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Snake Bite

The author shares her own experience of surviving the bite of a rattlesnake.

WHAT would you do for a very venomous snake bite ? Have you ever settled that in your mind ? If so it may not work, for all poisons are not alike. Will you pardon me for telling my experience. It was not very pleasant. It was twenty-five years ago but is very real to me yet, and from that day to this I have never had a bad symptom recur.

I was at a friend’s house on the bank of a small stream, a tributary of the Wapsi River, where snakes are said to be very abundant. My friend had a beautiful patch of blackberries and handed me a basket and asked me to fill it for two boys I was helping through high school that were special favourites of hers, but cautioned me about bumble bees in the patch.

Soon I had a hit on my ankle that made me get out and take refuge under a tree. I said, “I’ve been stung by a bumble bee before but never experienced a knock as hard as that.” I never looked at the sting but took some Apis (the poison of a honey bee) and then some Belladonna, but neither helped and the pain continued severe.

I got in my car and drove home. By that time walking was very painful. I took my stocking down and discovered three punctures in a V shape, two above and one below, and my ankle was very much swollen. The only relief I got was to lie down and elevate my foot on a chair. After a few hours my daughter said, “I am going to call Dr. G. He came and said, “That’s no bumble bee sting. Nothing makes a mark like that except a snake, two punctures above and one below.”

He opened his case and came toward me. I asked: “What are you going to do?”

He said, “I am going to cauterize your ankle.”

I said, “No you’re not, what good would it do so many hours after; it would only shut the poison in.” He replied, “I cauterize everything.” I said, “I cauterize NOTHING! You know that with every heartbeat that poison is sent all through my system and it is six hours now since it happened, and my leg is badly swollen into my hip and so painful. Now if I were one of the laity is that all you would do? ”

He replied, I would perhaps have you keep it bathed in bichloride for the mental effect.” ” I don’t need any mental effect, I want something to kill this poison and stop the pain. If you can’t do more than that I will have to light it out along my homoeopathic line.” He closed his case and said, “This is no joking matter but a very serious condition. I will come in the morning and sign the death certificate.”

I said, “Thank you, that is very kind of you.”

My daughter and her friend had to carry me upstairs for I could not stand on my foot nor let it lie fiat on the bed, but had to have it elevated on a chair in the bed.

I said to my daughter, “I have taken every snake poison remedy I know of but one that might be indicated; bring my case to me and give me a powder of Crot. horridus. If I should go to sleep don’t get worried and don’t wake me, I will be all right; but if I don’t go to sleep, give me a powder every twenty minutes.”

I only got one powder and knew no more until morning when I heard the dishes rattle and saw the sun shining in my east window. I could hardly believe I had slept for thirteen hours. I was surprised to find the chair gone and my foot lying flat on the bed; also, that I could move it… and no pain, and the swelling, all gone.

I wondered if I could stand on it. I found that I could, dressed and went downstairs and surprised them all. The bell rang, Dr. G. was at the door sure enough and asked about me. My daughter brought him in and he said, ” I fully expected to find you dead; let me see your hip” ; he said, “I declare every bit of swelling is gone, where did it go? ” “Yes, sir, I feel fine in every way, slept thirteen hours without waking.”

The doctor said, “Well, do tell me what you did for it.” “I took one powder of the 100,000th potency of Crot. horridus.” And he said, ” Pray tell me what is that.”

I replied, “The poison of a rattle snake potentized 100,000 times. Now tell me how much snake poison was left in it.” He said, “Enough to save your life and that is a sure sign that it was a rattle snake that bit you.” “Yes,” I replied, “and proof that the potentization increases the curative dynamic power of the remedy.” He said, “Well, I am glad that you are still living,” and bid me ” good-bye”.


From: the Journal of the American Institute of Homoeopathy –Reported in Healthyself May 1944 –Courtesy


About the author

Nettie Campbell

Nettie Campbell MD was an American homeopath circa early 1900’s. She contributed numerous cases to homeopathy journals throughout her career.


  • Dear Sir / Madam,
    Above case is very intresting and give more confidence to new homoeopathy in ACUTE cases.


  • There is great contradiction in this regard. Homeopathy views & treats every case as a secondary effect of some previous morbid affection.Like, say, the sudden getting wet without anticipation, upsetting emotions, sunstroke etc. Even infection admittedly a primary condition , we successfully treat as the secondary effect of chilling, eating stale food or ices etc. But snake bite is not so ! the active poison in physiological doses is not secondary,but a lethal primary condition. It has to be neutralized before homeo remedies can even act on the secondary problems which conventional medicine is incapable of curing or reluctant to acknowledge. This view is perfectly consistent with the Master’s teaching that strong substances like coffee, camphor, aromatics etc prevent the action of potentized remedies. Also, confopunding Isopathy with homeopathy does not fetch any respectability to this much superior healing system.

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