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Tidbits 68: Mr. Thuja!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Medorrhinum and Thuja: 2 sides of the same coin.

Introduction:  I can just imagine someone randomly landing on this article and wondering what on earth is “Mr. Thuja”!  (“Is it anything like Mr. Potato Head?”)  Not to mention other confusing words and phrases like “Medorrhinum” and “sycotic miasm”.  Well, people, this is a Homeopathic Medical Journal and we talk about homeopathic remedies here—and their profiles.  One of our remedies is Thuja (pronounced thoo-ya), a remedy made from the White Cedar tree. 

How do we know what remedy to give a person?  Sometimes it’s based on a physical characteristic; for example, Thuja is often given for genital warts; but, more often than not, our remedy choices are based on the personality!  We are here today to talk about the “personalities” of Thuja and Medorrhinum—which, and brace yourself for this, is a remedy made out of a not-so-nice disease, Gonorrhea!

Do We Have A “Mr. Medorrhinum”?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about Medorrhinum, ever since Maria said, “Can you give some examples of who Medorrhinum might be?”  Since then, we’ve done Bart Simpson, Drake from “Drake and Josh”, Jess from “The Gilmore Girls”, Alvin from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”…and, oh right, Donald Trump!  (I was back and forth between Medorrhinum and Lachesis for him.)

Not so much has been said about Thuja though.  And have you noticed that people are always asking, “What about Thuja?  I don’t understand Thuja.”  Well, look no further because you have come to the right place!

I think I’ve found the perfect Thuja subject, and not surprisingly, he works in the Trump White House!  He’s Trump’s chief advisor on Immigration, the one who gave us “Zero Tolerance”–a policy that took migrant children away from their parents and put them into giant cages—or put them up for adoption or did God-only-knows what with them…!

Now, because I said that, a lot of you already know who I’m talking about; but, for the rest of you, hold on because I’m digging up a video on this guy right now.

How did Thuja get into our Materia Medica?

Well…. a patient came to see Dr. Hahnemann (the founder of Homeopathy) one day.  He said he had a green, bad-smelling, urethral discharge and itchy eruptions on the genitals and swelling of the same; and Hahnemann said, “You’ve got gonorrhea!” but the patient said, “No, that’s impossible!”  So Hahnemann said, “OK, go home and come back in 3 days.”  Three days later, the patient came back and said, “Guess what?  It’s all gone!”  Then he remembered, “I’ve been eating the leaves off my White Cedar tree!”  Hahnemann was like, OMG, a proving of Thuja looks like gonorrhea!  He then conducted a real “proving” (testing) on his own and confirmed that, indeed, Thuja does mimic Gonorrhea!

So, what is “sycosis” then?  It’s the Gonorrhea Miasm!  I believe “sycosis” is Greek for “fig warts”–a tendency to acquire warts, which often occurs as a result of contracting gonorrhea.  And by “miasm” we mean the sequelae of suppressed acute diseases.  If you have gonorrhea (or had it), you can pass this sequelae on to the next generation, even if they never had the disease themselves!  So a miasm, then, is an inherited tendency to develop a certain symptom or syndrome.

So to understand this miasm, you have to think about what gonorrhea is.  It’s a sexually transmitted disease you get from cheating—going outside your marriage, betraying someone who trusts you with multiple sex partners, selfishly engaging in risky behavior.  So, think for a minute about everything that might be involved in contracting this disease, what would your personality profile have to look like?

Personality Characteristics

Thrill-seeking, reckless behavior

Libertinism–“The rules don’t apply to me, norms don’t apply to me, I can do whatever I want!”

Aversion to responsibility, need to escape

The need to tell lies and keep secrets

Feelings of guilt and shame, which are then projected onto others

Fear of being “doomed” for all the “crimes” one has committed

Hypersensitivity to the least criticism (preoccupation with guilt)

Denial about one’s own shameful behavior, can’t admit to being flawed; so, incapable of introspection or benefiting from therapy

Blaming others to deflect attention away from one’s own misdeeds

Low self-esteem, which must be compensated for through bombast, inflated ego, self-promotion

Low self-esteem; so, constant need for flattery

Paranoia, feeling that one is being watched, followed, pursued by the authorities, attacked, has no privacy, surrounded by enemies

Delusions of grandeur—as a compensation, lest people should find out how low the person really is

If the Sycotic Miasm had a symbol, it might be the pendulum, because such a person is constantly “swinging” from: “I’m the worst!” to “I’m the greatest!!!” and back again; so….you might see the following dichotomies in a remedy like Medorrhinum:

Workaholic to lazy

A-student to F-student

Compassion to cruelty

Love of animals to animal cruelty

Good parent to bad parent

Good husband to abusive husband

Jekyll/Hyde personality

In short, this miasm is one of extremes!  You can see the extremes in the same person, or you can see them in the juxtaposition of Medorrhinum to Thuja!


Thuja is the half of this duo who knows how to look “normal” and “presentable” in public; he observes societal norms, doesn’t put himself out there in the limelight to be “seen” and found-out as a fraud or a freak show; he tries to fit in and look like he belongs while keeping his distance as much as possible to discourage close scrutiny.  But he does not feel like he belongs! 

He feels dirty, ashamed, like an outcast.  He keeps secrets–about his secret life with prostitutes, porn stars, drugs, alcohol, racists, nazis; or his secret life as a cross-dresser and so on; no one knows, no one ever suspects that this distasteful side to him exists; but, again, as compensation, Thuja has a very high opinion of himself and a low estimation of others!  He’s haughty, arrogant; lacks humor; stubborn, head-strong (the famous Thuja rubric, “fixed ideas”), fanatical and critical; quarrelsome and smug.  He can be deceitful, manipulative and exploitative.


Medorrhinum is more “showy”, not the least bit “careful” or caring about “fitting in”.  Lurching, tripping, yelling, raging, crying, striking out at people, grabbing, restless, fidgety, nail-biting, hurried, impatient, easily bored, need for stimulation, thrill-seeking…you’ve seen the Medorrhinums out on the highway, speeding and weaving in and out of traffic, you just didn’t know who they were; they’re Medorrhinums!

Medorrhinum children can be seen pulling other kids’ hair, pushing them, starting fights… they don’t need a reason, they’re just bored and need constant stimulation, they can’t concentrate to learn; they’re better at night, brilliant at night; can concentrate, can write; but come the daytime, they’re back to being hyperactive and dull, a school teacher’s nightmare.  “Wild Child” and “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll”, is the way Robin Murphy describes Medorrhinum.  (Robin Murphy—author of Murphy’s Repertory)

If you need to confirm Thuja, look for:

Cold, clammy hands

Thick, greenish discharges

Bad-smelling discharges

Genitals smell bad

Left-sided complaints

Oily face

Nasal polyps


Flatulence and distension

Stomach rumbling can sound like animal noises

Feels fragile, as if made of glass and could break

All complaints worse cold, damp, rain, water


Warts on genitals

Eruptions around eyes–warts, styes, etc.

Chronic nasal catarrh

Hurried, impatient


Hates onions

Fastidious like Arsenicum

Fastidious for cleanliness

If you need to confirm Medorrhinum, look for:

Hot feet, throws his shoes off

Hot, throws the covers off at night

Desire for cold drinks, likes to chew on ice

Children: early and frequent masturbation

Craving for oranges, orange juice and sour fruit like green apples

Complaints are better at the seashore


Diaper rash has clearly defined borders

Bites nails



Loves the forbidden

Because they’re so hurried, they can’t finish anything

Memory and intellect is poor, learning disabilities, especially with spelling



Missing work

Skipping school

Hitting and kicking the parents

Excessive craving for sweets

Untidy, messy

Gets a kick out of shocking others


Extremes of behavior

And Now As Promised…Stephen Miller as “Mr. Thuja”!

Stephen Miller is seen here in the video below being interviewed on Fox News by Chris Wallace, whose job is nearly impossible: get Stephen to answer the question—any question! –— and not veer off onto self-serving “talking-points” or a “safe” subject that’s more likely to go well for him. 

Stephen Miller is, oddly enough, a Jewish “white-supremacist”; and even though that appears to make no sense, it does if you’re a self-loathing Thuja (projecting your self-hatred onto others, the “underdog” or “scapegoat” — Mexicans, Muslims, etc. — in order to elevate yourself by comparison).  This paragraph from Salon verifies that Miller is, in fact, a white nationalist activist, not just my opinion:

Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, issued a statement Thursday … saying that “it is unacceptable for the Trump administration to knowingly install a known white nationalist [Stephen Miller] and believer of white supremacist ideology in a position of power and influence over federal policy.”

He added that “when we see the families suffering at the border or being torn apart by [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] ICE raids, we can look to Stephen Miller as the main architect of the administration’s cruel anti-immigrant policies.” Castro is the chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.


  (Keep these Thuja words in mind as you watch the video: Quarrelsome, haughty, fastidious, humorless, fanatical.)

This interview was all about the revelations brought to light by the anonymous “Whistle-Blower” in the White House, revelations which ultimately led to Trump’s impeachment. 

What happened was, a group of government staffers came to the whistle-blower, complaining that they were in on a phone call Trump had with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky where Zelensky was told by Trump, “Look, we know you want military aid from us, but, we’ll be needing a favor from you, though; we need you to launch an official investigation into Joe Biden and his son for corrupt practices in your country.” 

Now, I know this sounds insane, but Joe Biden is a Democrat running for president and is beating Donald Trump in the polls.  

Trump was desperate to get “dirt” on Joe Biden, something that would disgrace him the way he disgraced Hillary Clinton with Russia’s help in 2016.  The idea was that while Trump and Biden would be campaigning against each other in the fall, Trump would suddenly announce, “Oh my, look at this!  Look at what’s in the news!  The Ukrainians are investigating Joe Biden for corruption!  Well, well, well, what do you know about that!” and no one would be the wiser!  No one would know it was Trump, himself, who set this in motion through extortion!  What a brilliant scheme–except…there were a zillion witnesses to it!  And most of them were outraged and horrified enough to report it to the “Whistle-Blower” who went to the Inspector General with it!

So in this interview with Stephen Miller, Chris Wallace of Fox News is trying to ask Stephen, “Why are you assuming the Whistle-Blower is a ‘partisan hack’ [i.e. a Democrat] doing a ‘hit-job’ on Donald Trump, when no one else in the government believes that?  Joe Maguire, the Director Of National Intelligence, says the Whistle-Blower’s report is credible and he went through all the proper channels.”  [By the way, Trump just fired Joe Maguire!]  Miller replies, “Chris, I’ve been in government for 3 years….”  [Really!  Three whole years!  Doing what?  You hold no discernible position, you’re not a cabinet secretary, you weren’t elected to anything, what exactly do you do “in government”?]  Miller continues, “I know a hit-job by the ‘Deep State’ when I see it!”  [news flash: There is no such thing as the “deep state”, it’s a waste-basket category for anyone Donald Trump doesn’t like—anyone who’s told the truth about him or blew the whistle on him.] 

Chris asks, “Why is Trump going after Joe Biden in secret, ordering his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to put pressure on the Ukrainian government to investigate him, instead of just asking the State Department to do it?”  Of course, Miller can’t comfortably answer that question, so he says, “Who wouldn’t want to investigate Joe Biden?  Anybody would want to know what he was up to!”  Again Chris tries to get an answer to: “Why didn’t Trump go to the State Department?”  Miller launches into a speech about how corrupt Joe Biden and his son are, leaving Chris to exclaim in exasperation, “This is an exercise in obfuscation!”

The action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.
“When confronted with sharp questions, they resort to obfuscation.”


Here’s the way Jake Tapper, a less sympathetic interviewer, ends the question-answer session with Stephen Miller; namely, abruptly, when he realizes Stephen isn’t going to answer any of his questions:

So…what are the elements of this case?  Of Stephen Miller, based on these videos and what we know about him?  Here’s what I came up with:

Haughty (He takes a very superior tone with both Chris Wallace and Jake Tapper.)

Low Self-Esteem (I am taking liberties here, because I have to assume that anyone who hates so many groups of people—Mexicans, blacks, children who aren’t white— is really just projecting his own self-hatred onto others.)

Fanatical (You’d have to be a fanatic to devote your entire life to a hate-mongering ideology)

Secretive (this whole plot with Ukraine—dirt on Biden in exchange for military aid— was to be carried out in secret; and so were his immigration policies of family separation.)

Serious disposition

Deceitful (Everything he told Chris Wallace was an attempt to mis-characterize events and smear the reputations of innocent people.)

Quarrelsome (He often talked right over top of both Chris Wallace and Jake Tapper and became more and more angry and strident as the interview went on.) 

If you repertorize this list, you come up with Thuja.

Let me hear from you!  Bye, see you next time!

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases and animal cases too!

Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: www.ElaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Dr. Smith used to always say that if you can’t decide between Nux-v and Lyc, then your patient needs Thuja. I think I said that to you about 20 years ago! How could you forget it?

  • As far as I am concerned, any national level political figure is fair game for a speculative analysis. It’s a great way to learn. Personally, I see Donald Trump as a Fluoric acid(with a clear layer of Syphilinum in the wings) and Bernie Sanders as an Aurum-sulph.

    • Tim, I remember your Fl-ac. article. I saw Trump as possibly Medorrhinum or Lachesis and lately he has been making a lot more “snake” references than usual; he’s called Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington a snake and has said that the whole government is full of snakes. Then there’s that poem he’s always reciting that ends with “You knew I was a snake when you took me in.”

  • best explainer in ANGREJI style, desi indian finds difficult to swallow high level teaching so either lewis tonedown to desi style or desi go fo ielts 7 band course.fact remains thuja a weak chilly personality with desires of medo so homeo thuja may work as heater to bring to heat level of sulphur then this philospher turned thuja may throwaway kleptomania hat.

  • What an informative and helpful article, Elaine! It is so helpful when you describe well-known people like Trump and one of his sycophants, Steve Miller. It really used to puzzle my husband and me how a Jewish person could be so cruel to others who have also been scapegoated. Weird. But Thuja explains it. I see so many traits of both Thuja and Medorrhinum in my own family and friends (and myself, unfortunately). Thank you for sharing this info!

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