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In 2001 Peter Chappell quit his practice and went to Ethiopia to help find a homeopathic solution to AIDS. With thirty years experience in homeopathy and a background in research, electronics and magnetism, he first considered the normal homeopathic approach. He found this was not a viable option, due to, “the lack of information available within the homeopathic information set” and also the lack of funds. Instead, he developed a method of reverse engineering a remedy, from the totality and essence of the pathology. In this way he designed a specific remedy for AIDS, based on genus epidemicus.

He later generalized this approach to epidemic diseases and called these “second simillimum’ remedies. They are prepared by a process he only partially reveals. In 2002 he made his first designer remedy for AIDS, which he called PC1. In working with thousands of cases over a five year period, he reported that almost everyone improved. In 2004 the editors of the journal Homeopathic Links, went to Africa to evaluate his work. Convinced of its success, they recommended widespread availability of his remedy.

Peter Chappell subsequently developed remedies for Malaria, Dengue Fever, Diphtheria, Gonorrhea and many other epidemic diseases. He then extended the principle of the second simillimum to chronic ailments. Based on his own experience, Hahnemann’s comments on chronic disease and cutting-edge research, he believes that chronic diseases are based on viruses and bacteria and are in fact, slow running epidemics. He cites the example of diabetes, which is detectable at birth, but often takes half a lifetime to materialize. He notes there are many other diseases, which are also developing slowly. Peter subsequently developed “genus chronicus” remedies for MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, CFS, Hepatitis C, Lyme and other chronic diseases.

When he conceived that trauma was responsible for much illness, he developed remedies to deal with that also. Information about these remedies can be found at

Peter’s s latest creation is the use of remedies delivered as particular patterns of sound. These acoustic remedies are available on his other website ““. He sees this as a way to reach many more people. He has some free downloads, including one for bird flu, which he believes is an imminent threat.


AS: How did you first design a remedy for AIDS? What were your thought processes and what methodology can you share with us?

PC: Well first of all, I don’t reveal the whole process and that is a cause of concern and debate within the team that now works with PC remedies. Homeopaths and doctors like to know how something is made, and I fully understand and appreciate that. On the other hand, there are very good reasons not to reveal everything. As a consequence, quite a lot of homeopaths will not try my new approaches.

Potentized remedies are not understood scientifically and this is one of the fundamental weak points in homeopathy, both from a scientific point of view and from an acceptance point of view. It’s like science doesn’t really recognize something, even gravity, until it’s got the theory that somehow explains it, in own its terms. And I think it’s fairly obvious, that that’s a crazy scenario, but that is how science operates. That which it can’t explain, it doesn’t believe. Well unfortunately, potentization hasn’t been explained. And it is in this area, obviously that I make remedies.

When this basic science is not in place it’s very hard to explain something in a way that will not be ridiculed, which I think is the situation with homeopathy today. So I am very reluctant to explain something fully, which would then leave the whole situation open to ridicule, because it is ahead of the science and because the terms are not there, to explain it within science.

I should also like to mention the fact that homeopathy has become a dirty word in the world of science, a red flag word, where people immediately go into ‘I don’t believe it works’. One has to go around some convoluted argument to point out the irrationality in that position, before one even gets to the starting point of the discussion, for example about trying the remedy for AIDS and just seeing if it works. What we have seen, as Constantine Herring found out about two centuries ago, is that once you try it and it obviously works, you start to believe it. And it’s the same with my remedies.

By the way I call them resonances and I also say they are homeopathic-like remedies, as I now try to distinguish them from being exactly homeopathic, as this muddies the waters and upsets the purists. The fact that they work in every way like a homeopathic remedy does not justify calling them homeopathic in many people’s opinion. I don’t have a big problem with that, as I am trying to distance what I do as far as I can from homeopathy as a word, because of the difficulties it creates in the real world. This may not be a problem in India, but I can assure you it’s a problem in Africa. In South Africa for example, I remember a student telling me about a project she was trying to complete for her thesis. Homeopathy has been legal in South Africa since about 1842, if I remember correctly. It took two years to get past the medical ethics and efficacies committees before she could start running her project. It was a question of ignorance, education and persistence to get past the prejudices. And that was just a very simple experiment.

At the same time, I am a homeopath and my colleagues are homeopaths, and those are the people who really know how to manage the treatment of established chronic diseases. In the healing world, the people best suited to using these new remedies are the homeopaths, as they have the skills and knowledge of how to recover people from chronic diseases and they know about things like the healing crisis and when the symptom picture changes and when and why to change the remedy from first Simillimum to a second Simillimum etc. But in the real world of ministers of health and medical directors and people like that, it’s quite helpful to go without using the word homeopathy, any more than one has to.

The information I prefer to put in print about the making of the resonances is this:

PC Resonances are made by imprinting specific information into water, which has the ability to memorize and store information, as is the case with all homeopathic remedies diluted beyond Avogadro’s number. The information regarding the totality of the symptoms of a disease and its role and purpose is gathered from a range of sources. This information is synthesized into a totality and imprinted into water by a proprietary process. Pure water containing some 96% medical alcohol as a preservative, in sealed dropper bottles, is used in the manufacturing process and these bottles stay closed during the whole process.

I would like to add here that diseases are stagnant energy and that is the core phenomena and this energy needs to be addressed by the immune system and dissolved away. Once that happens, then the person returns to a more coherent energy pattern, where normal first simillimum approaches, what is commonly called classical homeopathy, can then be effective.

AS: When did you first start thinking about using acoustic remedies, your “healing downloads“, where sound triggers the healing?

PC: Regarding the acoustic remedies, the first step I made in thinking about this was bird flu. I was presented with the facts about bird flu and there was a homeopathic conference about this, in Paris I believe, and $1 million was set aside to create homeopathic answers to this. The $1 million got me thinking! Since we were short of money, chronically short of money for our work in Africa, I’m always on the alert for new sources of funds. You may not know this but most of the sources of money in this world are tied into the current medical paradigms and when the word homeopathy is used, many doors automatically shut in the funding world. So I wrote this 27 page report on how to treat bird flu, and in the process of studying bird flu I realized that if the epidemic really did hit the world in a way that seemed quite possible (and still seems increasingly possible) you could have a situation where 2 billion people at one time were actually sick with a killer flu. Now we know in principle that homeopathy will work with this, as it did in the last bird flu in 1918, because the death rate under homeopathic prescribing was about 1% and the death rate under conventional medicine at the time was anything from 10 to 30%. The situation is no different now than before, because the only (conventional) medicine that could work for bird flu is Tamiflu and that’s not in any way guaranteed.

I realized that in bird flu, there was no possibility of distributing homeopathic pills worldwide, even if we discovered them and that they worked. The postal services will collapse, for example. There will be no air travel. Everything will close down for a period of three months and it will be a very hand to mouth existence.

A way to deliver and treat, it seemed to me, was via e-mail. So I decided to engraft the information to treat bird flu, instead of onto a pill, onto a sound, and I chose classical jazz. It’s about 15 seconds long and it can be listened to on an MP3 player or a CD or even broadcast on the radio or TV. It is then a viable solution to bird flu. It only needs to be tried on a bunch of chickens and we would know ahead of time. But even that seemed to be an impossible task to achieve, without the clout of a serious medical research institution or pharmaceutical business.

But we’ve tried these sound resonances, healing downloads as we call them, on many other epidemic diseases and other diseases and they seem to work very well in some cases. Obviously in many situations the disease that appears on the surface is not the real problem, as there are many other ways the immune system is compromised. But in epidemic diseases they seem to work fine.

This then is the story of why I shifted from an oral delivery to an aural delivery. It’s very much in line with quantum physics. In the old model of healing, it’s a pharmaceutical process, and chemistry is the bottom line. In the quantum physics model of healing, its energy which is the core process and that’s electromagnetism at its core. So this is really just keeping homeopathy up with science.

AS: Did you have a chance at the $1million prize?

PC: We did apply for a slice of the $1 million, or maybe it was euros, but we were not seriously considered at all. Such are the prejudices even within homeopathy.

AS: Let me go back to your method for a moment. I understand your not wanting to reveal the process. Melanie probably withheld the 6th edition of the Organon for similar reasons. In addition to ridicule, revealing your method might spawn poor imitations by people with lesser motives. Without giving away anything proprietary, is there anything else you can share with us about the intellectual process that leads to a mathematical expression of the disease?

PC: I’ve gone as far as I am willing to go and am not prepared to elaborate further on this question. I actually doubt that it would spawn poor imitations and it’s certainly an advantage in that I can keep tight quality control. There is another question that comes to mind with this, which people commonly ask, which is what if I die? Well first of all, I can load up the pharmacies with enough supplies to last 100 years and by that time some new method of treatment would have arisen and overtaken what I am now doing with pills and drops. In fact the lifetime of an invention is nowadays only maybe a decade. It’s not that someone will improve on what I’ve done, but rather a completely new method will be evolved which supersedes it and this is possibly what will happen with homeopathy as it becomes more and more complex and refined and sophisticated. Something just a lot simpler will take over. Of course the electronic versions of my remedies, would in theory last forever, whatever forever is.

AS: There’s a lot of information and some misinformation about the efficacy of your second simillimum remedies. Could you give us a synopsis of the evidence for their success?

PC: Let’s start with AIDS and the treatment of AIDS in Africa. It was my experience after treating about a hundred cases with PC AIDS, that it always worked and there were no exceptions to it always working. This was quite a revelation to me, because obviously in homeopathic practice you never get that consistency. It’s partly because you are never treating the same disease and only that disease and nothing else case after case, week after week, month after month, and partly because it’s not how homeopathy works. You just can’t be that accurate about the first Simillimum (classical homeopathy). And obviously, I had not been involved in using the second Simillimum for epidemic diseases en masse before AIDS, so I had no prior experience of what we commonly call genius epidemicus. So it meant that when people came back after PC AIDS and they were not better, then there were only a limited number of options, all of which could be explored easily because you knew the remedy worked, so you knew there had to be an explanation for why it appears not to. There were only three explanations normally. One, the most common, was that they had nothing to eat and were living on a bread roll and a cup of tea a day. This was very easy to solve, by giving them one euro with the instructions that they must use this to eat, for one or two weeks, after which they would be recovering enough to earn money. So then they could earn money to feed the family as well as themselves. And if they followed this advice, which they usually did, they came back two weeks later virtually fit and well. This was the first time in my life that I realized that food is necessary for health! You just don’t get that sort of feedback in the West.

The second reason people didn’t get well with PC AIDS was sexual re-infection with the virus, especially from somebody having sex with someone who had a very high viral load. If a person was existing on the edge of death, but was well enough to have sex with somebody on PC AIDS, then one regular dose of their highly infected sperm was enough to set the patient back quite dramatically. Obviously condoms is a solution in this situation but there’s another catch to that. When a young woman who has AIDS is too sick to even want sex and starts to use PC AIDS, the first thing they want to do when they recover, is to have children. In their simple way, they feel better and they don’t understand, that being better still means they have the virus and being better still means they can be re-infected and being better still means their partner is infected and they should not have sex without a condom. So while there is lots of advice out there in Africa about the connection between unprotected sex and the virus, when it comes down to it and they feel like they can now finally have a baby after several have died, maybe because they finally feel well enough, it’s hard for them to realize that this is not as easy as it looks.

The third reason PC AIDS did not work was that they didn’t take it. I remember going to see a case in a very remote area of Swaziland and we finally arrived at a mud hut and there was this beautiful girl lying sick and dying with TB as well as AIDS. We knew she been given PC AIDS and therefore she should be better, so we started looking for the problem. Nobody looked like they were starving, so that wasn’t the problem, so we asked to see the [medicine] bottle. It was full and we discovered that she had taken 1 teaspoon once and that was it.

So that was the beginning of my discovery on the effect of PC AIDS. The problem was that PC AIDS did not cure the virus. In other diseases like gonorrhea we saw that PC remedies were effective, as far as we could tell, in curing the whole problem. But the fact is, that nothing cures the virus so far. The anti-retroviral drugs kill the virus only for as long as they are taken and the virus then returns if they stop. And to stop the spread of AIDS it’s necessary not just to cure the consequences of the virus which is AIDS, which is relatively easy, but to cure the virus itself. It’s possible in my opinion that this can be done with a combination of PC AIDS and other treatments both conventional and alternative, like African herbs or a combination homeopathic remedy like Canova, which is a combination of aconite, arsenicum, thuja, lachesis and bryonia. But the fact is that we just haven’t had the resources to find out. Research in AIDS and HIV requires a lot more money and a lot more clout than we have had so far. It’s not that we haven’t talked to presidents and prime ministers and ministers of health and funding organizations, we have. And it’s not that we don’t have a research protocol that is top of the range or that we don’t know what to do. We know what to do. But we also need more people and more funds so that we can do more fundamental research as well as research to show that PC AIDS works.

AS: What kind of results have you had with other epidemic diseases?

PC: When it comes to treating epidemic diseases other than AIDS in Africa we had quite a lot of success with PC remedies, for example with gonorrhea I remember well one case where a woman had a huge quantity of puss in her fallopian tubes and I reasoned out from the symptom picture that the most likely reason was gonorrhea, which was semi active, as there were also bladder symptoms. It was just the most likely option. Either we treated it homeopathically or she needed an operation, which is a risky procedure at best in Africa, as well as very expensive. The anesthetics alone might set them back more money than they and the family together could find and would deprive them of food for a period of time. So we gave PC gonorrhea and within, I think, four days there was a palpable reduction in that puss formation in the fallopian tube and within a week to 10 days there was nothing detectable. She had been sterile 10 years due to this. The after effects of gonorrhea in Africa are numerous, as it is very rarely treated properly with drugs. They commonly buy one pill at a time and if it works they stop buying them. So commonly, things are only partially treated at best. We came across may be a hundred cases which were likely to be the consequences of partially treated gonorrhea and PC gonorrhea was highly effective in such situations. Erections came back, fertility came back etc.

AS: How about Malaria, which a major killer in Africa?

PC: When it came to malaria, we found that PC malaria was highly effective in Africans and was the quickest way of restoring health in malaria, and this was repeated many times, maybe hundreds of times.

I’d like to mention here, that there is a difference between treating Africans and treating Europeans and white people. White people with aids frequently don’t respond so well to PC AIDS because they have a lot of other issues running at the same time, which are more important often than the AIDS, in that they depress the immune system far more than the virus. So treating Westerners is a whole new ball game when treating AIDS. It’s also because, just to be alive in Africa you have to have a well functioning immune system, otherwise you will not survive diseases in childhood. Commonly this is something like malaria, maybe ten times by the time you are five, not to mention lots of other diseases related to diarrhoea. So the people of Africa are very strong, have common homeopathic archetypes, and they function very well, as their energy system works very well dynamically. And if you give them the indicated constitutional first simillimum remedy, in non-epidemic disease cases, you get very easy responses with one dose of 30c. Whatever it was they came with almost always gets better. It’s a very satisfying situation in which to work.

It’s likewise with malaria and white people. White people have no resistance to malaria, so PC malaria on its own is not sufficient for white people with their first few exposures to malaria, because they just don’t have any innate resistance built in, whereas the Africans do. For people with malaria visiting Africa, we recommend they take with them a homeopathic first aid kit for travelers: China sulph, China, rehydration sachets, drips equipment if they can, and Artemisia and quinine. Then they will be sufficiently equipped. The next difficulty they have, will be to avoid the appalling medical treatment they will otherwise be given, which will be an attempt to shut down every symptom of malaria with every possible drug at their disposal, which means your immune system will be compromised and you won’t recover properly. Every sign of fever will be suppressed, every sign of anything will be suppressed, so it’s a bit of a nightmare scenario in the worst case. My colleague witnessed many children with malaria treated this way and often they simply died, because their immune systems couldn’t take it. I think it’s salutary to know that the inappropriate and ignorant use of every possible modern medicine on malaria, can kill and often does. It may be that the death rate from malaria in Africa is significantly worsened by the modern medical practice that is used.

I forgot to mention above that PC AIDS has been tried in hundreds of different locations and by hundreds of different people across Africa and it is very reliably working where it is applied. And there are many people who are alive today who would not be alive, if it were not for PC AIDS.

AS: Given the success of these remedies, why aren’t they used more widely?

PC: Basically there is a huge gap between alternative treatments being successful and then their being applied. It’s the same question as to why homeopathy is not more successful. I wrote an article about this in the latest edition of homeopathic Links and it’s a whole subject in itself. I recommend two video CDs on this subject that speak more eloquently and are more pictorial about this huge subject than anything I can say. These are “Side Effects” (Director- Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau) and “Money Talks”, (Director- Holly Mosher), subtitled Profits Before Patient Safety.

That’s not to say we’ve given up, we have not. We are still actively pursuing the use of PC remedies in Africa and anybody who wants to offer help in this area is most welcome. Don’t expect a salary, but do to expect fantastic rewards and remember that the research shows that altruism increases your life span. So if you were to get involved you would probably live longer than you will now!

AS: Can you talk about the use of PC remedies in the West?

PC: In the West, we have used them in both epidemic and chronic diseases and, as I’ve already pointed, out chronic diseases are really slow-moving epidemics based on viruses and the like. The results have sometimes been outstanding and beyond anything ever seen before. At the other extreme there are numerous reports of the remedy is not working. It’s easy to find very good reasons why PC remedies will not work. It’s common that they are misapplied and there is no blame involved in this, it’s just that the person is suffering from a problem that is not obvious and the disease is not the central point of the case.

One homeopath of long experience told me that within one year of using PC disease remedies, he had an 80% success in treating chronic diseases. This was based on 25 cases. There was a trial in Belgium which was published in homeopathic Links, where seven people were treated with PC CFS over a period of a year and every one of them aggravated on the very first day back to the time of the first day when they had CFS! We learnt from this the first basic thing about case management, that in seriously depleted cases with low energy and long chronic degenerative diseases you give one dose once and wait. Two of the people in this trial dropped out due to the aggravation, then the other five continued and improved greatly. This remedy has been tried in many places now and is very successful sometimes, but not always. I remember one case that seemed like they were using it as self-help, which we actively discourage, and they had other healers and a diagnosis that changed with each new healer. So if the diagnosis is not right and the remedy for a specific diagnosis, it’s obviously not going to work.

We have many outstanding results, for example like the Parkinson case, where the neurologist had never seen a recovery like it.

AS: What kind of feedback are you getting from people who used PC remedies?

PC: Many people have recovered from many trivial complaints like herpes and athlete’s foot, as well as problems like multiple sclerosis where we have many good results, and there are results across the board in chronic diseases. However this is all still in the very early stages and there is a tremendous amount of work to do, to show that the second Simillimum is a very effective tool in helping with treatment of chronic diseases. As you know, in many chronic diseases you need between two and five years of follow up to know for sure, but we’ve had brilliant results. And it’s a real fact of life, that most homeopaths don’t have the time to write up their cases. They simply have other priorities in their life and they already lead a busy one. So while the results are coming in and you can find them on websites, amongst the testimonials as well as in the published articles in journals like homeopathic Links, the results are still slow in coming. I get to hear results very often when I attend conferences, where people tell me verbally,”I tried your so-and-so remedy and it worked”. That’s all they tell me! If I continue the conversation and extract a few more symptoms I often get very convincing results documented, but otherwise I would not get it at all. That is my experience. Quite often results are given by very experienced homeopaths who tried one of the PC resonances themselves. It seems that nothing but trying it is really convincing and I think that’s true of homeopathy generally. The skeptics never really know if homeopathy works unless they try it. No amount of statistics and testimonials and case studies and official trials are as convincing as simply trying it for yourself. The websites: vital and do have short case studies of results.

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