Is Homeopathy Bleeding To Death?

bleeding to death
Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Is Homeopathy Bleeding To Death?

I think yes! And the demise has started in UK…

This is NOT a sensational heading for an interesting article. Read the facts carefully!

Do you know that Homeopathy is facing such a huge and systematic campaign in UK and most parts of the western world that even its existence is now threatened?

We have always heard about the 1 Million prize to prove homeopathy and the numerous skeptics forums on the Internet that try to ridicule our Homeopathy, but things are rapidly spiraling downwards these last 3 years. The big slide started after the Lancet issue.

In its August 2005 issue, The Lancet published a meta-analysis which contended that homeopathic remedies are no better than placebo. The article and the editorial were nothing but a big piece of crap (Read this review). But Lancet being one of the mouth pieces of the modern scientific community, the issue got a lot of air and Homeopathy
received lot of negative publicity worldwide.

The most that the homeopathic community was able to do at that time was …find faults with the article!

What an impotent response!!

What motivated a prestigious journal to publish such crap? ..No one knows. Big pharma money, pressure from advertisers ..or the insecurity of conventional medicine ..we can only guess.

After that there have been VERY SYSTEMATIC efforts to clip homeopathy from the corners. Look at the occurrences below:

1. Homeopathic Remedies were publicized as TOXIC! As a result Nosodes got banned in France and many western countries. You can not even buy Arsenic-alb, Nux-vom in Canada and Opium in US, even in 30C or 200C ..because they are toxic! What a big joke!

But the bigger joke is that practitioners, schools and organizations of the world’s so called second most popular system of medicine, i.e. Homeopathy, are unable to do anything to prevent that!

2. Homeopathy Remedies are then publicized as PLACEBO! The Lancet issue just fueled the propaganda. The biggest scientific minds and political leaders (idiots!) can not decide whether our remedies are placebo or toxic.

But what have YOU done so far to make the people aware of the truth??

3. Then a couple of UK scribes set up a sting operation against Homeopaths in London to prove that Homeopaths are looting people of their money by giving them prophylactic remedies for Malaria. And next day Homeopathy was again in the headlines ..for all the wrong reasons!

And what did the homeopathic community do? Everyone made a big round mouth and said ‘Oh! How could those 9 fools do that!’. NOBODY tried to defend these people by presenting our own philosophical approach and historical evidence. Whether the remedies work prophylactically or not is debatable.

BUT WHY WAS THE COMMUNITY NOT ABLE TO SEE THE LARGER PURPOSE OF THE WHOLE INCIDENT? It was a stage managed negative publicity event for homeopathy! Nobody asked the most basic questions – who tipped off the scribes with such information? Who financed the sting operation? And WHY??

4. Then they started another move to stop the B. Sc. degree in Homeopathy in UK. The skeptics started a propaganda that Homeopathy is not a science, so the UK universities should stop giving a Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Homeopathy. They have been so successful with their campaign that in the near future, we might see universities stop giving those degrees.

And what have we done as a community? Most of us are happy that we are done with our education or that we have a school that is not giving a B. Sc. degree!

5. Then they started another campaign to close the four homeopathic hospitals being run by the UK Government under the NHS. Their claim was that the tax payer’s money should not go into anything unscientific. They have been nearly successful with this campaign also.

And as usual the homeopathic community has been on the defensive.

Those who are organizing this anti-homeopathy campaign have been SO SUCCESSFUL that most homeopaths in UK have seen a 50% drop in their practice in the last 2 years. In fact most of them get to see only 3-4 patients a week. Most of them are looking to add other things with their practice like massage, acupuncture etc. They can’t earn their bread with their homeopathic practice.

Don’t you think this is frightening???

And if you think they have done it all …then you are WRONG!

There is more coming. Articles against homeopathy have already appeared in the Daily Mail, Guardian, Scotsman, Evening Standard, Sunday Times, Primary Care Today, Nature and more. Lancet is planning another issue on Homeopathy. There might be other sting operations and anti-homeopathy legislations on the way…

They think of it this way …Let’s make the sale of homeopathy remedies difficult, let’s make so much negative publicity for Homeopathy in public that people stop going to the homeopaths …the homeopaths can’t earn their bread and butter from homeopathy, they take up other professions …since no one can make a living out of it, nobody will enroll in the schools ..the schools will die soon too

…its just a slow and steady death that we are being given …we ARE bleeding to death.

Some of the Indian Homeopaths won’t be able to identify with this as they are living in a safe homeopathic heaven for the time being. Most of them don’t know what’s going on around the world. But sooner or later you will face the music too.

And what are we doing together as a community?

We know that Homeopathy has revived in the last 3 decades, that Homeopathy cures, that Homeopathic remedies are not placebo, that the Big Pharma and so called scientists are waging an anti-homeopathy war ..in fact an anti-alternative medicine campaign.

They are killing your freedom to choose what works for you.

But how many people walking down your street know this??

Ask yourself:

Why are our societies always answering in defense? Why do we react only after the harm has been done?

Why don’t we come together to take Homeopathy to the masses, to EVERYONE!

Why can’t we rise above our different schools, ideologies and methodologies and our ego systems and work together for our system.

Those of you who are sitting in your cocoons and shells outside UK, be it Greece, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Mumbai, Calcutta or any other center of Homeopathy – don’t think that things can never go wrong in your country. If Homeopathy goes down in UK, it will go down in the European Union. And if it goes down there, saving it in the rest of the world would be difficult.

Remember, at the turn of the last century there were 25 full-time homeopathic medical colleges in USA and every third doctor was a homeopath. If Homeopathy could evaporate from such a strong position simply because of the political and financial strength of the allopathic syndicate, why can’t history repeat itself now??

If something is not done NOW, we could be fighting a lost battle very soon.

We need to do something. But the big question is WHAT?


Hpathy.com, world’s leading homeopathy portal being developed by the homeopathic community, is taking up an initiative to bring together people from all walks of life, all schools and all ideologies to create a TEAM that will work together for the above purpose.

If you can do anything for reversing the anti-homeopathy tide in UK-

  • If you are a representative of –
    • Society of Homeopaths or –
    • Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
    • Faculty of Homeopaths
    • Any other formal organization
    • ECH
    • ECCH
  • If you run a homeopathic school in UK
  • If you lead a study-group
  • If you run a homeopathic pharmacy
  • If you have contacts in media
  • If you write to any large mailing list (even non-homeopathic)
  • If you are a homeopathic publisher or book seller
  • If you can do anything to promote homeopathy
  • If you are a known leader in homeopathic circles
  • If you want to preserve your freedom of choice regarding alternative medicine
  • If you love homeopathy
  • If Homeopathy has given you anything
  • If you have ever seen a homeopathic cure
  • If you love the holistic concept of health, disease and cure given by Hahnemann…

Then I invite you to join hands with us to create a force that will tackle the anti-homeopathy tide, not on the back foot but on the front foot, not just from defense, but pro-actively!

Every hand counts, every small effort can help us achieve our goals. Every one of you is important in this fight against the people who wish to kill homeopathy. Join hands …and we will work together to create awareness about homeopathy in the public, to counter negative publicity in media, to send positive vibes and coverage, to promote clinical research, to create better standards, to stand with each other in this hour of need.

Remember if there is demand for homeopathy by the masses, if everyone gets to experience its magic, if every family has a cured case, the skeptics will never succeed in their efforts.

Don’t think ‘Oh! But what can I do alone?’

You are NOT alone. There are nearly half a million people like you who love homeopathy. If each one of us starts putting in efforts in a planned manner, we will be a force hard to beat. TOGETHER we can reverse this tide, alone we will be swept away!

So if you are in any category listed above, write to me at [email protected] to join our international team to preserve and promote homeopathy. Hpathy.com, world’s leading homeopathy portal is also the result of the homeopathic community working for itself. Let’s replicate our success on the ground too.

Remember, a stick alone is easy to break. You tie a handful of them in a bundle and even the strongest arms will find it hard to break them.

Write to me right away at [email protected]

Yours in Homeopathy,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

— Chief Editor —
Homeopathy for Everyone

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