Author - Sue Young

Royal Samuel Copeland (1868-1938)

Homeopath and historian of homeopathy Sue Young shares a biography of Dr. Royal S. Copeland, a former dean of the New York Homœopathic Medical School, President of the American Institute of Homeopathy and U.S. Senator. He helped...

The Amistad Affair

Sue Young, homeopath and lifelong historian of homeopathy, reveals that 19th century homeopaths had been actively and passionately involved in numerous anti-slavery movements.

The Classical Reaction

Homeopath and historian Sue Young presents three cases where the simillimum released extreme, sometimes unbearable mental-emotional reactions. She wonders if amelioration without aggravation is a myth that must be reconsidered.

A Psychiatric Case?

Homeopath Sue Young shares a case that was previously misinterpreted as a psychiatric case. A history of streptococcus infection was the clue.

The Relationship of Remedies

Homeopathy historian Sue Young shares the fascinating story of Dr W.E. Boyd and the device he called an emanometer. With this he determined relationships of remedies and put them into various categories. He found that when a...

It’s Metaphysical, darling!

Homeopath and homeopathy biographer Sue Young offers a brief epistemological, cosmological journey and one perspective on homeopathy. She traces philosophical evolution from Emanuel Swedenborg to the Rig Vedas through Plato...

A Biography of Guy Beckley Stearns MD

Homeopath Sue Young presents a biography of Dr. Guy Beckley Stearns who developed autonomic reflex testing of remedies. Beckley found that a remedy in a vial placed on the skin or brought close to a patient, produced measurable...