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How I Came to Homeopathy

Written by John Board

We recently asked readers to share stories of how they were introduced to homeopathy. Here is John Board’s story.

Everyone has a beginning with Homeopathy I think.  Mine was an epiphany.  In 1986 in Toronto I was working on a TV movie called A Christmas Wife. It starred Jason Robards and Julie Harris. Although they had known each other for years it was the first time they had worked together on a film. It was magic.

I was not having the best of time for I had pains in some of the knuckles of my left hand and could no longer close baby finger to make a fist. Hot water seemed to help some but it was bothersome and took my focus away from my work.  I knew my mother suffered some and took Aspirins to deal with the pain.  This did not feel right to me. Around the corner was a shop called Thompson’s Homeopathic was established in 1868.  It was all wood paneled and like one imagines an old apothecary shop should look like.  The clerks were dispensing pharmacists so they could recommend with confidence the right remedy for your complaint.  Well I told them my story and they got out two bottles: ARP and RT whatever that meant and one was for before meals and one for after meals.

At $12.00 a bottle I worried that I would have that cost for the rest of my life and my mom did have success with cheap Aspirins. They laughed confidently and said if did not have good effect with the remedies in a couple of weeks then they did not hear me correctly and I should come and see them again. So I left and followed the directions to the T.

At first I got sharp stunning pains in those knuckles that were not painful, and then all the pains started to disappear and within 8 weeks I could bend my baby finger and make a fist. It was for me remarkable and an epiphany that has led me ever since.  I carried fast, simple diagnosing books and tons of remedies on set and when cast and crew chose, I gave remedies, knowing they had no side effects. I became known as Dr. John on some films and have become an experiential healer knowing not much but sure footed and positive.  I have created kits too, to help get Homeopathy known.  The Hollywood Survival kit and the Pocket Pack. I began to market this kit to film companies, stars and crews.

Now I have had cancer for 7 years and have treated myself without any chemo or radiation using diet and supplements and Homeopathy too.  The incursion in my liver has gone from 10c to 0 over a 4 year period and the doctors who do CT scans can only say,” We do’t know what you are doing but we recommend you continue.”

And so I do, and I have a useful life with tons of exciting moments and successes both with myself and others.

About the author

John Board

John Board works in the film industry as an assistant director and production manager. He is known for his work on The Fly (1986), Dead Ringers (1988) and Videodrome (1983). After he discovered homeopathy, he developed The Hollywood Survival kit and the Pocket Pack, which he marketed to film companies, stars and crews.


  • Strong will power, strong faith on Homeopathy , surely miracles can happen. JOHN BOARD has proved that institutional qualification only can not make excellent homeopath, practical exposure, dedication, devotion also can make expert homeopath.

    • One does not need to have faith in Homeopathy for it to work….. it works on Animals. ! They don’t know about faith… :o) It takes courage though because it is a deep healing and first of all the symptoms appear to get worse. ……. Homeopath 40 years.

  • Dr.Thanks for your article. The learners of homeopathy would have been benefited more if you could elaborate the two cases. May the Almighty bless you.

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