Where Will it End?

The author exposes the source of a recent attack on homeopathy and the deceptions and misinformation they promulgated.

Recently an organization calling itself the Voice of Young Science Network called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to condemn the promotion of homeopathy for TB, infant diarrhea, influenza, malaria and HIV in 3rd world countries.

A visit to the website of this group revealed that they are nothing more than a propaganda arm of the chemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries. The articles posted on their website claim that pesticides are safe, nuclear wastes are easily dealt with, genetically engineered foods are just misunderstood (” leading to costly regulatory burden”), synthetic chemicals are safer than natural substances and so on.

These are standard industry talking points and the articles actually fly in the face of current science. The group’s list of funders includes: AstraZeneca, The Biochemical Society, Biotechnology and Biological Research Council, British Institute of Radiology and the British Pharmacological Society. Need I say more?

Their letter to the WHO was meant to evoke a response which could be used to disparage homeopathy. Certain members of the WHO played into this charade and issued statements declaring (incorrectly)
that there was no evidence of homeopathy’s effectiveness for the above mentioned conditions. The BBC then ran the headline “Homeopathy Not a Cure”, and dramatic headlines sell more papers than
the truth. Even a cursory review of homeopathy’s historical and current successes gives the lie to that statement.

This group also stated “When homeopathy stands in place of effective treatment, lives are lost”. Not true. A relative handful of homeopaths have travelled to impoverished countries to assist after natural disasters or where effective medical treatment was not available. In doing so, they have saved countless lives. Actually, the counter charge is more accurate. The latest statistics show that conventional medicine is the leading cause of death in the U.S. 1

Blinded by profit, certain individuals attempt to fool the masses by maligning homeopathy, a medical science which offers the best hope of healing a world sick of chemicals, drugs and pollutants. Where will it all end? In spite of misleading statements from the WHO and disparaging headlines, the people will not be fooled.

Those 500 million people who use homeopathy, learned its magic with their bodies and that’s knowledge they trust. As the poet Carl Sandburg said, “The people know the salt of the sea and the strength of the winds… the people will live on”.  And homeopathy will live on.

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Alan V. Schmukler
Chief Editor
Homeopathy for Everyone

About the author

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.

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