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Tidbits 102: Itchy Issue!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Itching, burning and blistering! A homeopathic miracle-with the aid of muscle-testing!

Hi Elaine! 😀

Do I know you?

It’s Pam!  I thought I’d share this with you, and hope you can confirm that I picked the correct remedy in the end.

OK, let me know when you get to the end; call me.  I’ll be on the golf course.

You remember “Mitch”, right?  The thing with the rose bushes where he threw his back out?  And then there was the choking incident?

It sounds familiar.

He came home last week with some itchy red bug bites on his right arm.  The bites were very small, and grouped.  They almost looked like flea bites.  I gave him APIS 30, and the itch was gone.  He did not have anymore issues….until today.
Today, he had a lot of these same bites, but on his LEFT arm.

I know you’re thinking that sides matter, but not this time, not if a bug decides to bite you here but not there.

Again, they were clustered around several areas of his forearm. He never complains about anything, BUT TODAY he was going crazy with the intense itching.  I gave him APIS, and the itch went away, but returned within an hour.  We kept repeating the dose.  Again, the relief was short lived.
We then tried Ledum 30.

I would have gone to Apis 200C before changing remedies.  I mean, it did work, and generally, that’s all you can ask for.  Your first thought should be, not that it’s the wrong remedy, but that the potency isn’t right.

Ledum did nothing after 2 doses, so I decided, finally, to give APIS 200 because he could NOT stop scratching.  My mistake was in telling him to REPEAT the dose when the itch returned.  I think he took 4 or 5 doses between 2 and 7pm.
I think he had an AGGRAVATION because right after dinner, he said his left arm was BURNING INTENSELY.

I agree Pam, that does sound like an aggravation, good thinking!

The spots now were more like long wide streaks and some larger round spots that looked blistery!  I felt so bad!  I wanted to make the Aggravation Zapper, but the water was downstairs and my knee hurt too much to make that trip.  Meanwhile, he was in the shower trying to cool down the burn.

Does that mean he was taking a cold shower?  Information about temperature is very important to a homeopath.

We were beginning to wonder if maybe he had poison oak or something similar!  I gave him a dose of Rhus Tox 30.

Rhus tox itching is better from hot applications.  Apis is better for cold.

Unfortunately, right before that, he put on some Cortizone 10.

Oh no!  Suppressive treatment.  (Which usually causes a case to “rebound” after it’s worn off.)

He did begin to feel better, so I did not know if the Rhus Tox was helping or if it was the ointment.  He had relief for about 30 minutes when I noticed the spots on his arm looked still blistery and raised.  He said the itch was slightly returning.  I told him NOT to re-dose yet.
I looked up Remedy Relationships and read that CANTHARIS ANTIDOTES APIS.

Aha!  That makes sense.

I gave him a dose of CANTHARIS 30 because aside from antidoting Apis, I knew Cantharis treated BURNS and BLISTERS.  I knew of it in regard to being good for UTIs, but had no idea if it would help bug bites.

Well, it is a bug… and it bites.  Cantharis is the fabled Spanish Fly.

I decided to try it anyway, figuring a burn is a burn.
Well…..GUESS WHAT…!!!???

Hold on, wait a minute…I’m usually very good at this….

It WORKED within 5 MINUTES!!!!

I was just about to say that!  (So much for Cortizone 10!  What a joke!)

I was so shocked that it worked so fast that I began to wonder if maybe Rhus Tox was finally kicking in, but then he said he was feeling tired, and before he even finished the sentence, he was ASLEEP AND SNORING! 😴 Then I knew for sure that CANTHARIS 30C was it!

That’s right Pam, the right remedy will often put the patient to sleep.

The blisters went down and the redness has dissipated. 👍

It seems it actually cured instead of just masking symptoms!

I am thinking maybe it is the Oak ITCH MITE.  We are surrounded by oak trees, and those mites were horrid a few years ago.  Maybe they are back?  I actually have 2 little red spots on MY arms, but they don’t itch very much…probably because of all the Apis I have taken for my knee these past few days. 😀

Could be.

Anyway… I just wanted to share that I finally was able to figure out an issue without asking you, for once! 😀

Praise the lord!

Hopefully the itching will not return — won’t know until he wakes up, but at least he is not scratching himself raw right now.  YAY!!!

You did a great job, Pam!  You came up with a solution: remedy relationships!  Thinking on your feet — I’m really proud of you!  I hope Mitch remembers to thank you at some point!

Next Day

Well Elaine,
Tonight has been quite a learning curve, but I think I may have finally nailed this itchy issue!


1. 1st was APIS, because he perspired during the HOT weather at work which made the bug bites itch worse and they burned a little.
2. 2nd it was Cantharis because he got an aggravation from too much Apis 200C, so Cantharis antidoted it fast!
3. Late this afternoon he took Rhus Tox 30 because the burning had stopped, but the itch remained, and there was a little blistering again.  He began to wonder if this was poison oak or poison ivy once again.  The itch was also relieved by a warm shower.
4. Tonight, the itch came back pretty strong on BOTH ARMS; but rather than re-dose with Rhus Tox, I made him do the Sway Test.

Now you’re talkin’!  And by way of explanation, the Sway Test is a form of “Muscle-Testing”, a method whereby you can get answers to yes-or-no questions.  Simply go to Youtube and type in “Sway Test” so you can see a demonstration.

We came up with a remedy beginning with either the letter A or P.  I looked in the Repertory under SKIN, Itching, and found that ARS, PSOR, and PULS were listed in bold caps.  We then narrowed it down to ARS and PSOR with the Sway Test.  He took ARS 30, and before he could re-ask the sway test about PSOR, ARS had STOPPED THE ITCH….IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!


We were both shocked.  His face was priceless.  LOL.  He fell asleep within a minute of getting into bed! 👍 It has been an hour, and so far, so good.  He is sound asleep and NOT scratching his arms raw. 👍
Keeping my fingers crossed that this is all over now!  Yeeeeeesh!
I am sending him off to work tomorrow with a bottle of Ars Alb 30.

Wow, Pam, you did a great job!  Listen, everybody, this might be a good time for you to read “Homeopathy And Muscle-Testing”!  Click below:

Homeopathy and Muscle Testing


Bye everybody, see you again next time!

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: Https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com

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