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A Brief Encounter With “Coughers”, “Sneezers” and an Ant!

Dorothy Shepherd duly found that Homeopathy was successful in preventing pertussis and mitigating the severity of an attack. In one example, four children contracted whooping cough and were treated with allopathic medicine. It took the children almost six months to recover and they were “a mere shadow of their former selves” according to Dorothy. Interestingly, other children living close by also contracted the disease, but were given small pills of pertussin instead. Every child fully recovered within two weeks.

In another instance, 364 cases were given daily doses of pertussin for two weeks after contact. Many of these cases were seen in the day nurseries under her care — not one of these children [including new-born] developed the disease.

Dorothy reported that a five-year-old girl in a private school was also treated successfully with pertussin. Of the twenty-one children in her class, eighteen were infected with a severe type of whooping cough. Only three escaped.

There is no connection in this article between the ant and pertussin. It so happened that on this one particular cold, damp and miserable day in my life, having escaped the coughers and sneezers successfully, the ant provided me with some light relief and food for thought. Nature is wonderful, if only mankind remembered that he is part of it and not some separate entity. He needs to wise- up before he self-destructs!

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Carla Carmichael

Carla Carmichael

Carla Carmichael came to Homeopathy through serious illness, having tried other alternative and complementary treatments. It was a local Naturopath, Cameron Cunningham, who encouraged her to take up the study of Homeopathic medicine and advised that she should contact Margaret Roy, Principal of the Scottish College of Homeopathy, Glasgow. Whilst working in the NHS in Glasgow, she embarked upon a 4 year intensive programme of Classical Homeopathy at that College. She then spent a year at the Rapha Centre, Perthshire doing case work. In 2007, she went to India and Sri Lanka to further her Homeopathic education and training. Since then, she has continued to spend time with Dr Shanthakumar at his clinics in Sri Lanka. She is a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (MARH). Carla can be contacted through her website: www.cchomeopathy.com

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  • I enjoyed your story and I agree that mankind needs to get a whole lot smarter. Maybe we’ll be as smart as an ant someday.