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Vitiligo Case

Written by Sanjay Padole

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Mast. V  S  male – Age – 8 Yrs  Date – 12.02.2009.

C/o Discoloration white spots over upper lip at right side just below nose. It was since 2 years.

H/o same spot below right eyes, treated with allopathic medicine.

No H/o itching.

Past history – boils over scalp 2 years back it remains for 15 days. No treatment taken for                    that.

– recurrent cough and coryza about 4 – 5 times in last 7 – 8 months.

Family history – NAD.

Personal history  : –

Desires – sweet +, banana, apples, potatoes ++, milk.

Aversion – methi ( green vegetable).

Perspiration – scalp.

Urine – occasional bed wetting.

Stool – normal.

Sleep – occasional salivation.

Obstetric history – LSCS delivery.

Thermals – ambithermal.

Mind :- Timidity +++.

Limited friends.


Study 80 – 85 % marks.

Nails eating +++.

O/E – Teeth caries ++

Nails eaten.

Appearance – tall, thin built and fair looking.

Remedy given – Calcarea phos – 200 1 dose + S.L for 15 days.

Follow up :-

Date – 23.02.2009

– H/o – one spike of fever with coryza.

– Remedy – S.L


– Changes in white spot started appearing it becoming reddish in appearance.

– Face skin becomes rough.

– Remedy – S.L


– size of white spot reduces.

– appetite improved.

– weight gain+

– Remedy – S.L


– Improvement in skin appearance.

– Remedy – S.L


– Skin improvement

– Nail eating ++

– Remedy – Calcarea phos – 200.


– Nail eating ++

– white spot >>+

– H/O Throat infection, at present normal.

– Appetite reduces.

– Remedy – Silicea – 6 c. 1 dose. + S.L 15 days.


– Appetite good.

– Nail eating ++

– Skin improvement.

– remedy – Calcarea phos – 1M 1 dose, S.L 15 days.


– White spot size reduces.

– Nail eating same.

– Remedy – Tuberculinum 1 M 1 dose, S.L.


– Nail eating >+++.

– Colour at the base of spot becoming dark brown.

– Remedy – S.L.


– No any white spot seen above lips or anywhere on face.

– Glow of face changed.

– Nail eating >>>+

Photo after treatment given below.




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About the author

Sanjay Padole

Dr. Sanjay Gavaji Padole M.D "“ graduated from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and Shri Bhagwan Homoeopathic medical college, Aurangabad. He worked as Resident medical officer at Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital Aurangabad and trained at Homoeopathic Education And Research Institute, Dr Kishor Mehta. Vileparle, Mumbai. Since 2003 he"™s has had his own clinic at Mit hospital Cidco, n-4, Aurangabad,Maharashtra, India. His special interests include Indian mythology.


  • Is there anyway I can get this article to my em,ail address… I have a friend that has this, and I KEEP telling him to go to a Homeopath…. Believe this article and cases will help him…
    Thank you…

  • Dear Dr.S PADOLE iam very happy for wonderful case with good work .I belive in your hard work in H.pathy and i hope you will be susses in different difficult cases and best wishes for further work.

  • Great Job Sanjay,
    I really appreciate and admired your hard work.I trust you and belive that you always do miracles for the man kind.

  • Dear Dr Sanjay,
    Thank you for your great result in a case of vitiligo. But it is also a case of recurrent attack of cough and coryza as you mentioned in your case taking. Rather for the count of better result, cough and coryza is mome important than white spots. Homeopathy treats the patient. So, you should have mentioned about the result of cough and coryza. Otherwise, it may be counted as merely a case of palliation or suppression.
    Thanks for your great effort.

  • When I read this case, it is wonderful that the outcome was positive, but I feel that CALC PHOS was not necessary…I think SILICA on it’s own would have completed the cure…followed of course by TUBERCULINUM to cover the miasm once the result you wanted was achieved…So can you please explain why you gave CALC PHOS? Once you began to see better results with SILICA why did you switch to CALC PHOS during improvement? Thank you for sharing your work.

  • dr.sanjay
    grt job…realy
    i will call u & discuss about ur approach about d prescriptions & plan of treatment u hd given in dis case why u change it. what was d constitution of d pt. keep it up, pls give details & resons for ur remedial selection in ur next miraculous cases..

  • 1.A well taken and managed case.Congratulations on treating such a difficult case.
    2.It might have been better if you could have mentioned the effect on the salivation, bed wetting and aversion to methi.
    3.Was the patient given ars.sul.flavum,psoralea, or ars.alb before coming to you.

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