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Homeopathy TIPS and Important News – Sept 2023

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy TIPS and Important News.  Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AFHC) Pledge Drive, first homeopathy research conference in the U.S.,  Tips from Dr. C. Carleton Smith and Dr. William H. Burt.


Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AFHC) Pledge Drive. The money raised will be used to fight the FDA’s attempt to ban homeopathic remedies in the U.S. The Pledge Drive starts on Sept 25th.  Leaders of our dedicated Homeopathy Action Team will share what they have been doing with your state representatives and congresspeople.

Advocacy work may be hard but we also want you to have FUN, and that’s what this drive is all about! By donating now, you give yourself the best chance of winning one of our daily prizes, donated by our supporters and partners.

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The First Major Homeopathy Research Conference in U.S. history is scheduled for October 20-22, 2023? It’s open to the public. 

The American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH), The Faculty of Homeopathy (the pre-eminent homeopathic organization in the U.K.), and the prestigious International Research Group on Very Low Dose and High Dilution Effects are the hosts.  Titled “Groundbreaking Science. Homeopathy and the Future of Global Health,” the event will be held at UConn Health. UConn Health is a major medical school and a teaching hospital in Connecticut.

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10th Annual PNWHA Cured Case Conference


Saturday, Oct 14, 2023,  9:00 to 5:00

Seattle University  – To REGISTER:  pnwha.org

Presenters:  Devorah Monlux, CCH, Karen Lawson, CCH

Tim Shannon, DHANP, Patricia Kay, CCH

6 CEUs pending ACHENA approval      

     Some Tips from Dr. C. Carleton Smith -Philadelphia-Circa 1881

Caladium.—Pruritis vulvae during pregnancy and after miscarriage.

Calcarea C.—Flashes of light shoot up from the eyes, then break and fall down in a shower of sparks. She feels better in every way when she is constipated.

Carbo Animal –  Deafness; she can hear human voices in the room with her, but cannot tell from whence the sound comes.

Carbo Veg.—Insatiable thirst for cold water; gazing longingly at the empty tumbler, when it is removed from her lips, and asks for more. After-pains felt only in the shin-bones.

Cham.—Pressure in the head from within; outward as if top of head would fly off or be blown off.

Alumina.—Disposition to grasp the seat of the water-closet tightly while at stool. Perspiration breaks out, and the patient despairs of having a stool.

Antimon. Crud.—Child cannot bear to be washed in cold water; while under Sulphur, the child cannot bear to be washed at all.

Antim. Tart.—Deathly nausea relieved by gaseous eructations.

Apis Mel.—Can scarcely retain the urine a moment, and, when passed, scalds severely. Feels as if he could not take another breath.

Arnica Rad.—Child wants water right after nursing, which it always throws up. Eructations bitter, and like rotten eggs. In constipation, when there is violent burning down the back, when the rectum becomes loaded and faeces won’t come away..

Arsenic.—Pain in half of head like a partition from left forehead to left occiput: worse at midnight. The pulse of Ars. is more rapid in the morning than in the evening.

Baptisia.—In tuberculosis, chill every morning at 11 o’clock and fever each afternoon.

Baryta C.—Suffocating breathing from enlarged tonsils on lying down.

Belladona.—Flicking before the eyes, with nausea, worse on stooping. Wets the bed after eating sugar or sweet things. Cough causes acute pain in left hypochondria, shooting upwards, worse lying on either side or walking much. Throbbing in sacrum; has to have pillow stuffed in small of back in order to sit in chair.

Benzoic Acid.— Watery stools, running right through the diaper.

Aconite.—Everything tastes bitter except water.

Actaea Rac.—Children wake suddenly at night terrified and trembling, covered with cool, clammy sweat.

Aesculus Hip.—Pains shoot up the rectum (Ign.) from the haemorrhoidal tumors, with lameness of the back and aching.

Berberis.—Cutting pain in left side of region of bladder, extending into urethra. Bubbling sensation in kidneys.

Borax.—Sensation of distension and stitching in clitoris at night.

Bromium.—Feeling as if breathing through a sponge in the throat. Sharp pain extending into right ear from throat in swallowing. ( Kali. B., left side.)

Bryonia.—Neuralgic pain, left side of head and face, relieved by hard pressure and cold applications. Water tastes bitter (opp. of Acon.) Swallowing liquids or saliva more painful than solids. Hiccough after eating. (Nux. V. from eating too much or from cold drinks.)

Cactus Grand.—Discharge of pure blood from rectum. Cactus heart-pains come on slowly, increase up to a certain point, and then as gradually subside. (See, also, Platina.)

Note.—Constriction is the key-note of Cactus. Arn., Bufo, Iod., Lil. T. and Nux mos., all have constriction in or about the heart; but Cactus is the only drug that has the feeling of a hand of iron grasping the heart.

Chelidonium.—Excessive lachrymation in orbital neuralgia; the tears fairly gush out, and eyes cannot bear the least light.

Cina.—Enuresis, with profuse discharge of strong ammoniacal urine.

Cocculus.—Umbilical hernia if Nux fails and there is stubborn constipation.

Colocynth.—Aggravation from cheese.

Crocus.—Thumping and knocking throughout the brain.

Cuprum Acet.—Constant protrusion and retraction of the tongue like a snake.

Graphites.—Feeling of cobweb on right forehead; tries hard to brush it off.

Iodium.— Child very cross, cannot bear to be looked at or touched (See Ant. Tart.). Itching in the lungs low down, and extending upward through trachea to nasal cavity.

Kali Brom.—He imagines he is especially singled out as an object of Divine vengeance. Thinks all her friends have deserted her..

Lachesis.—The least movement causes feeling of suffocation around the heart..

Opium.—Violent movements of the foetus, especially toward night, preventing sleep.

Phosphorus.— During pregnancy she cannot drink water; the sight of it causes her to vomit, and she must close her eyes while bathing.

Phos. Acid.—Can’t get up after sitting, from pain in left hip.

Phytolacca.—The tumefied breast neither heals nor suppurates, is of a purple hue and as hard as old cheese.

Rhododendron,—Has improvement from wrapping head up warmly, like Silicea. Cannot get to sleep or remain asleep, unless legs are crossed.

The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 # 09, 1881

Some Tips from William H. Burt MD – Circa 1895

Alumina: People whose nutrition is defective, a wrinkled, dried-up appearance, and are extremely prostrated.  Great weakness, loss of memory; melancholia, time  passes too  slowly, an hour seems half a day.

Ambra Grisea: Thin, spare people, very weak; sleeplessness, and cold all the time. Nervous, spasmodic cough, with much flatulency.

Ammonium Carbonicum: Lymphatic, flabby  people.  Congestion of blood to the head, with vast hemorrhages from the nose.

Apis Mellifica:  High-colored, scanty urine. In asthenic diseases and general dropsy. Red, edematous inflammation, with stinging pains. Face swollen, pale, waxen, edematous.

Argentum Nitricum:  Vertigo, associated with trembling and great debility. Patient cannot think, talk, or walk. Time seems to pass too slowly. Face sunken, pale, and looking prematurely old.

 Kai Carbonicum:   Especially characteristic is a stitching pain, or a series of sharp, stitching pains, which may be felt in any part of the body. Swelling over the upper eyelid, in  the morning, looking like a little bag.

Sterculia Acuminata (Kola Nut):  Outranks China, as a reconstituent tonic, in diseases of the nervous system, and in chronic dyspepsia. The best remedy ever discovered to act  as a tonic in  persons of drinking habits.

Lilium Tigrinum: Heart feels as if squeezed in a vise, or full to bursting, from congestion; much fluttering and palpitation. A feeling of a load or weight in the chest.

Lycopodium Clavatum:  Great pain in the back before urination, with great relief as soon as the urine begins to flow.  The child screams with pain before urinating; the urine is scanty, and filled with red sand.

Magnesia Muriatica:  Diseases of the liver and bowels, where obstinate constipation, stools crumbling as they pass from the bowel, is the most prominent symptom.  Slow dentition, with large, distended abdomen and obstinate constipation.

Characteristic Materia Medica Memorizer -William H. Burt, M. D, Pub. 1895

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