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Painful Corn on a Woman of 14

Written by Sudipti Singh

Dr. Sudipti Singh shares a case of painful corn on a girl of 14. Mental symptoms including ailments from domination led to the simillimum.

CASE – A girl of 14 years of age came to our OPD with one of her uncles for the treatment of her corn on 11/01/2020. As soon as she entered the cabin, she was a bit nervous and appeared to be afraid. We started our case taking session soon and her uncle started to describe her complaints about the painful sole in the right foot which was aggravated on applying pressure.

Along with that she had respiratory complaints of sneezing, watery discharge and breathlessness for one month, aggravating from dust exposure, cold juices, early morning, at night around 10 pm and during sleep, with occasionally sleep disturbances. However, her major trouble was the corn which was extremely painful, disturbing her day to day activity.


APPETITE- 3 times a day


DESIRE- Eggs, chicken, spicy food

THIRST- 1 litre per day



PERSPIRATION- more on popliteal fossa, face, neck and palms.



Patients hails from a middle socio-economic background and is the only child  of her parents. She was very obstinate during childhood.  (DESCRIBE WHAT WHAT BEHAVIOR IS OBSTINATE).  In school she has three close friends. She is interested in cycling, karate, sketching, swimming, drawing, throwball and other sports. However, she has stage fright and that’s why never participated in those activities.

In studies she is average and becomes disappointed if she gets bad marks. Her parents are very strict towards her and she is really afraid of them and out of fear she studies really hard to satisfy her parents.

Decisions about her life are made by her parents only. She is not allowed to go out to the parties with her friends. She likes company but doesn’t mingle easily.  She gets angry very easily especially when her friends are laughing at her. She is really scared of getting embarrassed. She started going for tuition classes from one year and is stressed about her studies and gets anxious about exams.

During the case taking she was not opening up that much and I asked her uncle to wait outside. After that she opened up more.

O/E– A corn of brownish discolouration medially on her right sole present.

Chest- Clear; Absence of any nasal polyp or blockage.

UNDERSTANDING OF THE CASE-   As in this case of corns mental symptoms are also prominent along with the physical symptoms. So, the totality will be formed accordingly.


  1. Dominating parents
  2. Reserved
  3. Loss of self confidence
  4. Stage fright
  5. Corns on right sole, painful, aggravation from pressure
  6. Breathlessness, sneezing and watery discharge
  7. Right sided affection
  8. Hot Patient

PRESCRIPTION-   Lycopodium 200 was given on 11/01/2020

Ailments from dominating parents and right sided affection are marked in Lycopodium.



Reported by  her uncle, as patient was not able to come due to her college schedule.

c/o Corns -Corn turned black, size and pain reduced.

c/o Sneezing, breathlessness and water discharge persists.

c/o BEDWETTING once a month (Last time patient didn’t mention it), when she is very tired.

All generals are normal.

SL/1 Packet
8/02/2020 c/o corns- barely visible

c/o sneezing, breathlessness, water discharge- better

c/o bedwetting- same

HEADACHE- Exam stress

All generals are normal.

17/08/2020 c/o corns- completely better

c/o sneezing, breathlessness, water discharge- better

c/o- bedwetting- weekly once

c/o headache- better

All generals are normal.

Lyco 200 Stat
09/09/2020 c/o- corn- completely cured

c/o sneezing, breathlessness, water discharge- better

c/o- bedwetting- once in 2 months

c/o headache- better

All generals are normal.

SL/1 Packet


Often in acute cases our prescription is done therapeutically considering just the presenting physical symptoms. We may not consider mental peculiarities or try to find them and go deeper into the patient’s overall outlook. In this case when prescription was made by considering the overall picture of the patient, the results were satisfying.

Undoubtedly if we follow the teachings of Dr Hahnemann by remaining unbiased in any case and choose a remedy on the basis of individualization, we will be able to treat more effectively, providing complete cure to the patient.

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Sudipti Singh

Dr. Sudipti Singh is doing her Masters in Psychiatry and Homoeopathic Therapeutics from Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Mangalore, India. She has completed her undergraduate in Bachelors of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from Bakson Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Noida, India.

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