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A Dialogue With Hpathy!

The case was illustrative, and in-depth; the analysis quite novel. The homeopathic community could learn a lot from this case, so I ‘ve published the whole case here, verbatim. The analysis of the case is also given. Have a look:Eosanna Wanna Vote of the Best Homeopathic website.

Last month, I came across a very strange case – different from the usual ones we get at our clinics. The case was illustrative, and in-depth; the analysis quite novel. The homeopathic community could learn a lot from this case, so I ‘ve published the whole case here, verbatim. The analysis of the case is also given.

Dr. B – Hello! How are you? It has been such a long time, I have not seen you here. Seems you have been enjoying very good health.

Hpathy – Hello doctor. Yes! I’ve been in blooming health since many past months, and I was quite fit except the growth pains that occur at my age due to calcium deficiency (funds?) and rapid growth. You see, in the past few years, I have grown from a child to a big and beautiful adult! With each passing month, I have become more healthy and vitally more strong.

Dr. B – So what brings you to me now? Is everything all right?

Hpathy – Had that been so, I would not have come to you. Everything was quite good till one or two months back, when I was attacked by some viruses known as ‘skeptics’. You know how these things spread on the Net these days. I thought it was a benign infection that would go away on its own. I was busy with plans for my future, so I never gave it much thought. I was not getting any symptoms, so I thought these viruses were harmless -causing just a little discomfort once in a while. I did not realize that this was just the incubation period and they were multiplying and spreading to my various systems rapidly!

My friends began to to say that I was looking “dull”, and they sensed a lack of positive energy in me, which I thought it must be due to overwork. Very soon, I started coming down with varied symptoms – a result of the functional disturbance and internal chaos that these viruses create. These skeptics, like a bunch of primates, kept jumping high and low all month to grab my attention. I tried to deal with them on my own, and then my friends tried very hard to help me prevent any further damage from this infection. They came to visit me often, bringing beautiful flowers and ample love in their words and deeds. This kept me going in spite of the skeptics.

Dr. B – So, what happened next?

Hpathy – Things became serious after we launched a new ezine about homeopathy last month. I was very busy since past few months with this work and I became quite drained from it. I was feeling very happy to be doing something worthwhile, but the huge strain took a toll on my vitality. You know these viruses, bacteria and parasites grow best when you are vitally low. And my infection flared up too.

Dr. B – Then?

Hpathy – Oh! I was getting such good reviews and feedback for the zine. Nearly everyone who received it was full of praise. I was quite happy and ready to work on the next issue.

By that time the viruses had multiplied significantly, so, aware of my lowered vitality, they “hatched a plan” to attack me with full force. They took aim for all my defenses at once (all my defenses being the lovers and supporters of homeopathy). This got me worried but I was still strong, despite their efforts.

Then, last month we incorporated a poll in our ezine in order to get reader feedback. These skeptical and trolling viruses spread to the poll and the whole system became affected by the false-negative results they created. The viruses discovered a weakness in the new system which allowed them to increase the number of ‘poor’ feedback votes in our poll into the thousands.

Dr. B – But how do you know that these viruses were intentionally causing harm to your systems?

Hpathy – Well you know, Dr. B, there are special colonies on the Net where these viruses breed. An insider told me about their plan to attack me viciously! The colony from where these viruses came is called “randi.org”. These viruses actually discussed and planned these attacks on my systems there! You can go to their meeting room (discussion forums) and see the thread called “Wanna vote??”. I’ve brought along a little record of some of their discussions with me (verbatim). Have a look:

Eos of the Eons Wanna Vote?

Homeopathy for Everyone: BEST Homeopathic website

Come on, go vote “poor”, I did

LuxFerum hehehe poor is winning
Mercutio I would like to know how many of the “poor” votes are from this forum…mine is….
Eos of the Eons Well, poor was already winning when I got there. It was at six then. So add 3 from us! They should get more poor on this logic:quote:
For me homeopathy is a science and it is a science because it has a philosophy of its own
Science isn’t philosophy (#$# (#@^_$@ #( $&@^$@B dammit!!

Future of Homeopathy

***supresses childish temper tantrum by taking deep breaths***

Mercutio If you really wanna be childish, go back and vote Poor again….and again…and again….
Yahweh I voted “Poor”, and if I get the chance, I’m going to vote “Poor” again.
Wyvern Heh. Thanks for helping me get in my first good deed for the year
Prester John You naughty people they will know it is a fix when more people vote than get the newsletter!
Eos of the Enos With all the horrendously ridiculous claims on the site, the newsletter only allows it to spread among individuals. Thus, folks like me get a hold of it and go on to vote. It only exposes to them how horrible their site is for once.
Geni if you really want to have fun you could join their team
Eos of the Eons I see only the positive feedback is on the page. Someone go back and post some factual feedback
Xouper Now that they require feedback with the vote, I voted again, but apparently my vote didn’t increase the total, which is 30 as I write this. I wonder how long they will let my comment stand before censoring it.quote:
xouper – 1/4/2004I voted “poor” because homeopathy is pseudo-scientific nonsense. Anyone who thinks they can distinguish between any homeopathic “remedy” (of their choice) and plain water is eligible to apply for the Million Dollar challange at randi/
Jlakbj “Poor” is still winning with 58 votes, or 60%.
Yahweh What happened?! 30+ votes for excellent?! I’ve been voting “poor” everyday at a rate of at least a couple times a day now, I suggest the rest of yall do the same
Yahweh Oh look, all you have to do is disable cookies, then get familiar with your refresh button and you can vote an infinite amount of times.
*Evil laugher*
Up to 142 now…
Yahweh Mother &*$%er!
I had voted well over 1000 times…
Those rotten bastards!
Geni Ok then plan B there are an awful lot of computers at my uni….
Eos of The Eons What? I started this thread, and they won’t even chastise me for it. Darn it
Must think of something to get their attention
Don’t know what though
Rolfe Originally posted by jen
BTW have you seen this board?
Do you think it’s time for an attack there as well? It’s just as full of delusional nonsense as the others.Rolfe.

Hpathy– So what do you say doctor? Can you give me an analysis of this infection?Dr. B – The case is not complex and I think we can easily deal with it. Some of the themes that are clearly visible from these posts are:
1. Destructiveness– The motives of these viruses include sabotaging the poll results and destroying the credibility of the site.2. Restlessness – It is obvious these viruses have nothing worthwhile to do. They cannot just sit idle: they need something to do, even if it’s something improper or inappropriate.

3. Desire for Attention – They tried SO hard to get your attention. Well! Some consolation for them: they finally got your attention, and you’ve come to a homeopath to take care of them. Pure bliss for them!

4. Delusion, right he is – These people think that people who post positive comments in our poll are ignorant of what is right and wrong–so they should be told what is right, as they (the skeptics) are the only ones who know The Truth!

5. Contradiction, aggravates – This can be used in place of the 4th, if we consider that the positive views about homeopathy and the zine were contrary to the beliefs and prejudices held by the skeptic viruses. The contrary beliefs aggravated all the symptoms they caused.

6. Abusive / Cursing – Well! They used all sort of adjectives for the homeopathic community which are very much visible from the above posts (underlined).

Dr. B– So you see, the behavior, language, motives, and cause all help us in our case analysis in homeopathy. In this particular case, the themes are very clear. I don’t think it should be difficult to remedy such an infection.Hpathy – True doctor! But you see this was not all. These same people left very strange remarks in our poll feedback in their effort to cripple the whole system.

Dr. B – What comments did these people leave?

Hpathy – Here are some of their comments, doctor:

Xouper I voted “poor” because homeopathy is pseudo-scientific nonsense. Anyone who thinks they can distinguish between any homeopathic “remedy” (of their choice) and plain water is eligible to apply for the Million Dollar challange at http://www.randi.org.
Rolfe I voted “poor” because I’ve seldom seen such a pile of delusional non-science in my entire life. How anyone can possibly believe that these content-free “remedies” are having any effect at all is quite beyond me. Most things get better on their own, and for the ones that don’t oblige you have the “aggravation” excuse handy. This lot is on a par with reading “Harry Potter” and convincing yourself that broomsticks can fly. Why not try the real world for a change?
Delenn For a bunch of wannabee medics playing at being doctor, you guys certainly take yourselves seriously. It would be funny – if only you’d stick to playing with dolls. The fact that you presume to meddle with real people and con them into believing that your shaken-up water has magic powers makes it tragic. Get a life.
Squish I voted poor, simpley because homeopathy has never been shown to work, not once in the history of the world. But I suspect you knew this before you started peddling your wares. You are either ignorant or lying. Not much of a choice is it?
Yahweh Homeopathic remedies: Nothing says “I [heart] my kids” quite like deliberate medical negligence. This website encourages and condones medical negligence and malpractice. Homeopathy is not complimentary to mainstream medicine and certainly notan alternative to mainstream medicine. I’ll vote poor accordingly.
Jose Primarily I voted for poor because I consider homeopathy to be a dangerous, psudeo-scientific belief.
Luc In 200 years of homeopathy there’s been ZERO proof of it working. It’s bunk, bs, lies. (oh, and huge cash for those marketing it) Ignorance and wishful thinking easily part cash from wallets, as homeopathy promoters know quite well.
Eos Scientific research? That’s laughable. Beyond substance, beyond proof? That is as far from science as one can get. This junk site is sullying the net with more misinformation. Thanks a lot. I can’t believe anyone takes this site seriously.
Super A few hours ago, well over 1000 people had voted for “poor”. What gives?
Rog Homeopathic medicide, if you can call it that, is not an effective way to treat ailments and is based on frivolous claims.

Hpathy– Does this information help you any more doctor? Does this make the picture more clear?Dr. B – Sure it does, Hpathy. Another theme comes out very clearly:

6. Comprehension, lack of; or Dullness; or just pure Idiocy – The theme, very clearly visible from their comments at the poll is that these people can not even comprehend even a simple question. You asked a very simple question ‘How would you rate the first issue of this ezine?”. You never asked ‘Do you like homeopathy?’ or ‘Do you think homeopathy is scientific?’ Yet these people kept answering the question that was never asked. They can’t even comprehend a simple question written in plain English and they claim they are trying to comprehend what homeopathy is! No doubt, they will never be able to comprehend that! Their inability to comprehend a simple question gives us this theme.

Hpathy – That’s true doctor. The lack of comprehension is very clearly visible. What do you suggest now?

Dr. B – Let me take these themes/rubrics and repertorize the case from Synthesis repertory.

Here it is:


Radar ***** – Date : 25/01/2004

Sum of degrees (sort:spt)

This analysis contains 542 remedies and 5 symptoms.

Intensity is considered

2 1234 1 MIND – ABUSIVE 69
3 1234 1 MIND – CONTRADICTION – agg. 12
4 1234 1 MIND – RESTLESSNESS 443
5 1234 1 MIND – DULLNESS 351 (cross reference – Comprehension, difficult)

stram. lyc. .nux-v bell. hyos. sep. tarent. plb. staph. sulph. tub. con. lach. verat. anac.
12/4 11/4 10/5 10/4 10/4 10/4 9/4 8/4 8/4 8/4 8/4 7/4 7/4 7/4 7/3

So the following list of medicines are coming at the top –

Stramonium, Lycopodium, Belladona, Hyoscyamus, Nux vomica, Tuberculinum, Plumbum, Sulphur, Veratum alb, Lachesis, Conium, Staphysagria, Sepia, Tarentula, and Anacardium etc

Hpathy – Great work Dr. B., I think I will be all right soon. Which of these medicines will work for me?

Dr. B – Sure, you will be all right soon. Any one of these medicines might help you. We just need to individualize further, to narrow down the choice we have. Coincidentally, I notice that most of the remedies which came up in this analysis are derived from sources that are poisonous in nature.

Hpathy – That shouldn’t surprise any one doctor. Poisons for people who spew poison!

Dr. B – Hmmn…..True!

Hpathy – So what do you think about my illness doctor?

Dr. B – It’s not serious and once we are able to deal with it in a similar fashion, you will find yourself to much stronger than before. You’ll not only have your old vigor, but a new vitality and improved health will result. That’s the beauty of homeopathy!

Hpathy – You want to say that there is some positive outcome from this infection?

Dr. B – Definitely! Look at it this way – Had there been no such attack would you have recognized the weakness within your systems? Would you have improved upon the existing systems? Hasn’t this illness showed you how many people love you and support you and wish you well? Will this experience not be useful in the future, in dealing with similar situations? You know Rajan Sankaran has compared disease with the fundamental delusion of a person. When you realize what your delusion is, you become cured: that means when you realize what the cause of your problem and why you developed a certain response or posture in reaction to an external influence, you become cured. Such realization fulfills the primary susceptibility – the susceptability resulting in the beginnings of your initial disease process. I would urge you to go back, work within yourself, try to derive something positive from the negative, and come back to me after 3 days.

After 3 days …………….

Hpathy – Hello Dr. B!

Dr. B – Hello Hpathy. What’s the matter? You look very changed today. You are smiling and glowing and full of vigor and vitality. It seems you have found your cure!

Hpathy – Yes doctor! I am back on track. I pondered over your words and started working on cleansing my own system. I patched up my own weaknesses and mentally decided to deal with this infection effectively. The pathologies that these people created were removed. We deleted all the bogus votes and irrelevant comments, and we flushed the skeptics from most of my systems.

Dr. B – Great to hear that. What other benefits you derived from this infection?

Hpathy – Oh! many. I’ve corrected many technical glitches. Those skeptics helped us in adding a new feature at our polls. Their presence and their “workings” actually made our site more popular. They brought more visitors, created more pageviews, which lead to more ad revenue…..More to make homeopathy more popular.

I understand what you meant when you said I would be in better health after this infection. And I know I am not going to fall ill so easily next time. I am really thankful to God for giving me this hardship and the courage to deal with the hardship successfully.

Dr. B – Very good. So how do you feel now? Any bitter feelings towards those who attacked you?

Hpathy – I feel good doctor. No bitter feelings for anyone. The viruses were doing their job, I have to do mine. I remember a story. Listen:

Once a small village got flooded with rains. Many people from the village took shelter under a tree on a higher ground. The place soon became surrounded with water and everyone prayed for their life. Among these people there was a sage/saint. He saw that a scorpion was drowning in water nearby. He picked up the scorpion with his hands. The scorpion bit him and it fell down again in water. The saint picked him up again and the scorpion bit him again. This happened many times. The people around the sage asked him, “Why are you picking that scorpion up when it is biting you?”. The sage replied, “It’s scorpion’s nature to bite anyone who touches it, and it is my nature to save a drowning soul. It is doing what it knows best, and I am doing what I know best!”

About the author

Dr. Manish Bhatia

- BCA, M.Sc Homeopathy (UK), CICH (Greece), MD (Hom)
- Associate Professor, Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy, SKH Medical College, Jaipur
- Founder Director of Hpathy.com
- Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone
- Co-author - Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research
- Author - Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1, 2, 3. CCH Approved. (English, German, Bulgarian)
- Awardee - Raja Pajwan Dev Award for Excellence in the Field of Medicine; APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in Homeopathy Education
- Visit Dr. Bhatia's website

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  • Here in India there are fewer skeptics. I am a competent homoeopath and sometimes change the remedy if no result is observed within two hours or even less. Patients have so much faith that they come (some of them ) for immediate relief from some acute ailments. I am really shocked at so much ignorance (and due to the incompetence of homoeopaths too).

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