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History in Italy

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Homeopathy came to Italy around 1821, whne King Ferdinando I asked the Austrian army to come to his aid. There was a homeopathic MD in the Austrian army named Dr. Marenzeller. Another member of Austrian army, Dr. Necker settled in Naples and introduced Dr. Romani to Homeopathy. Homeopathy received great support when the chief of Austrian Army in Italy was sufferng from an eye disease which was considered incurable. A homeopathic doctor was called for opinion and he cured him in a few days.

But it was only after 1980 that homeopathy became really well known in Italy. The practice of homeopathy is restricted to MDs and vets. Homeopaths are still not recognised as a legal entity and no formal registration of homeopaths exists in Italy. The largest homeopathic organisations are Societa Italina di Homoeopatia and Federazione Italiana delle Associazioni e die Mediici Omeopati. There are many schools teaching homeopathy as 3 year course. But they can not offer degrees. It is estimated that there are more than 5000 homeopathic doctors in Italy. Some insurance companies also refund homeopathic medical expenses. Acoording to WHO, nearly 5.25% population in Italy uses homeopathy.

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