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Homeopathy for Coronavirus Covid-19 Infection

Dr Aditya Kasariyans presents case reports of Covid-19 that occurred in Iran, and Dr. Rajan Sankaran analyses this data to arrive at a genus epidemicus remedies. Based on the symptoms described in the cases below, Camphora is considered as the key remedy for treatment and prevention.

This paper is based on Dr. Aditya Kasariyans (a medical doctor and a member of Iraninan Homeopathic Association) work, who is working in Iran. She has been guided by Dr. Rajan Sankaran from India.

Part 1 – By Dr Aditya Kasariyans, Iran

Here in Iran, I have been involved in corona virus patients’ treatment since 22nd  Feb 2020, directly or indirectly (through the accounts of other colleagues, from different parts of the country or the world).

None of the patients who were already on antiviral medications were/ will be persuaded to stop their antivirals. The intention is to hasten the recovery in a smoother way with the least side effects and to help improve quality of life in the patients affected and their families, in a more natural way. Hence, to contribute to shortening the disease and decreasing the probability of person to person transmission.

My first case was my physician friend who at that time had almost recovered from the disease but helped much in gathering the initial symptoms; the main symptoms she presented were:

Case 1:

  • General malaise and soreness all over
  • Positive corona test
  • Low grade fever; maximum rising to 38.5 degrees of Celsius
  • Perspiration especially on the back and forehead
  • Cold perspiration
  • Chill especially on the first two days
  • The intense need to lie down all the time without the energy to get up
  • Desire for open air; except during the chill phase
  • Dry coughs
  • Slight dyspnoea when putting effort in doing physical activity
  • Temporal headache

I have always had the privilege of being the student of very eminent homeopaths from India, who always supported me in my journey of becoming a homeopath with their professional ideas. This study specifically continues with intense collaboration, kind support and wisdom of my teacher and mentor Dr. Rajan Sankaran from Mumbai, India.

The rubrics taken and analysis you can find below in the writing of Dr Rajan Sankaran. The cases are taken meticulously with strict consideration of ethics. Most of our patients didn’t have any previous experience with homeopathy. I have made sure to spend enough time with each patient and his/ her family to explain the approach which homeopathy considers in these types of cases.

We aligned our expectations and tried to answer the questions and doubts which inevitably rose along the way.  We had the privilege to build our research and treatment study on our patients’ trust, for which we are utterly grateful.

We faced major challenges within the course of this study. Most provinces in Iran do not have direct access to homeopathic remedies. Hence, for almost all cases I provided the remedies from my collection of remedies and all are and will be distributed for free.

The intention of this study is to shed a light and introduce a new perspective into understanding epidemic cases, and Hahnemann’s instructions in dealing with such circumstances. We are putting the utmost effort to improve our observations, understanding treatment approaches in the cases we will encounter.

Within a few days I had two patients from the north of Iran which is one of the major sites of the disease.

(The selected cases are arranged chronologically, from the earliest to the latest)

Case 2:

  • 70 years old female
  • Hx of CABG and Hypertension
  • A few days prior she started complaining of intense sleepiness
  • An evening before she collapsed for the second time at home, she had brought her phone to her daughter in law, showing telling her this is my bank card.
  • Eyes were open but it seemed she is not understanding anything; she had to be addressed few times before she would answer, as if you suddenly waking up from a deep daydreaming.
  • Intense prostration, walking was so difficult; desired to lie down.
  • Appetite significantly diminished
  • She was found sitting with her head down due to intense prostration
  • Fainted twice before being taken to the hospital
  • Admission in ICU with positive test and both lungs with infiltration

I got in touch with this patient at this stage where after a week of hospitalization her tachypnea had resolved. She had started eating well. She was transferred out of ICU. I had prepared some further questions to be asked when she was visited by her family. But despite the report of her wellness, when the family had arrived to hospital, she was undergoing CPR. Apparently very well and communicative a minute or two before sudden death.

  • No restlessness was observed by the family
  • About thermal inclinations: she was saying it is hot when she was transferred between wards and asked to uncover. (not reliable)
  • Thirst: no information
  • Also no change was observed in mental-emotional plane by the family
  • No reliable information about chill, perspiration, thirst and thermal inclinations
  • Max fever: 38 degrees of Celsius

Case 3:

  • 42 year old male
  • Risk factor: BMI>30. Grade 2 fatty liver.
  • General malaise and prostration
  • Appetite diminished significantly
  • One episode of diarrhoea on the first day only
  • Admission to hospital due to severe prostration
  • Fever started max 38.2 degrees of Celsius
  • Dry Coughs
  • Not a single cough when sleeping or lying down. The moment he lies down the cough stops
  • The mouth feels dry. Sips of water just to moisten the mouth.
  • The prostration and weakness is great, and he doesn’t have the energy to sit and wait for the tea to cool down as he has to lie down.
  • Can hardly tolerate sitting to eat something.
  • Moaning due to the general soreness.
  • Doesn’t have the energy to turn around so prefers to stay in one position in the bed
  • Desire for cold drinks
  • “I had shut my phone down as well because I didn’t have energy to speak”
  • Cold perspiration
  • Significant increase in the sense of smell; “I can even distinguish spices.”
  • Taste of the mouth as usual
  • Skin sensitive to touch. Felt as if burnt all over.

On the day of commencement of homeopathy treatment for coronavirus covid-19, he was already on anti- viral medication for 10 days. (Tavanex, Hydroxychloroquine, Tamiflu)

1st follow up; 40 hours post prescription of Camph 1M, every 4 hourly:

  • Prostration significantly improved
  • Significant increase in general energy

4th follow up; 4th day post prescription:

  • I have started driving.
  • Prostration is completely gone
  • Cough one or two during the day
  • Appetite almost normal
  • No perspiration
  • No fever

Right now, on Camph 1M BID.

Case 4:

  • 55 year old male
  • Extreme weakness and prostration during the day and fever-chill-perspiration 7-8p.m. onwards till morning.
  • Severe perspiration especially neck so that it would make the clothes drench.
  • Risk factor: Diabetic patient (not controlled;HbA1C= 10
  • Day one had diarrhoea; Has not recurred
  • 5 days post commencement of fever and chill, I started to have dyspnoea and dry cough
  • In two days, the dyspnoea increased so much that had to be transferred to a hospital with O2 aid.
  • Ground glass opacity on CT scan
  • Severe body aches bone pain kind specifically lower back and legs with fever, chill and perspiration 7-8p.m. onwards. During the day time no bone pain.
  • Skin sensitive to touch; But needed someone to massage the legs.
  • Cold perspiration
  • Tongue coated in white
  • Very little thirst
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • No appetite at all
  • I prefer to lie down. When I would lean somewhere my body would itself slide down so that I would lie down.
  • Best position: supine; amelioration of breathlessness
  • Cough mostly dry
  • I feel both warm and cold; if my feet are out of blanket, they become ice cold and then I put them in the blanket and till they get warm and then I get over heated and I have to uncover.
  • Evening and nights are worst

This patient decided to only stay on anti-viral medications. (Tavanex, Hydroxychloroquine, Tamiflu)

Case 5:

  • A 30 year old female
  • Fever for two days max 38.2; mostly in the evenings and nights
  • After two days the fever totally stopped and I stayed well for two consequent days
  • Again I started having fever and prostration
  • Severe nausea
  • I fainted while trying to go to bathroom
  • I had severe dizziness, numbness all over
  • Severe shiver started, teeth chattering
  • Cough, dry, agg by talking, amel by lying supine
  • Desire cool weather except the chill phase
  • No vomiting
  • Appetite diminished
  • The sense of taste has decreased less, but I can feel the smells; I feel much nausea with the smell of food.
  • Much perspiration, on tummy and back, I need to change the cloths every few hours once.
  • I cannot sit, I need to lie down
  • My prostration is so much that I cannot even sleep, I just lie down
  • Bitter taste in the mouth

Started Camph 1M 12 days post anti-viral medication (Tavanex, Hydroxychloroquine, Tamiflu)

1st follow up within 10 hours post Camph 1M, every 3 hourly:

  • Prostration has decreased much
  • I need to lie down but my general energy is much better
  • Nausea less but still there

2nd follow up 72 hours later:

  • Prostration is much less
  • I can sit longer
  • I have taken a shower after 10 days and I feel much refreshed
  • Nausea is gone I can eat
  • Coughs are less
  • Less dyspnea

Latest update 5 days post prescription:

  • I don’t have prostration
  • I can sit without support
  • Nausea is gone
  • Cough is much less
  • Dyspnea is much less but still much when I put an effort to do something like climbing the stairs. Previous days I was not able to climb the stairs.
  • CT scan was performed as she gained energy: both lungs are infiltrated; (She was put on Kaletra)

She is still under treatment with Antiviral medications mentioned above.

Right now on divided dose of Camph 1M; every 5 hourly. (Intention is to increase the potency to 10M)

Case 6:

  • A 19 year old lady; no risk factor
  • Severe pain all over the body and soreness
  • Nausea
  • Appetite diminished
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Intense prostration; I need to lie down all the time; best position is supine
  • Frontal headache
  • Coughs; dry
  • Sense of smell normal

1st follow up after 24 hours Camph 1M every 4 hourly.  (On Homeopathy only):

  • Intense body pain has decreased and it was continuous previously, now there is a significant interval between the pains
  • I have been able to sleep last night better; the first night I was just tossing around due to the pain.
  • Coughs have started dry one or two
  • Intense prostration I had is 50% less but still I need to lie down; supine position is preferred
  • No appetite yet
  • Headache had decreased in intensity but it is still there

2nd follow up 48 hours later:

  • I don’t have prostration; but still I like to lie down in supine position
  • I have one or two coughs daily
  • Much less weakness
  • I have been able to eat but not much
  • I still feel sick
  • Headache is only when I cough
  • Nausea is gone

5th day follow up:

  • I feel almost healthy
  • No weakness
  • Appetite is almost normal
  • Cough is gone
  • Headache is gone

Right now on Camph 1M BID

Case 6:

  • A woman 70 years old
  • Severe prostration so that she has not been able to really move around for the last 2 weeks
  • On anti-viral medication (Tamiflu, Hydroxychloroquine)
  • Cough
  • Nausea
  • Appetite is diminished

1st follow up on 14th  day of anti-viral medications; after 17 hours of Camph 1M, every three hourly:

  • She has asked for milk
  • Prostration seems less to the eyes of the family

2nd follow up after 24 hours:

  • Prostration is much less
  • She has taken a shower after 2 weeks
  • Appetite better but asks more for milk
  • Nausea is less
  • Cough still present

Latest follow up 6 days after the remedy:

  • Prostration is much less almost not there
  • Nausea is gone
  • Appetite is much better
  • Coughs only one or two during the whole day
  • Has taken a CT scan ; awaiting for the results

Right now on Camph 1M 5 hourly

Case 7:

  • A 50 year old male
  • Tested positive for corona
  • No risk factor
  • Itching in the throat for the last week
  • Lumbar pain and knee pain
  • Bones pain
  • Headache in the temporal areas
  • When I sleep on sides, I feel ache on the ribs of same side. To alleviate, I turn to the other side but again it starts paining. I have to lie supine or totally get up to feel fully well again.
  • No dyspnoea
  • Every few minutes one or two dry coughs; I drink a warm drink and it totally gets better and after 10 minutes it starts again
  • Thermally chilly but now I don’t feel colder than normal
  • I have dryness in the mouth more and I need more of warm drinks
  • No coating on tongue
  • No taste in the mouth
  • My sleepiness has increased, when my leg pain started I wanted to only sleep. But the pain of the back and knees and ankles and headache also rib pains were not allowing me to sleep. I had to change position to be able to sleep
  • Soreness and bruised feeling all over the body, as if you have climbed the mountain
  • Fever max 38 degrees of Celsius
  • The pain in knees and ankles are when I sleep. When I wake up these decrease or go away.
  • Deep massage alleviates the pain temporarily
  • Dryness of the mouth; need to drink sips of warm water

1st follow up 24 hours after the Camph 1M (On homeopathy Only):

  • I feel much less bruised and I have been able to sleep
  • The rest of symptoms are the same

2nd follow up 48 hours later:

  • Body aches and pains are much less
  • I feel like lying down still but I have more energy; if I desire I can sit for 10 minutes
  • The pain in the back got so severe during the night for 2 hours and then subsided along with all other pains in the joints that I had
  • I have dryness in the mouth still; very little amelioration

5th follow up; the 6th day:

  • I am back to work
  • I don’t have any fever
  • No cough
  • Energy level is normal
  • No stuffiness in the nose
  • No sore throat
  • I can tolerate sitting down like normal.
  • No joint pains or back ache any more

Case 8:

  • Female; 57 years old
  • Symptoms started 15 days ago with fainting and dyspnea
  • Fever, max 40 degrees of Celsius.
  • Chill during hospitalization; teeth chattering chill
  • Perspiration very insignificant
  • Ground glass opacity in CT scan
  • One or two coughs daily
  • I feel extreme prostration despite I am much better compared to the days I was in the hospital
  • White coated tongue
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Less sensitive sense of smell

1st follow up on the 17th day of anti-viral medication (Hydroxychloroquine, Tamiflu); 30 hours after Camph 1M every 4 hourly:

  • I feel much better with prostration;
  • I feel much better with my mood as I felt very depressed

Continuing the treatment with Camph 1M every 5 hourly.

Case 9:

  • A 60 year old male
  • Risk factors: diabetes, Hx of Cerebellar vascular accident
  • The wife dies within 24 hours of appearance of the corona disease symptoms (Dizziness and intense prostration)
  • Retrospectively the son declared that his father is very sleepy during the last week and he sent me the video
  • He even fell asleep while drinking coffee.
  • CT scan was obtained; mild opacity typical for corona was marked in 4 areas of both lungs

Camphor 1M every 4 hourly was started; all symptoms vanished within 48 hours.

Right now on Camph 1M TDS and awaiting for a recheck CT scan.

Case 10:

  • A 24 years old female
  • The symptoms started like a flu
  • Severe headache in temporal areas; needed to press my forehead
  • Coryza
  • Sore throat
  • Prostration and weakness
  • A week later all symptoms decreased but I started to get dyspnea while walking and also cough. As my boss was positive for corona I went for a CT scan and that turned to be positive.
  • Medications: Tamiflu, Hydroxychloroquine, Levofloxacin)

Camphor 1M every 4 hourly. 7 days after the positive CT scan.

1st follow up 24 hours after Camph 1M 4 hourly.

  • I have been at home all the time and I have not checked if I have dyspnea or not
  • I don’t have any other symptoms

2nd follow up 48 hours after Camph 1M 4 hourly:

  • I don’t have dyspnea while walking or climbing
  • No additional symptom

Treatment is still going on with Camph 1M every 5 hourly.

There are about 10 more cases being treated with homeopathy and for the cases who have more of respiratory symptoms, or more severe symptoms we suggest Camp 10m.

The rest of the cases and the follow ups will be published as an update to the work we are doing. We will also update with the results of the CT scans that are now awaited.

Part 2  –  By Dr. Rajan Sankaran, India

About ten days ago my former student and now colleague from Iran, Dr Aditya Kasariyans approached me for some help in dealing with the spreading corona virus epidemic in her country.

As per the Hahnemannian guidelines in treating epidemics, I suggested that she collect symptoms from actual patients either directly or through her colleagues and send me a list of the symptoms and the course of the disease which are found in a majority of cases. She did so for 40 cases, including two whose cases she took herself in a homeopathic manner.

I list below the symptoms she sent and the course of disease observed.

From a detailed study of these facts, I came to 4 remedies: Ars, Camph , Carb-v and Verat.

A reference to the genius of the disease, its individuality: sudden collapse, cold sweat and a relative absence of restlessness, led me to the remedy Camphor.

I asked her to administer the remedy Camphor in 1M to the 2 cases under her care. Within 24 hrs she reported a significant improvement in the cases. Then she found more cases and sent me more symptoms . I found these too corresponded with Camphor (see repertorisation chart 2 )

The next day she applied it to 3 more cases, one of them even without taking the symptoms. The results in her words were ‘dramatic’. I asked her to give more patients the remedy and report. The next day she reported very positive results from other cases 8 (pl see her writing above. ) .

I feel that I have some data to share with the profession:

Based on these findings I suggest Camphor as a possible genus epidemicus and to use it as a treatment ( 1m in water every 3 hrs )  and prophylactic  ( 1M in pills twice a day for 2 days) *

One needs to be open to the fact that some of the patients will continue to have their own symptoms in the epidemic and may respond better to their individual remedies if the genus epidemicus is not effective.

*Note: Further investigation is needed to evaluate the effects on more cases and determine whether other remedies may also be indicated.

Symptoms Gathered from Patients and Analysis

Nagging headache, forehead.

Fever low grade.

Perspiration upper body.  Forehead cold.

Shivering, chills

Extreme prostration.

In cycles. Swinging.

Collapse, Sudden, sit, lie down, legs together, not falling. Sinking, SUDDEN COLLAPSE.

Sleepiness  during/ before the fever

I want to lie down. Can’t even sit.

Desires cold drinks


Irritation in throat causing cough

Cold hands

Touch agg. Skin is sore.

Weakness is so great that they don’t want to change their position.

Respiratory distress but completely conscious.

No restlessness.


Skin of the whole body painful. Camphora is always indicated when death threatens through rapid depression of neural activity or of pulmonary or cardiac activity, e.g. in drowning. In such situations of collapse it is on a par with Carbo Vegetabilis. Sensitive, slightest touch hurts. It is used, as a rule, in prostration occurring suddenly and increasing rapidly.

Camphora ( Analysis  From Plant Kingdom )

Camphora comes from the subclass Magnolidae, which has the theme of shutting yourself in and walling off the outside world. You can see this from the following rubric:

Mind: DELUSIONS, imaginations; world; she has her own little, in which things are clear, outside is uncertain. This seems to be the main idea in this epidemic with everyone retreating in to their own world and the outside world seen as dangerous and uncertain.

Repertory chart 1 (Using MacRepertory)

Repertory chart 2  (Using MacRepertory

My suggestion:

Based on these findings I suggest Camphor as a possible genus epidemicus and to use it as a treatment and prophylactic.

The medicine I suggest is not a substitute to taking all possible precautions and in case of any symptoms to get tested and take the treatment recommended by your doctor.

Further investigation is needed to evaluate the effects on more cases and whether other remedies too may be indicated.  I  invite the experiences of my valued colleagues. Also we should try to set up controlled clinical trials through official channels. I strongly urge my fellow homeopaths to try to make this happen. 

One also needs to be open to the fact that some of the patients will continue to have their own symptoms in the epidemic and may respond better to their individual remedies if the genus epidemicus is not effective.

For regular updates on these cases, recent research, experiences of  other colleagues and other news please send an email to [email protected]  with the heading : pl send me newsletter

About the author

Rajan Sankaran

Rajan Sankaran, MD (Hom), is reputed to be a clear and original thinker and is best known for his path breaking concepts in Homoeopathy. His understanding of ‘disease as a delusion’ followed by his discovery of newer miasms, classification of diseased states into kingdoms and the seven levels of experience, brought in much more clarity into understanding diseased states. The Sensation method has now evolved into a more comprehensive and synergistic approach, which strongly advocates to encompass and integrate the old, classical and traditional approaches with the latest advances.

Dr. Sankaran heads ‘the other song—International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy’, in Mumbai. This academy primarily focuses on imparting advanced clinical training to students and practitioners, integrated with a homoeopathic healing centre. Also he has his own personal clinic at Juhu area of Mumbai, India. He is also the President of Synergy Homeopathic, which is dedicated to the development of reliable, comprehensive homeopathic software and teaching tools. www.theothersong.com www.sankaransclinic.com www.synergyhomeopathic.com

About the author

Aditya Kasariyans

Dr. Aditya Kasariyans is a medical doctor, a homeopathic physician and a researcher in the field of homeopathy, complementary medicine, ancient modes of treatment and contemplative traditions like Qigong and Yoga.

She graduated from Azad Ardabil University of Medical Sciences; Iran, in 2008 and soon joined the Hyderabad School of homeopathy; the Faculty of Homeopathy (UK) accredited teaching centre in India which provides postgraduate courses for medical doctors in homeopathy and qualified as MFHom (Member of Faculty of Homeopathy).
She is also a registered member of Iranian Homeopathic Association.


    • this depends on the symptoms presented. Camphora has brought out in its proving: (Hahnemann, Jahr)

      — great coldness and sensitiveness to cold air.
      – General coldness of the body
      — shivering with tittering teeth
      – weakness of the highest degree.
      –Pulse weak, nearly imperceptible
      Mood: great anxiety

    • Single-dose homoeopathy treatment for the PANDEMIC
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      How do I confidently say that the above said Ferrum-Metallicum-10,000x is almost a specific for the pandemic?
      The cardinal symptoms in the victim of the pandemic are:
      (i) The affected ones are mostly elderly;
      (ii) blood coagulation (blood clots);
      (iii) the muscles become lax,
      (iv) the victim develops rapid emaciation; and
      (v) there is increasing dyspnoea (difficult breathing)
      Among the 600 and odd homoeopathy medicines, the above said FERRUM-METALLICUM alone has all the symptoms of the pandemic virus mentioned in points (i) to (v) above. The relevant extracts from authentic homoeo reference books are given below:
      [From the indispensable reference work Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal, M.D., originally published in U.S.A. and now reprinted in India by B. Jain Publishers, New Delhi) Ferrum metallicum: PNEUMONIA senile; LAXITY of FIBRE; pulse soft and quick, or slow and easily compressible; DYSPNOEA slowly increasing; bloody expectoration; EPIDEMIC PNEUMONIA, DYSPNOEA gradually increasing… (Page 874). RELAXATION and weakness of entire muscular system with EMACIATION; muscles feeble and easily exhausted from light exertion; [page 282]. LAXNESS and weakness of all muscles, with EMACIATION . . . . Weariness forces him to lie down. [Page 840]
      [From another indispensable work HERING’S GUIDING SYMPTOMS by Dr. Constantine Hering, M.D. (10 VOLUMES) originally published in U.S.A. and now reprinted in India by B. Jain Publishers, New Delhi] Ferrum metallicum: RELAXATION and weakness of entire musculature with EMACIATION; muscles feeble and easily exhausted from slight exertion. Sudden EMACIATION; muscles LAX.
      Most of the Homoeopathy doctors do not have a copy of the abovementioned Lilienthal or Hering. That is why they are not coming out in the open to declare that there is a single-remedy-single-dose treatment for the present pandemic.
      For prevention: Two pills are given for a dose, chewable, not necessarily on empty stomach, not necessarily before/after food. No diet or other restrictions! Only once and not to be repeated at all. This would prevent the pandemic for about a month. If needed, you may repeat once in 30 days. This 10ml pack of 300 pills can be used for 150 persons. Can be given while the person is on other drugs/treatment. Can be given to all ages, including infants and women at all months of pregnancy. No contra-indications and no side effects.
      For confirmed cases too, just two pills (given once only) would help to boost the immunity power and the patient gets speedy relief. No need to repeat.
      Ferrum-Metallicum-30 or 200 is not useful. In our experience, in epidemics/pandemic. 10,000x alone gives good results.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: If anyone is recommending for the pandemic any homoeo remedy other than the above-mentioned Ferrum metallicum, they must justify it as I have done above in the case of the medicine Ferrum-Metallicum.
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      I am the same Dr. V. Krishnamurthy who suggested a few years ago that the homoeo medicine Mercurius-solubilis-10,000x, is almost a specific for the dreaded SWINE FLU disease, and with this remedy in one dose, hundreds of patients got relief through my students and followers. So also, I suggested Bryonia-1000x which helped many dengue victims with one single dose.

  • Thank you very much for the wonderful and very useful finding.
    It is a must that all the patients either administered Homeopathicc remedy on the onset itself or even after or while under anti viral drugs to bring back the patient to the normal healthy and enjoyable life.

    No other system helps like this. Many many thanks to the efforts in identifying the similium and to the great legend Hanneman

  • Good hope giving article.Kent says,pnuemonia in octogenarian,camphor,amm carb,ant tart,ant crud.
    Great,salute to you all

  • I am using a combination of Ars CH30 and China CH30. 1 dose per week. I understand that camph maybe used in some individual cases but I doubt that it could be used as genius epidemic because the main keynote is not present in none of the cases presented which is coldness with intolerance to remain covered.

  • Now it is the time for homeopaths to come forward and spread the message to general public about potential remedies that may help as prophylaxes and in disease state against the coronavirus!

  • Thankyou so much for sharing this very interesting and valuable homeopathic research.
    Love and peace.

  • Very good analysis of the symptoms . Treatment and recovery of the patient is also proof of the selection of the remedy. Let’s try Camphora 1m.Thanks to Dr R Sankaran.and Dr Kasariyans.

  • I have been thinking for some
    Days about this unknown virus
    And whether Homeopaths like
    Rajan Sanskaran could find some remedy.
    In the mean time I came across one feature where kanchi Mahaswamigal asked
    One devotee to chant Kolaru
    Pathigam for few days and it
    Completely cured the inexplicable ailment of the devottee.
    That struck me as a divine remedy.later i got the details
    Of that Thevaram padal
    Rendered centuries ago by
    A renowned tamil saint Thiru
    Gnana sambandhar an Avatar.since then I had converted to few close relatives to chant in their homes to protect us from
    The current spread of the
    Corona virus.And i happened
    To see this as an extension of
    Mahaswamigal indicated
    Hara hara sankara

  • Maravilhosa contribuição. Estamos em isolamento social aqui no Brasil e a previsão para os próximos 15 ou 20 dias é bastante tenebrosa. Que Deus abençoe a todos. Gratidão

  • Salam to everybody. It’ s a wonderful research work, very much useful. Thank you so much Hpathy for sharing such a nice article. Thank you to Dr. Rajan Shankaran and Dr.Aditya Kasariyans. Bravo to Dr. Aditya kasarians.

  • Camphora patients throw away the clothing in spite of chill. That is a strong characteristic symptom.

    Corona patients are seen falling to the ground ( dead ?) fully clothed against the severe cold climate as seen in some videos of China streets.

    Hence I have some doubts regarding suitability of camphora as the prophylactic.
    Mercurious Cyanatus could be the real genus epidemicus since it covers the totality better.

  • Therapeutics is application of medicine.
    It includes science of reasoning and humanity.
    It is not application of imagination.
    time is over.

  • Therapeutics is application of medicine.
    It includes science of reasoning and humanity.
    It is not application of imagination.
    It is time to open the brain.

  • Please read the comments of Prof George Vithoulkas and myself Dr. John..found under related posts about mid way on this page.
    Best regards, Dr.John

  • I’m one of the regulars at Dr. Sankaran’s clinic. We took camphor as a preventive, based on the advice given to me by the Other Song. We are thankful to Dr. Sankaran and his team including Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad and Dr. Manish Yadav.

  • Sir,
    Will you please let us know if Camphor 1M or Mercurous Cyanatus is better as prophylactic as advised by Mr Venkatesh KN . It is incorrect to say that all homeo medicines being titration do not have any side effects at all. Kindly advise specifically the side effects also of both the medicines while submitting comparison of the two.

  • Respected Dr Sankaran

    Based on a forwarded message with your reference, we have been taking 4 pills twice daily for two days,of Camphor 1M as a prophylactic against covid 19.
    Would like to ask if we should repeat this every month or what should be the repetition frequency for prophylaxis.

    Thanks and regards

    P A Sharma

  • taken camphor 1m as advised. should we repeat after 1 month or doesn’t require? what is the repetition sir please tell

  • Dr Rajan Sankaran please let us know the present scenario or updates from your side to make us sure about your discovery of GE.

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