Dr. Latika Jaggi interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Dr. Latika Jaggi, coordinator of the E-Learning course of the International Association of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) in India,  is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Dr. Latika Jaggi, coordinator of the E-Learning course of the International Association of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) in India 

  • interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

A.S. What led you to choose homeopathy as your career?

L.J. I was fortunate that I was treated with homeopathy since my childhood but honestly, choosing homeopathy as my career happened just by chance and not choice. I wanted to be a medical doctor but could not clear my entrance examinations for allopathic medicine and therefore joined a homeopathic college. So choosing homeopathy proved as a blessing in disguise for me or I would call it a ‘divine blessing’. I say this because if I see retrospectively, this event changed my life completely.

A.S. You studied at Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, New Delhi.  What was that experience like for you?

L.J.  Yes, my homeopathic journey started from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital ( NHMC), New Delhi. It was a 5 ½ year BHMS course where we were taught extensively both allopathic and homeopathic subjects.

In our college, I got acquainted very well with the theoretical aspects of classical homeopathy but I wanted to study and learn more about the practical aspects. Also please allow me to mention here, that I feel really indebted to NHMC because it not only gave me homeopathy but I also met here my husband, Dr Atul Jaggi who introduced me to the life changing book by Prof. George Vithoulkas—‘The Science of Homeopathy’.

After completion of our BHMS course, we got married and we both went to Greece in the year 2000, to learn directly from Prof. George Vithoulkas and were gifted by God to stay with him and work under him for almost 2 years.

So the real application of classical homeopathy started when I came in contact with the teachings of Prof. George Vithoulkas at International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH), Greece.

A.S.What was the difference in teachings you observed at IACH?

L.J. The teachings by Prof. Vithoulkas at IACH are very practical as it comprises of live case taking and their live follow ups, emphasising the long term management of serious chronic cases for a period of 4 to 5 years.

After completing my Diploma course of IACH , I could see clearly the miraculous possibilities of this therapeutic modality. I, and all the students of IACH feel that after Hahnemann and Kent, it is Prof. Vithoulkas who has further filled all the gaps in our homeopathic learning, thereby easing the difficulties faced in managing deep chronic pathologies.

Prof. Vithoulkas’ pioneering theories (like Levels of Health, The Continuum of Unified Theory of Diseases, An Integrated Perspective on Transmutation of Acute Inflammation Into Chronic, and The Role Of The Microbiome etc.) and unparalleled experience makes International Academy the perfect place of learning for all sincere and serious students of Homeopathy.

A.S. : What is your experience as a moderator an E-Learning Course of IACH?

L.J. Before I go ahead, I want to mention here that I am the moderator of the English speaking students of IACH. This course is available in 12 languages and every language has its own respective moderator.

In the last four years of my work as a moderator, what has astonished me is the one common feeling arising in all the students of the Academy . It is that they start falling in love with this science – Homeopathy and also their teacher – Prof. George Vithoulkas. The proof of gratitude for his teachings are the heartfelt testimonials, which one can read at

As a moderator I see the students evolving , especially developing the confidence to tackle difficult cases and becoming good prescribers. Their growth and evolution takes place because they can verify in clinical practice, all the laws and principles of this therapeutic system given by great masters.

A.S. How do you answer the questions of the students pursuing the E-learning course?

L.J. At the e-learning platform, we have a common foroum, where all the questions of the students and their answers by the moderators are posted. This gives a ready access to the students to learn from each other’s questions about any topic.

In addition, the possibility of searching words and phrases in the forum is of great aid in learning. It is like an online library in which they can easily find information about any topic.

Our duty and responsibility as a moderator is to solve the queries and doubts in 24 hours, so that there is no break in their learning. I must say here that through their questions, I can feel their involvement and enthusiasm in the course.

At a personal level, it is a great learning for me too, as I need to refer again and again to the books and videos of Prof. Vithoulkas. It is like taking a dip each time into the ocean of his knowledge, vast experience and wisdom.

A.S. What is the practical value of this course?

L.J.  As every homeopathic student, I would also yearn and long for learning directly from the masters. Many a times I would wish that some recordings of Hahnemann and Kent could have been available for the students to benefit from them.

Fortunately this fantastic possibility to learn classical homeopathy in its complete aspects is now available to us in the form of E-Learning Courses, which encompasses 60 year plus experience of Prof. Vithoulkas and is updated regularly with his latest teachings.

So after completing this extensive course and passing the final examinations, the next protocol is that the students have to submit 10 cases which they have treated for a minimum of 6 months.

While reviewing such cases, I observe their wonderful cures and as I said before, I have seen that the students and doctors become more proficient and confident. Immediately after completing the course, they start witnessing remarkable cures in their practice. I think this is the most important aspect which adds practical value to this course.

I really feel so grateful to the divine that in these modern and materialistic times, we can learn from such a life changing teacher. He not only provides excellent knowledge of classical Hahnemannian homeopathy but through his profound wisdom, also inspires us to become selfless and conscientious beings.

A.S.  Have you interned or worked in a homeopathic hospital?  What conclusions could you draw from that?

L.J.  I have not worked in homeopathic hospitals but I had a one year of internship training in a 100 bedded homeopathic hospital attached to our college. My experience in that one year was with chronic cases admitted in the In Patient Department and complaints related to labor and delivery in the gynaecological department. I did witness acute cases in the Out Patient Department, but not other hospital related emergencies.

Here I must say that it is very important to have homeopathic hospitals where there should be an integrated approach of purest classical homeopathy and the best allopathic support of doctors for diagnosis and managing surgical needs. Once the allopathic world will realize the immense therapeutic possibilities of homeopathy and will join hands, the world will be a better place to live.

A.S.  Have you observed the effects of homeopathy in emergency care in your practice?

L.J.  I have had an oppurtunity to see the miraculous effects of homeopathy in acute emergencies in our practice. Offhand I can remember a few cases of stroke where we saw unbelievably quick remission with remedies like Arnica, Lachesis, Kali bromatum, Bothrops , Opium etc and there was no allopathic intervention. Also, I remember one time a female with cardiac arrest where she had no pulse and was unconscious and was resurrected remarkably by a dose of Laurocerasus.

A.S. Do you and your husband, Dr. Atul Jaggi, consult with each other on cases? If so, in what way is that helpful?

L.J. We see cases separately and also together. We consult and discuss a lot about our cases with arguments related to the remedy given and their reactions in the follow ups. My husband often jokes with me that I am his biggest critic.  But as both of us understand that it is in the best of interest of the patient’s health and homeopathy, such discussions are very fruitful and have tremendous positive outcome.

I would like to thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to share my journey.

A.S. It’s been our pleasure!

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