, pursued, of being (24)

Mind, shrieking, screaming, scouting, sleep, during (84)

Mind, irritability, menses, before (32)

Mind, jealousy, women, between (4)

Generalities, wounds, heal, slow (63)

Back, pain, general, lying, while, amel, hard, on something

Extremities, numbness, insensibility, hand night

Extremities, discoloration, blue, upper limbs (15)

Extremities, discoloration, blue, forearm (8)

Extremities, discoloration, blue, hand (73)

Extremities, coldness, hands, blue (21)

Extremities, discoloration, blue, fingers, nails, chill, during (33)

Extremities, warts, toes (2)

Extremities, warts, foot, sole of (14)

Extremities, discoloration, white, fingers, nails, spots (8)

Extremities, callosities, horny, soles, on (18)

Chest, palpitation heart, evening, bed in (14)

Stomach, nausea, riding in a carriage or on cars, while, agg. (40)

Nose, discoloration, redness (130)

Mouth, indented, tongue (43)

Skin, wool, agg. (12)

Skin, cicatrices, keloid (32)

Evaluation of symptoms


  • I  §153 strange, rare and peculiar symptoms
  • II  Emotional state § 211,  212 Organon
  • III General symptoms (sleep, menses, eating)
  • IV  causa (clear etiology) (blow on the chest)
  • IV local symptoms (skin eruptions, etc.)
  • (V tumor related symptoms)
  • (VI miasmatic symptom analysis)
  • § 153
  • Extremities, discoloration, blue, upper limbs (15)
  • Extremities, discoloration, blue, forearm (8)
  • Chest, palpitation heart, evening, bed in (14)
  • Nose, discoloration, redness (130)

II Symptoms of the mind

  • Mind, delusions, imaginations, neglected, he is (8)
  • Mind, weeping, tearful mood, telling of her illness, when (10)
  • Mind, fear, injured, of being (19)
  • Mind, ailments from, anger, vexation, suppressed, from (20)
  • Mind, dreams, pursued, of being (24)
  • Mind, shrieking, screaming, scouting, sleep, during (84)
  • Mind, irritability, menses, before (32)
  • Mind, jealousy, women, between (4)

General and local symptoms

  • Skin, cicatrices, keloid (32)
  • Generalities, wounds, heal, slow (63)
  • Stomach, nausea, riding in a carriage or on cars, while, agg. (40)
  • Skin, wool, agg. (12)
  • Extremities, callosities, horny, soles, on (18)
  • Mouth, indented, tongue (43)
  • Extremities, discoloration, white, fingers, nails, spots (8)

Analysis coiled up backwards

General and local symptoms



§ 153 Symptoms



§ 211 and § 212 Organon


§ 211


This holds good to such an extent, that the emotional state of the patient often chiefly determines the selection of the homeopathic remedy, as being a decidedly characteristic symptom which can least of all remain concealed from the accurately observing physician.

§ 212


The Creator of therapeutic agents has also had particular regard to this main feature of all diseases, the altered state of the disposition and mind, for there is no powerful medicinal substance in the world which does not very notably alter the state of the disposition and mind in the healthy individual who tests it, and every medicine does so in a different manner.



II Symptoms of the mind



Totality of symptoms



Objective control parameter


1. Tumor in the groin 10
2. Tumor pain in the groin 10
3. Livid hands 10
4. Red nose 10
5. Pain in the right shoulder, lying on the right side impossible 10

Dose:  Sepia Q3 Künzli / Stanga





  • Start with Sepia Q3
  • Striking amelioration of all symptoms and reduction of tumor in the groin
  • 2006/16/12
  • marbled skin ameliorates
  • mind ameliorates, the worthless feeling decreases
  • all parameters ameliorate, but she decides to start interferon therapy again, which she had already stopped before. Mind <<<   ..
  • 2006/12/13  Sepia  Q3
  • Pain and pressure in the right groin ameliorated
  • Red nose ameliorates
  • Can raise her foot better
  • 2006/12/17 palpitations on lying in bed, OS
  • 2006/12/18 with Sepia Q3 amelioration of the marbled skin on the thigh
  • 2006/12/19 pain in the thigh and in the tumor in the groin increases, she can hardly raise her leg, also the pain in the right shoulder increases again
  • the thumb on the right hand is painful
  • root of tongue is yellowish coated
  • What to do ?

Assessment of the reaction towards the application of Sepia Q3.




  • Change to LYCOPODIUM Q3 on 2010/12/19 as the pain in the tumor in the groin increased.
  • Reactions:
  • 2006/12/20 The tension in the groin is slightly better. Less restless in general.
  • 2006/12/21 The tumor in the groin is very painful. Sensation of hot feet, but they are cold when touching them.
  • What is to do?
  • With Lycopodium Q3
  • Since some days:
  • Sensation as if I had an empty stomach at night. I never had this before.
  • STOMACH; EMPTINESS, weak feeling, faintness, goneness, hungry feeling; night (K488, G417) (6) : dios, ign, lyc, nat-c, petr
  • Appearance of new symptoms after taking the remedy in Q potency *** The remedy is possibly wrong.
  • 2006/12/27
  • With Lycopodium Q4 the sensation of emptiness in the stomach at night continued.
  • Tiredness in the afternoon
  • Pain in groin increases
  • Restlessness increases
  • Marbled and livid skin on the tight and arm aggravates. This was better with Sepia
  • The intake of LYC is stopped.
  • The sensation of emptiness in stomach vanishes.
  • What does this mean?
  • Back to Sepia. Now Q4 Künzli / Stanga on 2006/12/29

–         The livid discoloration of skin ameliorates

–         Restlessness >>>

–         Pain in groin >>

–         Tumor in the groin ameliorates by 70%

–         Mind >>> no weeping anymore

–         She is content

–         2007/01/12 Sepia Q5 She wants interferon therapy

  • 2007/01/12
  • dreams of deceased and the wart is itching

intercurrent remedy  Thuja  C30

to continue with Sepia Q6

With Sepia Q6 the tumor in the groin disappears which had a size of almost 10 cm.

  • 2007/02/12 Aggravation due to interferon therapy.
  • Lung metastases in the upper mediastinum visible.

2007/03/28  Sepia  Q7 – it is not good.

Her psyche is on the ropes.

2007/10/24 After the intercurrent application of Sulph due to the interferon therapy, Sepia is continued till Q14.  INTERFERON THERAPY IS STOPPED due to extreme aggravations. Depression.

Warts appear in the groin where once had been a condylomata: Thuja C30

  • 2008/01/15  treatment was continued until Sepia Q17
  • All ailments disappeared and the psyche is super since stopping the interferon therapy.

Therapy with Sepia in Q potencies.

2006/12 2007/01 2007/11
1. Tumor in the groin 10 6 0
2. Tumor pain in the groin 10 0 0
3. Livid hands 10 2 0
4. Red nose 10 4 0
5. Pain in the right shoulder, lying on the right side impossible 10 0 0

Maintrac analysis demonstrates the decrease of tumor cells due to homeopathic treatment.

1 year after treatment with Sepia in Q – potencies


  • Laboratory Dr.Pachmann (Maintrac):
  • There is only a slightly increased number of circulating, suspicious tumor cells in the blood, which has decreased to one-fifth in comparison to the findings made on 2007/02/01. These remaining cells neither express the melanoma cell antigen ((in the former findings 6%)), nor is there bound human immunoglobulin on them.
  • 2009/02/09 continued with Sepia until Q30
  • then treatment was again started with Q3
  • 2010/05/08 MRT due to backache and supposed metastases in the spine
  • CT only reveals arthrosis  Rhus-t  C200
  • Treatment is continued with sepia in Q potencies

Further therapy

  • The patient received Sepia in Q – potencies until September 2010 – almost four years.
  • Repeated MRT and CT do not show a relapse
  • The metastases in the groin disappeared completely, the metastases in the lung not detectable. She has started working as a football coach of a junior team.

About the author

Jens Wurster

Dr. Jens Wurster was born on March, 29th, 1967, in Düsseldorf/Germany. After studying medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, he took part in training with Dr. Michael Barthel and Dr. Dario Spinedi. Since 1998 he has worked at the Homeopathic hospital in St. Croce, Switzerland, which is directed by Dr. Dario Spinedi, and where cancer patients are treated homeopathically. He has given numerous seminars on cancer treatment and is working as a tutor at the Augsburger Dreimonatskursen and the Clemens von Bönninghausen Akademie für Homöopathik, Wolfsburg. In 2007 his book "The Homeopathic Treatment and Cure of Cancer and Metastasizing Tumors" was published.


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