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A Brief Discussion of the Remedy Carbon

A Brief Discussion of the Remedy Carbon

Dr. Szecsődi Ferenc discusses some aspects of Carbon, a new remedy. He mentions two cases that benefitted from it and shares a painting he did to illustrate the sensations which include helplessness and stagnation.

This article gives some insight into the remedy Carbon and I use a painting to illustrate the sensations. I mention two cases in which Carbon was the simillimum. The cases are of two patients who successfully recovered with the help of the Carbon C200 homeopathic medicinal product. During case witnessing, they managed to reach the sensation level.

The first patient was a boy with Enuresis nocturna.(2001)

He oftendreamt of a train moving down the track and he is on the

track and cannot move. The sensation in the dream was:

  • Helplessness (“I can’t do anything,” “I can’t move on,” “I stand helplessly,”)
  • Weakness (“I can’t move,” “I freeze at the crucial moment”)

The second patient was a man with pollen allergy. (1991)

He had the delusions that he cannot succeed, and he has no value.

On the sensation level he felt:

  • Stagnation (“I go blank instantaneously,” “things happen, and I’m just standing,” “I don’t move”)
  • I’m on the brink (of something) (“no ups, no downs,” “between

life and death”) and he drew me a picture of an EKG, which is in my


I prescribed the remedy on the knowledge of the sensation of Carbon, which is taught by the Indian school(Sanakaran, Mahesh Gandi, The Joshi’s). I used the book”Quick Book of Minerals and Animals” from the Joshi’s.  (2013)Carbon as a remedy did not exist so I made it in my Remedy Maker (Radionics).

Most of the coal beds were formed in the Carboniferous geologic period approximately 300-360 million years ago. Intensive geological processes, like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the creation of lakes, contributed to the formation of coal beds. Large quantities of wood were buried in soil and underwater, and due to the anaerobic circumstances, the necessary pressure, and temperatures coal beds were formed. The coal beds were made of Equisetales (horse-tails), Filicales (ferns) and early gymnosperm plants (Lignophytes). During the formation of coal beds, all the oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen disappeared from these plants.

Carbon has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. Its atomic weight is 12. The atomic configuration is 1s2, 2s2, 2p2. Carbon is characterized by sp hybridization, which means that an electron from the 2s orbit jumps to the 2p orbit. The number of equal electrons becomes four, and four covalent bonds can be formed. This bond is extremely stable and it contains a large amount of energy. Because of this, carbon has high energy content and it is stable and inert at room temperature. It needs 800 degrees Centigrade to ignite.

The centre of Carbon is “energy and lack thereof.”

The sensations of Carbon, which can be found in the painting, are:

  • Helplessness (“I can’t do anything,” “I can’t move on,” “I stand helplessly,” “I have little energy”)
  • Weakness (“I can’t move,” “I lack motivation,” “there’s no progress,” “I freeze at the crucial moment”)
  • Stagnation (“I’m standing,” “I go blank instantaneously,” “things happen, and I’m just standing,” “I don’t move”)
  • I’m on the brink (of something) (“no ups, no downs,” “between life and death”)

Passive reactions: standing, lying down, motionlessness

Date. 3.12.2018

“Carbon”  acrylicon canvas, dimensions: 60×80 cm. Artist: Dr Szecsődi Ferenc, 2018

About the author

Szecsődi Ferenc

Szecsődi Ferenc (DVM) was born in 1963 in Becej, Serbia. He graduated in 1989 from the Veterinary Faculty at Belgrade University. In 2002 he started to study alternative methods of healing. He is schooled in chiropractic, hypnosis, the Silva mind control method and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In 2008 he graduated Veterinary Homeopathy in Budapest, Hungary and is a member of IAVH. In 2011 he graduated from the four year Homeopathic School “Hahnemann” in Novi Sad. Serbia. In 2015 graduated from the Master Level course in Novi Sad that was organized in collaboration with the “Other song academy” from Mumbai, India. Szecsődi is a lecturer at the Veterinary Homeopathic School in Budapest and also at the “Hahnemann” School in Novi Sad. He has been leading the Veterinary Homeopathic School in Belgrade, Serbia, since 2012. He applies the Sensation method in both his human and animal cases. Szecsődi studies the writings of Indian homeopaths, such as Rajan Sankaran, Jayes Shah, Dinesh Chauchan and Mahesh Gandi. He lives and works in Becej, Serbia.

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  • This is just perfect: “Carbon as a remedy did not exist so I made it in my Remedy Maker (Radionics)”
    When the initial impregnation into the carrier material is processed further in traditional succussion or trituration, the morphic field is finally bound to the carrier permanently and can be used as a classic homeopathic remedy. Nobody will ever feel a difference, because what really counts is the intention of the operator to bound the specific morphic field of carbon element to the milk sugar. With the help of radionics I was able to produce a homeopathic LSD remedy and traditional homeopathic proving of this remedy was a full success.

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