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Ulcerative Colitis in a Girl of 7

Dr. Swapna Potdar treats a girl of 7 for ulcerative colitis. Oversensitive, obstinate, delicate, blue sclera, and dreams of ghosts were among the symptoms that led to the simillimum.

On 4/8/2015 a 7 year old girl, I’ll call her Ria, came to me with complaints of blood in stool, in recurrent episodes occurring for over a year. She was treated by her paediatrician and then a paediatric gastroenterologist. Conservative allopathic  treatment with antibiotics was given but the bleeding episodes continued.

Then a colonoscopy and biopsy were done and she was diagnosed as having a self-limiting colitis. Ria had to be treated in hospital for 10 days with antibiotics, as she had blood in her stools for 7 days. Then six 6 months went by and the blood in stool problem returned.

Colonoscopy was repeated, which showed a lesser number of ulcers. Now the problem was redefined as IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease). She was put on Defcort a corticosteroid, for three months. The blood stopped but when the dose was reduced, she again had blood in her stools.

The 3rd colonoscopy revealed diffuse ulcerative colitis. She was now put on Wysolone and the Defcort was stopped. Three months later the steroids were stopped, but Ria lost her appetite. Any minor health issue like a seasonal cold, led to bleeding from her colon again. She had to leave school for 18 months.


Just before the bleeding episodes started the family moved their home. The change was fairly comfortable for Ria but they used to eat out sometimes. Ria is  the younger daughter. Her mother did not want a second child, as she had a lot of differences with in laws. (unwanted pregnancy). Her mother was depressed and unstable in mind during the time she conceived Ria, and used statements like: ‘Why don’t I die? Why don’t you die?’ She hasn’t spoken to her sister for seven years, as she felt offended by her behaviour. She said “ I have to do everything”. But she cares for Ria. She was very upset with her own mother as she did not help during her pregnancy. She was on bed rest with this pregnancy as Ria descended prematurely. Her husband came home at 10 pm and he cooked dinner at 12 midnight. Generally Ria’s mother was poorly fed during pregnancy (malnourished foetus).


Ria grins when she enters the room and when looked at. Her eyes have clear blue sclera.  She speaks in Hindi though everyone at home speaks Marathi.  Ria is too sensitive. No one can say anything to her, or even suggest doing something differently. Ria’s face changes to fear and she cries, and withdraws and gets blood in stool. She can’t bear any discord around her. She can’t bear to make a mistake and becomes nervous as she is she is quite a perfectionist. This was one of the reasons she had to leave school. She couldn’t bear the teacher trying to discipline anyone in the class.

“I get confused whether to play or sleep. I feel weak, (expression-of helplessness, wailing tone).” Fear, Bewildered with everything. She can’t accept her mistakes, can’t be told that she has made a mistake. She becomes nervous, weeps and is inconsolable. She’ll sulk till spoken very kindly too and diverted to something she likes.

Me: What do you feel?

Ria: ‘I don’t feel good.‘What can I do if mamma gets angry? I close the door and cry. She say anything to Pappa’.

Dreams- Fearful. Sees a ghost who comes to take her away. Then can’t sleep back.

Looks in the mirror, talks and does hand gestures. ‘I like doing that’.

Makes her own story world, loves playing alone. Will do as she wishes, but has a very specific routine.

Can’t bear to be bathed. Her skin too sensitive to touch. ‘I feel ticklish’ says Ria.

Headstrong, rigid. Won’t take any suggestion, becomes nervous.

Eats only specific food, prepared in a specific way, everyday- Pumpkin paratha, and cooked moong dal.

Loves chicken. But can’t eat it triggers the blood in stool.

Very anxious about her symptoms and health. – “I feel scared.”

(Facial expression of great fear and wailing).

Any argument in the family- she gets nervous has a relapse.

Discord <<.

Never has any pain or discomfort in the abdomen.

Current status- She has no blood and regular stools, since on Wysolone.

Parents and doctor are hoping to wean her off Wysolone. But when the dose is reduced, she has a relapse.

The child has tried Homeopathy before, but immediately had a relapse and had to be admitted for blood in stools that was continued for a week. A few months later they changed the Homeopath, but again the same thing repeated.

**This is a highly oversensitive child with labile pathology. Such patients may have aggravation with the indicated remedy.

She belongs to  “Those peculiar corporeal constitutions, who although otherwise healthy seem to have a predisposition to be morbidly affected by those factors which seem to have little or no impression on other individuals.”  The idiosyncratic constitutions described by Hahnemann.

So before any similimum I started biochemic cell salts: FP, CP, KM, KP 6x 1 tablet of each once a day not together. These biochemic medicines are selected on the basis of the predominant pathophysiology of the mind and body.

Eg . Ferrum Phos- relates to inflammation, Kali mur- inflammation in the subacute phase – or second stage of inflammation. Calcarea phos- the restorative, in states of physiological/psychological/pathological stress. Kali phos- the nerve restorer.

These medicines improve the tissue response to the indicated medicine.

A month later – More fresh, happier (sense of wellbeing)

Continued Biochemics for another 1 month. Then Ria is less touchy. Chats with herself and moves her hands and fingers.

A few months went well. There were arguments at home between parents. The elder sister was also back-answering them – she had a relapse.  Pasty grummous blood in stools, sticky mucus and no faecal matter.

Given – FP KM 12x watery every hour. This time did not need admission, and could also tolerate antibiotics.

(2015). Over the next whole year, occasional blood streaking in stool, from minor causes.

Better with 1 or 2 doses of FP 6x.

She tried to re-join school. In school, she becomes very nervous when the teacher scolds, even someone else. Very anxious about school. Since then has absenteeism, can’t cope with the studies and feels inferior and not at par with others. Can’t sleep. Gets dreams – of a ghost who comes to take her.  Again had a relapse.

Ria’ prominent rubrics were

Oversensitive 4+


Offended easily-weeps


Change aversion to


Bleeding tendency

Fear, nervousness 4+

Anxious about health

Dreams- Ghosts will take her away

Gestures makes with Self talk

Chicken Desires

(Bathing aversion)

Sil, Calc, Ign, Carc.

As we see there are many remedies for dreams of ghosts. But in Reference works – dream – ‘a monster, a ghost took me away from my home, to a land of ice’..( Massimo’s cases- Sea remedies)

Only remedy- Corralium Rubrum:  Very fragile, too touchy, makes a fuss, believes she has to follow a certain regime, otherwise there will be a disaster. Haemorrhagic tendency.

Corralium  Rub 30 given 4 hourly, for 1 week. Episode subsided in a week. Needed hospitalisation as she was not eating anything.

After a month, one dose of Carcinosin 200.

SL for a month. Apetite poor. Energy level not very good. Though mentally less touchy.

Occasional streak of blood in stools.

Continued FP CP KM KP 6X, 1 tab a day, for 6 months.

The next year saw her transform completely.

She is now bold, takes the phone, answers the doorbell. Doesn’t bother if scolded. Takes a bath!

Joined a school as an external student.  Gives exams.

Currently still on doses of FP CP KM KP 6x, but reduced to once a week 1 tab each.

This case was a learning experience from the Organon perspective as well as the law of Similia. It also highlighted the importance of the diligent use of the Biochemics.

Thanks to Homeopathy Ria, has reclaimed her life!

About the author

Swapna Potdar

Swapna Potdar (MD Hom, DHom (Uk) has practiced homoeopathy in Pune, India for the last 20 years. She is an alumna of D. S. Homoeopathic Medical College Pune, Maharashtra University of Health Science (MUHS) and The School of Homeopathy, Devon U.K. Her work has been included at the 'Student Library' that showcases exemplary work. She worked for ten years as Sub Editor of the Homeopathic Clinical Case Recorder, a quarterly Homoeopathy journal. She has been invited by the GPCON (General Practitioner’s Conference) wing of the IMA (Indian Medical Association) to speak on the role of Homoeopathy in disease. Dr. Swapna Potdar has been a Guest lecturer for Post Graduate Training Modules and also by the Rotary Club to speak on Facts and Myths about Homoeopathy. She has successfully treated a wide range of disorders, which encouraged a number of allopathic doctors to convert to Homoeopathy. Dr. Swapna Potdar is a Clinical Supervisor with the ‘ School of Homeopathy-UK ‘
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