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The Wonder of Homeopathy

Written by Mani Norland

The Wonder of Homeopathy

More and more people today are becoming convinced in their hearts and minds that there is more to life than we perceive with our sense and there is more going on behind the scenes. More than we just see and hear around us. There is a feeling there is another world beyond our senses, one that underlies, informs, permeates and organises all our natural surroundings. The trust of this inner feeling is well known by homeopaths and many others. Some have known it since the beginning of time, others are just awakening to it. But the group is growing ever bigger, ever more informed and ever more connected. It is a wonder to behold.

This inner realisation is strong and far reaching with good consequences and with the feeling of connectedness comes the instinctive reaction to appreciate the damage being done to our planet by us, our industry, technology and large scale farming. People try to solve the problem with a return to simpler, more natural methods, but they are still in the world of matter, they are still connecting with their senses, still bound by substance and consciousness.

Homeopathy studies nature and life in terms of energy, processes, functions. It looks for the dynamic qualities rather then just matter. Homeopathy can lead one to see that all is connected; that in nature energy has to be considered, and that Spirit is the original creator of matter. From Spirit comes dynamic ‘life-enhancing’ energy, this energy animates matter, creating sensation. The sensation is ‘felt’ and perceived by matter and directly impacts on its nature. In this way minerals, plants and animals come to be seen as organisms manifesting and organising themselves in their own right, not subject merely to chemical and physical laws, but also to all seen and unseen forces and influences streaming out from the earth and in from the universe.

We are part of this whole. In our physical bodies we experience this phenomena each and every moment. The food which we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe all bind us inseparable to the whole and to work effectively we have to think of ourselves as participants. Homeopaths do not just manipulate physical matter to bring about health. They work at a much deeper level from with-in to out, from energy to matter. Homeopathy works with the Spirit of nature. It understands the dynamic forces and it looks behind the veil. Homeopathy is a modern medicine for a modern world.

The study of Homeopathy is a mind, body and spirit awakening experience. It opens your head and heart to what you already knew was there but hadn’t taken the time to listen to. It is like going to a university all about you, all about life, and from this you get the gift to heal, the power to enhance and alter life and also to make people happy and healthy.

All you need to do is wonder, wonder at life and have a healthy curiosity and want to know more. Develop a sense of reverence and humanity. Then within yourselves you can begin to experience the rhythms and pace of life; the various feelings and moods and what pre-cursors them and start to understand why, slowly sharpening powers of perception and noting changes in familiar scenes. Homeopathy helps you wonder, to be amazed, to admire and awe at life, nature, people yourself, sickness and health.

About the author

Mani Norland

Mani Norland, BA (Hons), DSH, RSHom
Mani Norland, Principal at the School of Homeopathy, is Misha Norland's eldest son. Trained with the School, he practices from his clinic at home. Whilst developing and managing the School in conjunction with members of the core team, other responsibilities include preparation of teaching materials, hiring teachers, staff and running the School clinic. He is also the Managing Director of Alternative Training, a business that manages home study courses and books. In his "˜other life"™ he worked in London as a brand and business consultant for over 10 years.

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