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Aconite 1M in the Birth Bag

Aconite 1M in the Birth Bag
Written by Piper Martin

Homeopath Piper Martin gives a brief summary of the use of Aconitum 1M in birthing and also post partum.

Aconite 1M is one of the most valuable remedies I carry in my birth kit.  It has the ability to truly assist a woman in staying present during birth.  For many women their response to labour is to panic and try to control what is happening.  There are situations in which this is a totally reasonable response. A dose of well timed Aconite can do what homeopathy does so very well, remind us who we really are and what we are really capable of.  Birth is the perfect time to receive this reminder.

Situations in which Aconite1M would come to mind:

Panic Attacks and Anxiety – for a woman that has a strong fear of the pain.  She talks about it, anticipates it and dreams of it.  She is often planning on having an epidural ASAP into the labour. This fear may be based on a past experience of pain, it may be a trauma reaction or part of an anxious focus she has going on.

Precipitous birth – a labour, especially if it’s a first baby that is incredibly fast.  The contractions come one on top of another and she has no time to regroup or catch her breath. The Aconite 1M allows her to roll with it as much as possible, instead of adding a panic attack on top of intense contractions.  She will get focused on the pace as a positive sign of forward motion.

Transition – the point in labour in which you hear – “I’m going to die!” “This is killing me!”  This is when Aconite 1M is needed.  They look wildly panicked and are in a state of believing they are about to die.  Give her a steady, deep gaze in the eyes and a dose of Aconite 1M.  That will bring her back to the present.

Immediate Postpartum – If the birth has been very rapid or anything traumatic has happened during the birth (neonatal resuscitation, maternal hemorrhage, fetal distress etc.) then a dose of Aconite 1M in the immediate postpartum will greatly assist her from becoming over focused on that moment in time. Aconite will assist with dissociation or fear reactions after the birth. This remedy is also very useful for retention of urine in mothers and babies postpartum – the physical aspect of becoming paralyzed by a fear.

Dosage  – 2 pellets of Aconite 1M

I prefer poppy seed size pellets which are perfect for labour and newborns.  I find Aconite works best in a 1M potency in the realm of labour as it is a perfect match for the intensity of the experience.

About the author

Piper Martin

Piper Martin (B.Ed., RCS Hom) has been practicing homeopathy since 1999. She is a graduate of CCHM and has specialized in the care and treatment of pregnant women and newborns since her first year in practice. Piper is the creator of The Homeopathic Midwife, an online course that focuses on the use of homeopathy for pregnancy, labour and postpartum. If you have questions or would like to learn more please visit her website at www.pipermartin.com

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    I wondered if u have worked with anyone who has lost their mother through birth? If u have thoughts on the ramifications for the child .

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