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Dr. Edouard Broussalian critiques aspects of  conventional medicine as well as the blind following of protocols in homeopathy.


The word protocol has magical resonances, a bit like the suffixes “pro” or “plus” that marketing often pushes to add to a product’s name.  In the public imagination, PROTOCOL is the guarantee of “science” and “seriousness”.

But the term is precisely the blind application of instructions given from above. Someone has thought for you and you blindly apply his “knowledge.” This is also the phenomenon of the list. A policeman comes to pick you up with your whole family at 3 am, you ask why: the answer is, you are on the list.

Classical medicine is therefore fond of protocols because it seeks to inhibit any faculty of reflection on the part of its executors. It is a mechanism that is ultimately powerfully fascist without many people understanding it. Doctors are told that their personal observations are worthless, only the industry’s statistics count.

But what experience has taught since the dawn of time is that ALL treatments proposed as protocols or modes on the part of allopathy have been abandoned in favor of NEW protocols, etc., without ever questioning the mode of thinking itself which is fundamentally biased.

Yesterday these gentlemen all did bloodletting, today they all do vaccines. Yesterday they were all giving sulphonamides, today the latest, ever more toxic antibiotic. Yesterday they all gave cortisone (it was even a question of social status, only a “chic” doctor had corticoids in his panoply), today immunosuppressants have taken over…

Why is the way of thinking wrong? Simply because the industry only makes standards, which leads to standardization and especially to the homogenization of its production. In the long run, this leads inexorably to a lowering of all standards, which is the logical evolution of a system based on profitability, to the point that soon the weakest link will be man himself, who will have to be made to disappear.

The idea is therefore to reduce the human being to the only common points shared between people: arms, legs, nose, which of course leads to an ugly caricature. Who cares about the infinite nuances that characterize us all in relation to our neighbor? But the idea is there: to impose on everyone the diktat of a vision distorted because it ignores individuals. Mass production, mass medicine.

The industry no longer treats (for a long time) the least sick person but only seeks to sell its production for colossal profits. To do this, batteries of tests are launched blindly and if something happens, they pay to obtain the ad hoc pathological theory that will support the product in its sale and its justification.

The “scientific” packaging evolves with time, and only imposes it on the useful idiots of the system, hypnotized by the fallacious notion of “progress”. Honestly, how dare these people give us lessons in science?

Let’s get back to our subject. Homeopathy’s first observation is that we will never be able to make a correct theory about the functioning of the living,

but that the living world informs us of its dysfunction through the pathological image that is offered to us. A good dose of humility is needed to pass this first conceptual step.

The reality is that each individual is sick as a totality of indissociable symptoms and as the bearer of his own family and personal history. This statement alone is enough to reduce to nothing the hopes linked to industrial “protocols”.

Moreover, NEVER the same causal factor of disease, intoxication, vaccine, emotional shock, will produce the same effects on each individual. In biology, the same causes generate myriads of different effects, which is exactly the opposite of the inanimate world where, for example, two electrons will always have reproducible interactions. It is therefore doubly impossible to predict any protocol in advance without studying the case since:

-the same factors produce different effects

-and that each patient will present a personal adaptation to this stress by manifesting symptoms always different from one subject to another.

What is strange, as the great Lippe pointed out, is that men who are offered light prefer to return to darkness. Instead of first characterizing the case, looking at it and analyzing it in order to understand it, they prefer to try a series of recipes, thus making the patient a little more incurable each time.

In view of the health catastrophe that is coming with the 11 mandatory vaccines, many parents are trying to spare the cabbage and the goat. If I were more cruel, I would say that they try to relieve their anguish while not daring to break the law. As a direct reflection of the misery of homeopathy and the lack of training of prescribers, we see everywhere protocols supposed to cushion the effects of vaccines..

.The “chlorum protocol” against autism (sigh) and so many other supposedly homeopathic protocols like the one we are talking about. All this is a good way to raise the hopes of suffering parents and at the same time to demolish homeopathy since the vast majority will not be affected at all… but disappointed.

The creators of protocols are anxious to give themselves an aura of seriousness by apeing the dominant allopathic power in this way. It would be more effective to learn homeopathy thoroughly and to amaze with the results that only “real” homeopaths obtain.

Let us note for a start the arbitrary and untimely repetition. On what basis do we repeat every week? Every month? Every second? Only a serious study of homeopathy can answer these questions.

The mixture of these different medicines not only produces perfectly unknown effects but also dulls the sensitivity of the patient to a medicine that would one day be correctly prescribed. In short, it is a smear that is all the more violent because the prescriber does not have the slightest idea of the notion of the quantity of dynamization and makes the patient swallow whole tubes, which is (if it were still necessary) a further proof of his notorious incompetence. One has to think that the drug influx of a single globule in 200 ml is sufficient to generate powerful aggravations.

We must therefore believe that the inventor of the protocol has divinatory powers to be able to know in advance that Thuja is indicated. The Repertory gives us the following list:

VACCINATION, continuation of: acon.8, ant-t.2+7, apis.2+7, ars., bell.8, bufo.7, carc.78, crot-h.8, echi., hep., kali-chl., kali-m.2 +7, maland, merc.8, mez.7, nat-p.88, ped.7, psor.7, sabin.2+7, sars.7, sep.8, sil, sol-t-ae.88, sulph, thuj, tub.2+7, vac.7, vario.7

How did this brilliant biped choose Thuja and not any other from this potentially incomplete list? A mystery. But that is not enough, now we are prescribing a BCG vaccine dynamization: it is a product that has no research and this time we are making one swallow a drug whose properties are unknown.

It is therefore impossible to know on what theory this is based. Then Silica, which is the antidote to Thuja, enters the picture! One wonders if the inventor of the protocol never did more than study homeopathy in a fashion journal.

Then we come to the inevitable isotherapeutic, that is, the magical belief that the vaccine in homeopathic form is likely to treat the disorders it causes.

Isotherapy is an absurdity, and thousands of parents are prescribed this grotesque distortion of the homeopathic form as a so-called “treatment” of supposed vaccine sequelas. I will have to remind you here of some basic notions that those who disgrace us by pretending to be homeopaths should have studied before prescribing.

– Illness is nothing more than a detuning of vital energy; one can give what one wants as chemical products, these only exist on a nutritional level and are eliminated by the organism. You can cleanse your colon or “detoxify” (another aberrant notion) all you want, the dynamic imprint remains;

-Miasmas are dynamic contaminating agents, capable of affecting the vital force; there are acute ones, sometimes epidemic, but also chronic ones which remain grafted on the vital force and from which one cannot be cured, and which are transmitted to the descendants. Hahnemann, also a precursor in epidemiology, distinguished 4 of them. Only homeopathic anti-miasmatic treatment can eradicate such a thing.

-Once dynamized, a medicine is nothing but an artificial disease capable of contaminating the vital force, of exerting an effect on it as a force, in the physical sense of the term, with a direction, an intensity. This contagion on the vital force then pushes it to produce symptoms, that is to say a new totality.

This is what we call pathogenesis, when the substance is taken by a healthy subject: it is the only rational way to study the effects of drugs, by exploring their capacity to make people sick. Contrary to natural disease, artificial drug disease can be modulated at will in terms of potency, but its effect fades rapidly unless it is renewed untimely, which is of course the case with the protocols.

-Only by taking into account the totality of the symptoms, which expresses the reaction of the organism, a unique entity, to the aggression of the pathogenic agent, will it be possible to restore health instead of degrading the level of health, as is the case with all the piecemeal therapeutics which only target a symptom.

-On paper, there are two possibilities: prescribe a drug that has the property of creating a similar totality, or a totality that is an “image in a mirror”, which is called an enantiomer. The second possibility, enanthiopathy, remains an abstraction and does not give any result except an aggravation of the patients. Only the first case remains valid, it is called homeopathy (it was necessary to give it a name, but you understand now that it is a general principle from which nobody can escape).

In order to get sick, there is a latent susceptibility to illness in every person, depending on the level of health, heredity, chronic miasms that may or may not express themselves, etc. In short, you have noticed that getting sick is a conditional action and that, in addition, the same causes do not generate the same effects, which, moreover, radically distinguishes biology from the inanimate physical world as we have seen.

Depending on one’s susceptibility, one may or may not become ill when faced with an aggressive agent. This only happens on a dynamic level, the disturbance of the vital force is then transmitted to the autonomous nervous system, to the immunity, to the hormonal system, etc. Initially dynamic, the disturbance becomes chemically measurable, then anatomically visible. Conventional medicine spends its time unnecessarily treating effects, confusing causes and consequences…

Vaccines are only one aggressive factor among an infinite number of others. Viruses, bacteria, physical or emotional causes, etc. play an equally huge role in triggering a chronic disease. But strictly speaking, the triggering of chronic disease occurs ONLY because an existing chronic miasm has been “awakened” by the aggressive agent.

One can get an idea by imagining that the chronic miasm, like an ivy, is attached to the life force, which has to keep troops constantly on hand to prevent it from advancing. If, in order to face an acute aggressor, the VF is obliged to mobilize all its troops, you understand that the chronic miasm takes advantage of it to progress.

Thus there are no complications of acute diseases but only an awakening of the chronic background latent by the acute disease. This is a concept that is a billion light years ahead of the old medicine.

So a child is already born in a low level of health because his parents have been undermined by a life of allopathy, pollution of all kinds, etc. (logical because a generation ago we did not see all these autistics). On this point, the immune rape represented by the vaccine, injected massively, will open the breach that was only asking to manifest itself. His vital force remains chronically disturbed and this results in a totality of symptoms.

The naivety here consists in not understanding an essential point: the vaccine will produce a TOTAL REACTION, which represents the adaptation of the vital force to the aggression. In short, the vaccine is not a simple splinter to be removed with tweezers, it generates a GENERAL reaction, which will be OWNED BY EACH PATIENT. A new totality appears. Once this is understood, the foolishness of believing that a disease is treated BY its dynamized causal AGENT becomes apparent: it makes no sense. Nobody cures measles with measles, staphylococcus with staphylococcus, pneumonia with pneumococcus, cold with a dilution of north wind.

Imagine that you get a cold, it is exactly the same thing. The causal agent has triggered its effect, and depending on each case, you will have either… nothing at all, or a cold, or pneumonia, or diarrhea, etc. You are obliged to treat by finding THE drug that resembles that reaction.

If you prescribe the vaccine isotherapic, first of all it is SOMETHING ELSE than the raw vaccine. It has been transformed by dynamization. The life force in contact with it will receive an additional signal that is very close to the original disruptive agent. Insofar as the organism has already fallen ill with the vaccine, it is reasonable to think that it has a susceptibility to the vaccine and to its isotherapeutic, which represents something like its dynamic vector.

In practice, for this reason, there is bound to be a reaction to the isotherapic, which is why these damn isotherapics often produce strong aggravations … which make you think “it’s wonderful, something is happening”.

But what will this aggravation lead to? You will force the organism to react even more strongly in the way it has already reacted to the vaccine. That’s all. Some symptoms will change, and often some new ones will appear. Period.

In conclusion, we are witnessing a scandalous abuse of patients by people with little or no training in homeopathy who nevertheless pass themselves off as homeopaths. It would probably be preferable that parents who are anxious about inoculating their children with products of unknown composition and effects take their responsibilities and speak out against an iniquitous law.

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Edouard Broussalian

Dr. Edouard Broussalian MD, is a French homeopathic physician graduated from the University of Grenoble, France, now residing in Geneva, he runs a very large private practice in Geneva (Homéolaser Medical Center) and is a member of the organization "Homeopaths without Borders". Celebrated author of many reference books on homoeopathy in French, like the translation of Kent’s repertory, he is considered as one of the most prominent homoeopaths in his generation. www.planete-homeo.org

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