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The North West College of Homeopathy

The North West College of Homeopathy

Mandy Hall, Vice Principal of North West College of Homeopathy, UK, give us a brief description of the school, including its low-cost teaching clinics. Students complete a total of 150 hours of clinic over the four years.

“The teaching clinics are a key component and one of the College’s greatest strengths. Here, we offer low-cost and free appointments…”

The North West College of Homeopathy was originally established in 1984 by Ernest Roberts.The teaching clinic was then in the front room of his home in Fallowfield, Manchester and remained there for 24 years. It is a tribute to him that many of our current teachers, supervisors and clinicians were trained by Ernest and his colleagues.

In 2008, Ernest had retired and the college was recreated as a social enterprise. We are now a non-profit making organisation, with a leadership team of volunteers and a shared accountability to all shareholders, including all of our students. This model strongly influences our ethos and ethics.

This collective approach is at the heart of the College. We are at the cutting edge of homeopathic education today; whilst some colleges have sadly had to close their doors, we have adapted and evolved into something dynamic and exciting.

A student who enrolls in one of our courses would join a warm, supportive community of students, lecturers and practitioners working together to create health. Our approach is very student centered: we are a business, of course, but as profit is not our goal the environment is very different.

College teaching weekends are held at the lovely Belmont House in Stockport, not far from Manchester airport with consequent excellent transport links.The college was

honoured to be awarded the Society of Homeopaths Teaching Innovation award in 2018 and 2016 along with the Society of Homeopaths Teaching Development award in 2017.This most recent award was for our implementation of the facility to study online through webinars recorded at Belmont House.We are the only recognised college north of Camarthen in South Wales and our students frequently travel great distances to come to us. In the winter months, in particular this can be a challenge so we made things easier.All of our lectures are recorded and if necessary our students can watch in real time from their home and are able to ask questions and interact with their class as if they were with them. There is also the facility to watch, or rewatch lectures at a later date as well.

All we ask is that for those living more than 150 miles away, a minimum of 3 out of 11 teaching weekends are spent actually in college in Stockport and for those living within a 150 mile radius of college it is 7 out of 11 weekends.

We are flexible and welcome change according to needs.  Students appreciate this and our first year numbers are increasing year on year which is a joy to see.

As for course content, we offer a thorough grounding in Philosophy, Theory and Practice ,with a clear foundation in Hahnemann and classic principles, allowing  modern developments in homeopathy to be understood from a really secure footing.

Our part-time course runs for 4 years, with direct teaching being delivered on one weekend each month from September to July. There are no exams, we prefer continual assessment.

The first year of our course introduces students to Homeopathic principles and practice in everyday illnesses.There is a certificate of completion given for this foundation year, should students not wish to carry on to become professional homeopaths.

Teaching Clinics

The teaching clinics are a key component and one of the College’s greatest strengths.

Across the four years of study students complete a total of 150 hours of clinic participation. The college does support students to complete some of their clinical observation closer to where they live. We are also fortunate to enjoy a long relationship with the Kath Locke Centre in Manchester.This Centre combines the best in conventional NHS healthcare alongside complementary therapies to offer a complete approach to health and well-being.Here, we offer low-cost and free appointments to people who don’t mind either ourstudents sitting in on their appointment or being filmed for teaching purposes.This is a wonderful opportunity for the public to access high quality treatment by experienced, qualified and insured homeopaths and an invaluable learning experience for our students.

Another strength is the quality of our diverse and skilled lecturer base. Some of our lecturers are internationally known as well as greatly respected in the UK. Usually we offer sessions with visiting lecturers as cpd days that are very affordable and open to all.To see what we currently have on offer for 2019 , or just to register to be kept informed of what is planned then please do visit  https://www.nwch.co.uk/post-grad-cpd/


“I feel very supported and confident that I am getting what I need to eventually become the best homeopath I can be.”

“The quality of teaching at the college is exceptional in my opinion

I enjoy the variety of teaching styles and all my lecturers, as they all bring something different to my learning journey.”

The college Motto “Dare to be Wise” is taken from Hahnemann.

The words define the elements of wisdom as insight, discernment, knowledge and awareness. It is a challenge we seek to live up to and to share.

The North West College of Homeopathy

Belmont House | Belmont Street | SK4 1TG | Stockport, UK

www.nwch.co.uk   [email protected]  (+44) 0161 731 0148

About the author

Mandy Hall

Mandy Hall is the recently appointed Vice Principal at the North West College of Homeopathy. She graduated from North West College in 2007 and is a member of the Society of Homeopaths. She runs a practice from her home in Warrington, alongside managing sales and support for users of MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks in the UK for Synergy Homeopathic.

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