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Quick Results in Chronic Cases

Dr. Kavita Chandak shares two cases of illness that were of long standing and in which the simillimum triggered healing in a short period of time.

 Today I will discuss two cases showing quick results of homeopathy in chronic diseases. I observed in my seminars that many doctors consider that chronic cases take a long time to show positive changes. Hahnemann mentioned in ‘Chronic diseases’ and Organon the strategy for quick and better results.

A 60 years male visited me in august 2023 for extreme pain in left MT joint (Mandibular temporal joint) since 5 years which got intolerable since last 11 months from September 2022. He said I am not able to chew, as I could not open mouth. Eating impossible. I underwent different medication for the same but no relief at all. I took steroids. My doctor suggested me liquid diet for 6 months. I followed him religiously. Now I fed up with this pain and liquid diet making me weak.

I suffer from headache once in a month since a long time and for that I am taking painkillers. It aggravates if hunger is not satisfied and sleep is inadequate. Six months back I had thyroiditis (as said by his physician) as well as bronchitis and for that they nebulized me. I am having acidity, loose motions, cough and lack of sleep since a week. Generally, my sleep is good but a slight noise can disturb it. I get soreness in throat after banana.  My legs pain after playing Badminton.

By nature, I am a cool person, having lot of patience!  I am always optimistic but due to this pain, I am scared now. I feel I will die. Pain is intolerable and how long will I survive on liquid diet? I am a contented person. My business is settled. No trouble in family and life. God has given me everything. I am blessed! I tell my wife that once I get relief from the pain I will be again the happiest person in the World!

Personal H/O-

Typhoid and jaundice 12 years back.

Root canal 4 times. First at age of 15

Family H/O-

Father- Diabetes


MT joint or the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is formed by the articulation of the mandible and the temporal bone of the cranium. It is located anteriorly to the tragus of the ear, on the lateral aspect of the face. It acts like a sliding hinge, connecting jawbone to skull.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction causes pain and restriction in movement of the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles, difficulty chewing, clicking and locking of the jaw joint.

I was enjoying his interview. Although he was in great pain, I could observe a very innocent laugh, cheerfulness and bubbly talk. Laughing was also painful for him as there was swelling in TMJ.  Was this optimism in spite of weakness or his basic behavior?  For optimism in spite of weakness, we have only one remedy- Falcon peregrine.

This patient is not sounding like the Falcon peregrine picture. There was no cheerfulness alternating with pain otherwise I might have thought about Platina. What could be the other remedy covering such jolly behavior?

It is an interesting thing about our biochemistry, that love, sex, pain and violence all stimulate the release of similar chemicals and hormones, endorphins that a response to pain may create pleasure. Serotonin and melatonin may be produced by stress and transform pain into pleasure. There is a complex relationship in the body between the perception of pleasurable and painful events. Coffea cruda’s most peculiar aspect seems to match this interesting biochemical oddity.1.

Prescription- Coffea cruda 200 one dose.

Coffea covered the following rubrics.

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – laughing; excessive

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – unhappiness

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – joy – excessive



MIND – CHEERFUL – alternating with – sadness

MIND – DELUSIONS – beautiful – landscape; of


MIND – FEAR – death, of

MIND – IMPRESSIONABLE – pleasure; to



MIND – SENSITIVE – external impressions, to all


Highlighting symptoms-

Pain is intolerable (main remedy)

Despair with the pain

Fear of death from pain

Moaning from pain. Shrieking with pain.

Unendurable sensitiveness to pain 

In Coffea, the reaction to pleasure is extreme and exaggerated, so is the reaction to pain. Coffea cannot control their sensitivity, cannot bear how things make them feel. It covers neuralgic pains.

Coffea is the single remedy which covers, face pain or tooth pain or Inflammation of the uterus from excessive joy, sleeplessness from surprising news and impressionable to pleasure.

I was talking to a person who is so sensitive that exciting a joyous status of mind made him sick (as per my observation), who is afraid of suffering,  sensitive to pain who in fact feels pain from things that shouldn’t cause it.

There is an overreaction in Coffea, an oversensitivity of those processes, which provoke the hormones relating to pleasure. It is as if the person cannot bear the idea of pain, and must transform it into pleasure as quickly as possible. The sensitivity to pleasure and the sensitivity to pain are on an axis for this remedy, two ends of one problem.

Coffea wishes to feel only pleasure not pain, or to transform the pains of the world into the pleasures of heavenCoffea patients are not just worried about physical pain. You can see fear of hearing bad news as well as fear of impending danger and ailments from surprises.2

 Follow up after 15 days-

Complaint of severe pain. Difficulty in eating. Pain referred to head and teeth. Panic due to pain.

I just gave placebo. Coffea is a deep remedy, so thought to wait little more. It has provoked psora hence pains were coming out.

 Follow up after a month-

He was happy as pain reduced significantly!

He said “Now I can eat well, enjoying food after seven months! Thanks to you. When pain increased, I thought to give up but did not have any option left. I thought I would die due to pain. I am thankful to God I continued the medication I got more than 70% relief within a month. No headache at all.  No difficulty in breathing.”

Placebo given.

Follow up after two months-

He came with his wife as a new patient. She said I am so impressed with your treatment. What did you give him? I could not believe that homeopathy relieved the patient where steroids could not help! I saw him suffering for years and you relieved him within a month! It is a miracle!

I explained about homeopathy, its sources and mode of action. Sometimes we should spare a little time from our busy practice to clear the myths of society about homeopathy. It helps in healthy growth of homeopaths as well homeopathy.

Placebo given.

Follow up after three months-

No pain. No complaints. He said I am going on vacation just wondering if I get pain, there what should I do?

I gave him placebo as sos dose.

Follow up after six months-

He keeps on following me. I made him the member of SL World!


Let me introduce you to a patient whose fifty years’ old allergy was cured with homeopathy in three months!

A 67-year woman visited me for her chronic headache and allergic tendency towards some 45 things. She had not consumed green vegetables, ghee, chena, sour food, and fruits like grapes, apple, pineapple, curd, buttermilk, tomatoes, Cardamom, desserts and many more food for 50 years.

This food used to create hammering headaches lasting for 3-4 days. She was given various medication and finally gave up. I considered her physical, mental and emotional symptoms, major illnesses she suffered from childhood and her family history, like any disorders in parents and siblings for selection of an appropriate remedy.

Prescription- Ignatia 1M one dose.

Follow up after 15 days-

She started eating a few things but observed headache and swelling (less in intensity).

I counselled her to continue eating all food.

Placebo given.

Follow up after a month-

Her daughter in law said she is eating everything if she is unaware about it. I changed oil as per your guidance without letting her know and she is fine with that. I put various ingredients like cardamom in food and she had no allergy. Now she is able to drink buttermilk.

If she does not know what is been put in the cooking, she is fine. If I tell her then she feels headache.

I gave Ignatia 10M one dose.

Follow up after three months-

The old woman came and asked me, can I touch you? I want to feel how God could be! You are a Godly person. You changed my life! I never thought that I could taste anything until death but you gave me an awesome life. Thanks to you and your wonderful science. Why I did not approach a homeopath earlier?

Placebo given.

Homeopathic medicine cleared her allergies within 3 months!


Homeopathy is not a slow or long-term therapy if an appropriate medicine is  selected from knowledge of materia medica, proper rubrics from Repertory and the strategy of repeating doses from Organon.

Do not forget to read the aphorisms below:

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Never be prejudiced to any remedy-258.


  1. (The Divinyals, Pleasure and Pain, Source: LyricFind)

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