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Homeopathy – A Quantum Leap

Written by Val Furcall

The author talks about the viewpoint of Jennifer Holzgang, a nutritional consultant, naturopath and herbalist.

There’s an amusing and true story about an event in the Falkland Islands, home to penguins and the RAF airbase Mount Pleasant. A paragraph from Diane Ackerman’s book, Alchemy of the Mind, invites readers to open themselves to look at things around us from a different perspective.

“Crews discovered that whenever they flew over a penguin colony, the resident penguins would all look up, turning their heads to keep the plane in sight. It was irresistible: the pilots soon began flying out to sea, making a tight turn, then flying above the penguins, whose bills pointed up more steeply as the jets flew overhead, until suddenly the penguins would topple in unison”.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if, as humans, we could be so absurdly curious that it would knock us off our feet from time to time?” This is how Jennifer Holzgang feels about her studies of homeopathy, which she completed at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy.

She is a practicing nutritional consultant, naturopath, herbalist, natural health consultant, a teacher at the Natural Health Institute in Montreal, and she gives talks and workshops in and around Montreal. She recently talked about her present studies in homeopathy to give a better idea of this little-understood subject.

Jennifer Holzgang has an extensive resource library for her homeopathy practice. (Photo: VF)

“Homeopathy,” she explained, “is a safe and effective system of natural healing founded by Samuel Hahnemann 200 years ago, which has been verified experimentally and clinically in the everyday lives of millions around the world. It is based on the principle of like cures like. If a substance can cause symptoms in a healthy person, then that same substance used in a very minute and diluted dose can treat similar symptoms in a sick person.”

“The underlying philosophy is that the body has an innate capacity to maintain health and the ability to re-establish balance if disease occurs. The patient of homeopathy is counselled and encouraged to realize that a large part of good health has to do with taking responsibility and learning to understand what current habits and beliefs may be hindering that process. Ultimately, a homeopathic remedy is given which initiates and grounds the process of healing.”

Revealing the remedy

Most people are used to conventional perspectives of health and disease. Some find it strange that a diluted substance could have any effect on the body, or that our frame of mind, our perspective, has such an influence on our health. Jennifer explains further. “This is the part where being like a penguin is useful. Allowing one’s curiosity to follow the seemingly impossible, one ends up immersing oneself in quantum land.

Quantum healing happens at all levels of mind-body. This approach is now being plainly understood and verified (www.mbmi.org/home) and there is a clearer understanding of what humans have known innately all along – that we are not just a bunch of interacting organs and chemical reactions. We are more. Homeopathy interfaces this energetic level through the remedies.”

This further explanation might be somewhat boggling, if one hasn’t experienced the enchanted journey that Jennifer has taken through her studies.

The remedy needed by a person ultimately reveals itself through a unique case-taking process, one which has been elegantly unfolding over the last fifteen years. Case-taking in homeopathy has changed from a previously laborious question-based consultation to a more human interaction-based therapeutic process. Between the case-taking and the remedy lies the very potent healing capacity of Homeopathy.”

Jennifer says that it is not all about mind-body either. Paediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics, and veterinary applications have shown their efficacy for decades. First-aid remedies such as Arnica are common now in many households. There are now about 6000 homeopathic remedies in existence, with new ones being discovered all the time.

Quantum leaps

“Homeopathy is a growing art, and scientists are only now discovering breakthroughs in quantum physics that help us develop a deeper understanding of the homeopathic principles as they were conceived 200 years ago. With continued curiosity and open-mindedness, the true potential of this amazing gift can be carried forward into this century,” she continued. “On a personal level, I would encourage anyone to explore the abundance of new, healing modalities. For me, the study of Homeopathy as it evolves, has all the components of the art and science of healing to be truly valuable and worth perusing.”

Combined with her nutrition and herbal consulting, Jennifer feels that her appreciation of homeopathic principles significantly adds to her understanding of health and disease. Consequently she feels that it allows her to be much more effective as a practitioner.

Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy

The curious who would like further information about homeopathy, may contact the Syndicat professionnel des homeopathes du Quebec www.sphq.org and the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH) www.homeopathymontreal.com.

The above article was first published in the Gleaner, Huntington, Quebec.

About the author

Val Furcall

Val Furcal is a Freelance writer and journalist. She lives in Southern Quebec, Canada.


  • Not only the smallest particles makes quantum leaps. The increasing of consciousness occurs also in leaps, not gradually. Paradigm shifts in science are always big jumps.

    If someone is interested in homeopathy and wants really to understand how it is possible that it works, then I suggest to read 3 books, one on the basics of quantum mechanics and “Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot and “Biocentrism” by Dr. Robert Lanza.

    It is not possible to understand homeopathy with an antiquated materialistic science. Consider the fact, that all modern theories of physics are non materialistic, based on pure mathematics. Consider also what Max Planck once has said: “There is no matter as such”!

  • I am puzzled to note that quantum physics helps any body to understand the priciple of Homoeopathy.A more relevant study would be that a given Homoeopathic medecine affects which part of neural network in the brain.

    • @Pradip Kumar
      “A more relevant study would be that a given Homoeopathic medecine affects which part of neural network in the brain.”

      I think this is not the best approach. Reducing the effect of a homeopathic remedy on certain parts of the brain is the typical error committed by the materialistic science. Quantum Mechanics involves Nonlocality and homeopathy involves the whole organism.

      In the last few weeks I made some research in alternative mathematical methods. I bought a book about Vedic Mathematics and the approach to calculate big number with a few simple steps is so electrifying. The question is: Why has we not learned Vedic math in school?
      It opens your mind and takes away the fear for math.

      The same approach is need for homeopathy: Teach people the truth, that we are forming one collective consciousness, that quantum mechanics is the biggest evidence of the primacy of consciousness, that idealism is true and not materialism, and you will see that homeopathy will not be anymore a kind of magic, but modern technology based on quantum entanglement.

      Only by introducing some specific keywords in the collective a new awareness can arise. For example “Biocentrism”. What is it? Make some research. Or “Fractals” and how are they related to our worldview?

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