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Hpathy.com is soon going to start a new International Directory of Homeopathy Doctors. Till then, please use the following resources to find a homeopath near you.

  1. Nearly all homeopathy schools/colleges have an out patient department (OPD). You can get in touch with the nearest homeopathy college to go to college OPD or to get a referral. A country-wise complete list of homeopathy schools/colleges is available here:


  2. All national homeopathy organizations maintain a list of registered practitioners. You can often find a list of homeopathy doctors on the website of your national/state-level homeopathy organization or you can mail them to get a referral. A complete list of all international homeopathy organizations is available here:


  3. If you need to buy a homeopathy remedy, an exhaustive list of homeopathic pharmacies, sorted by country, is available here:


Hpathy Wishes you Health with Homeopathy! 🙂

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