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My First Case With a 200 D – Cardiac Arrhythmia

Written by Andre Saine

Homeopath André Saine shares a case of cardiac arrhythmia in a woman of 72.

Reprinted courtesy Dr. André Saine – from his website : http://www.homeopathy.ca/articles_det11.shtml

One day early in September 1989 at about 9 p.m., I received a call from the family doctor of one of my patients. He conveyed to me that our mutual patient, a 72 y.o. woman, was suffering from a sudden and serious attack of cardiac arrhythmia and that she was requesting my assistance. I immediately left for her home with among other things, my set of Dunham’s two-hundredths.

The patient was sitting on her couch with her family doctor (of over 40 years) sitting by her side, listening to her heart. I was struck by her facial expression. She looked sick and as if deprived of all energy. Her eyes were half open. She was seeking air by taking deep breaths which seemed to require great effort. She had much nausea which was worse by any motion.

Her blood pressure was 210 over about 100. Her pulse at the wrist was regular at 35. Paradoxically her heart rate was regular but very rapid at about 140. The heart sounds at the tricuspid area consisted of a loud first sound followed by three rapid, less loud, almost fleeing sounds, a type of galloping. Her family doctor was ready to administer an I.V. injection of Ouabain which is a powerful cardiotonic (a glycoside from Strophanthus) “with immediate action.” Indeed immediate action was needed. I suggested that first she be given a dose of a homeopathic remedy, which was also what the patient requested. I pulled out a one dram vial with only the bottom filled with old brown #10 pellets. I put in her mouth about 5 of these tiny pellets, screwed the cap back on the vial, turned sideways to deposit it, then turned back to the patient to take her pulse. At this moment the older doctor who had just started to auscultate her heart again—at the most 5 seconds after the intake of the remedy—loudly exclaimed “It’s normal. The heart is normal. It’s incredible; it became normal immediately. It’s incredible—it was immediate.” Indeed I immediately felt the normalcy of the pulse at the wrist. It was 72. The patient also said immediately, “I feel better.” Indeed she looked as if revived. The pressure slowly came down to 135 over 70.

I waited there for another 30 minutes. The older doctor asked me if he could keep my little vial of medicine. I explained to him that I could prepare a vial (a graft) from a few pellets of the original vial. He insisted that he wanted the original, to be used with other patients needing a powerful cardiotonic. I explained to him that the remedy administered didn’t act on the patient’s heart but that the patient’s reaction to the remedy reestablished the normal function. For such a beneficial reaction the remedy had to be prescribed on the principle of similia. It was not a miraculous cardiotonic. As I was about to leave the patient’s blood pressure was starting to climb again, to around 180 over 90, a chronic condition, among others, for which this patient had been under my care. A dose of her chronic remedy (Pulsatilla) in the 10 M was administered with a favorable response.

About the author

Andre Saine

Dr. André Saine (D.C., N.D., F.C.A.H.) has been Dean of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy since 1986. He has taught homeopathy to health care professionals in North America and Europe for over 25 years and is considered one of the world's foremost experts on the subject of homeopathy. He has specialized in the treatment of patients suffering from very serious chronic diseases, including cancer. Dr. Saine is author of : Lessons in Pure Homeopathy From the Writings of Adolph Lippe, M.D. Hahnemann's Best Student and Medicine's Most Successful Practitioner http://www.homeopathy.ca/andresaine.shtml


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