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Written by Katja Schuett

Editorial October 2014 Homeopathy for Everyone

For those at sea, a lighthouse beacon serves to show where they are and where to direct their ship without harm. Just as the sea may be stormy, our lives may also be tormented by the waves of sorrow, bereavement, grief, loss, failure and other burdensome events and ailments. Miasms, the true cause of chronic diseases, become activated and aggravated due to certain triggers, causing a deeply disturbed vital force. That profound disharmony in spirit, mind and body may impede our development, so that we lose direction on our journey through life.


Like the light of the beacon which gives protection and shows us direction, homeopathy can illuminate the path to recovery and cure by saving us from the foul ground of miasms and their devastating impact on our health. With homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann developed a medical art and science that brings light into the world, and to the field of medicine. Properly treated patients regain inner harmony and thereby confidence in themselves. Homeopathic treatment restores trust, faith, courage and hope. It gives us back the ability to love, to navigate our lives successfully and to fully employ the living, healthy instrument of our spiritual vital force for the higher purposes of existence.

Like Lighthouses, that have a very solid base to withstand each storm and offer their light for hundreds of years, homeopathy has a firm foundation of principles upon which it rests. Lighthouses might have been replaced by radar and GPS in modern times, but the principles of homeopathy remain untouched since being defined by Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago.

By helping to restore innumerable sick people, even during devastating epidemics, Hahnemann and other homeopaths have shown a way out of the darkness. After centuries of medicine stumbling without any reasonable principles of practice, Hahnemann appeared like a light at the horizon, and devoted his life to the development of a truly curative healing art.


“For humans Hahnemann’s works must appear to be like the light of the sun which one doesn’t control but merely enjoy!”

Melanie Hahnemann


A light beacon appearing in a dream might be interpreted as demonstrating the necessity to correct certain aspects of one’s life. Dreams can give information about the patient’s current condition as well as how their case progresses under homeopathic treatment. Sleep and dreams are essential for life, and depriving someone of sleep and dreams could lead towards their death. Because of the importance of sleep, we dedicate a special issue of our Hpathy newsletter to Sleep, Dreams & Homeopathy. We are happy to present a variety of outstanding and interesting articles about this topic.

In this issue:

Interview – Our editor Katja Schuett interviews the German homeopath and artist Peter Raba, who shares his valuable insights with us.

This Sleep and Dreams presentation includes the following articles and/or cases:

David Little “Delusions and Dreams in Homoeopathy”

David Nortman “How to Measure Treatment Success Through Sleep and Dreams” and “Why Dreams Are Valuable in Homeopathic Diagnosis and Treatment”

Gill Graham “Insight into the world of nightmares and night terrors and their homeopathic treatment“

Jane Tara Cicchetti “ Dreams and Symbolism in Homeopathic Practice”

Luc de Schepper “A Glimpse into the Collective Unconscious: Pre-puberty and Puberty dreams: A period of Turmoil“

Rosina Sonnenschmidt “Relax and sleep – a modern fairy tale?”

Filip Degroote “The dream as view into the soul”

Keith Souter “Insomnia”

Michele Demaree presents “Our Animals and Our Sleep”

Eugene B. Nash presents an Opium case.

Katja Schuett “Sleep and miasms” and “Insomnia and Kent‘s conversion to Homeopathy”

Valerie Lovelace – “Research Design: Homeopathy and the Treatment of Auditory Hallucination”


We also have articles or cases by G.H.G. Jahr, Barbara Armstrong, Robert Medhurst and Drs. Ruhul Amin and Biplab Chakraborty. Dr. Firuzi Mehta reviews Dr. Heiner Frei’s fascinating new book on Polarity Therapy.

Be sure to see: Elaine and Shana Lewis’s solution to her September case quiz and her acute Quiz and Tidbits, the Plant Doctor with Mark Moodie and Dr. Iftikhar Waris, Ask the Holistic Vet with Dr. Deva Khalsa, Alan Schmukler’s new Tips & Secrets, Crossword Puzzle and Cartoon!

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About the author

Katja Schuett

Katja Schutt, Msc, HP, DHM, PGHom, DVetHom, has studied homeopathy with several schools, amongst which David Little’s advanced course stands out as it offers a really deep insight into homeopathic philosophy and materia medica (simillimum.com). Her current focus lies in working with animals and studying history, the old masters, and research.


  • Nice to see a quote from Melanie Hahnemann. Hahnemann called her “the best homeopath in Europe!” Did you know that Melanie was the first woman doctor? Hahnemann told one of his colleagues in the US who had a medical school, “Give Melanie an honorary diploma!” Again, Hahnemann was ahead of his time with this one!

  • Hello Elaine,
    thank you for the interesting news!
    Homeopathic history so far has told that Mélanie never has been a doctor.
    What has been known so far is, that during the final years of Dr. Hahnemann’s practice, his wife was his secretary. Handwriting has been too difficult for late Hahnemann. This is why we see his and her handwriting in the final Paris’ casebooks.
    What is known and confirmed is that after Hahnemann had passed away, his wife successfully continued his practice (and writing her cases in his casebooks).
    But in 1847, she had a case at the court because her label “Docteur en médecine” has been on her visiting card.
    What followed was a ban from the profession because of illegal practice of medicine and pharmacy. From day one, she was forbidden to practice homeopathy and she had to pay a minor monetary penalty.
    For some time she did not practice at all, and then she did more inconspicuously.
    All my references have no clue that Mélanie has been a medical doctor. Can you pl. find out when and where she got her approbation?
    Thank you very much for your kind help.

  • I must have read it in A HOMEOPATHIC LOVE STORY. I do remember now that she had a lot of legal difficulties and hostilities to deal with. I would not call her a medical doctor per se. Her honorary diploma was probably from Hering.

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