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From Allopathic Palliation to Homeopathic True Healing/ Prevention

Dr. Francesco Candeloro discusses basic tenets of homeopathic treatment and describes miasms as perturbed states of the Vital Force

We have previously talked about the Vital Force, miasms and the person’s ailing process, a process which is inherent and characteristic in each individual constitution.

On this topic, we stated that Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann – the father of homeopathy – inferred the existence of the Vital Force from the infinitesimal nature of the substances making up homeopathic remedies. We also argued that miasms are perturbed states of the Vital Force, prevalent and permanent in it, causing a progressive weakening of the organism’s defenses.

Therefore, by the time the person comes to homeopathy, the ailing process inherent in each individual’s constitution due to this hereditary perturbation of the Vital Force can be at an even more advanced stage (as determined by the prevalent miasm).

The individual, however, might be completely unaware of his/her characteristics, whose peculiar features make it possible through well-practiced homeopathy to promote a healing process able to oppose the unfolding ailing process, and thus stop the progression of diseases for as long as possible.

Hence, it is clear that in treating chronic degenerative disease, the label assigned to the current pathology is of little importance for the professional homeopath. This is not what the homeopath wants to contrast, as both conventional medicine and DIY allopathic-style homeopathy do (suppression/ palliation).

What is to be opposed is the progression of the pathology, with an aim to achieve either primary or secondary prevention – the former by coming back to the origin of the person’s bio-pathography, ie his/her individual constitution; the latter by preventing for as long as possible progressively more lethal complications caused by more advanced pathology.

The Importance of Symptoms

Following this line of reasoning, in selecting the sequence of homeopathic remedies aimed at stopping the organism’s ailing process, we shall consider first the symptoms pertaining to the dominant miasm at that particular time. Secondly, we shall take into account those emotional, reactive and physical characteristics which grant any disease its individuality. This will allow us to heal the origin of the disease.

Starting from the name of the pathology we will therefore first search out those symptoms – about a dozen – characteristics of the prevalent miasm, followed by symptoms expressing the patient’s individuality. This will allow us to identify both the overall pathological state at that precise moment and the effort made by the whole organism guided by the Vital Force – if this can be stimulated.

Indeed, such effort is directed exactly at opposing the ailing process, and the remedy (the Simillimum) will be able to enhance this curative action of the Vital Force precisely because it is most similar to both the active miasm and the Vital Force’s individualised effort, wisely identified and enhanced (natural healing/ prevention).

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that acute, time-limited pathology corresponding to a recurrence or a flare up of chronic symptoms can be promptly cured by satellite remedies belonging to the same curative sequence.

In other acute, time-limited pathology the remedies to be chosen need to address the personal and environmental circumstances which are affecting the patient and that are always preceding the action of any disease agent, first of all viruses and bacteria.

What and how many symptoms: more information

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 Translation by Grazia Gatti

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Francesco Candeloro

Dr. Francesco Candeloro is a homeopathic physician practicing as a unicist in Rome, Italy. He received a degree in medicine in 1996 at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome. He studied at the Italian School of Hahnemannian Homeopathic Medicine. 1996/'97 - 1998/'99. He studied at the Homeopathic Medicine Clinic directed by Prof. Dr. F. E. Negro (1997/'98 - 1999/'00)

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