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Tidbits 92: Wasp Sting! (Another Picture Case)

More proof that homeopathy works!

This is it, folks, this is the wasp sting, the little black dot, which is all you can see of the stinger, in the back of Pam’s right hand.

Obviously no way for a pair of tweezers to grab that and pull it out.  And the pain would have been prohibitive anyway.

Here is Pam’s correspondence with me:

Elaine, yesterday I was shaking some fertilizer over a baby rose bush, when all of a sudden I felt a HORRIBLE PAINFUL SHARP STING!  I assumed it was a thorn from the roses, but was surprised, given that the bush is still so small.  When I looked down at my hand, I could see only a dot.  Then, by the time I got in the house, the sore became a bit PUFFY, and it HURT like heck!  I could barely move my hand!  All I could do was wash my hand with soap, and then I applied PRID SALVE and I put the band aid on it as per the directions.  It was hard to do with only my LEFT hand.  I could NOT move my RIGHT hand at all without yelping in PAIN.  That lasted for HOURS, all until I finally took APIS — which is when the INTENSE STINGING pain stopped.

Silicea 6c and Arnica helped the swelling which lessened the pain when I tried to move my hand around.  So, ALL of the remedies have helped in one area or the other.  Again, TODAY is MUCH better than the hell I went through yesterday!

The stinger was embedded as soon as the incident happened.  Yesterday, I could NOT move my hand in any direction…without screaming in pain.

Pam, I want you to get Silica 6X and make a paste out of a few of the pellets by adding a drop or two of water, and apply the paste to the back of your hand.  I’m sure you know that Silica expels foreign objects like splinters, etc.

OK, thanks, I’ll let you know how it goes tonight.

Good Morning Elaine!


I’ve enclosed pictures which I think explains everything.  The first one shows the Silica 6X paste:

Now you are going to see what appeared after the paste wore off:

Do you see that?  Can you believe it?  I was easily able to take a pair of tweezers and remove the stinger with absolutely no pain whatsoever!  And look at the size of it (see below)!

I can’t believe that was embedded in my hand!

You know, even though Apis helped you so much with the pain, it sure didn’t force the stinger out, did it!  We needed a paste of Silica 6X for that!  I looked for images of wasp stingers on google and I think it’s a match:

Compare that with rose bush thorns:


There is no match there.

I was SHOCKED.  It just came out so easily, but I was surprised at the length of it.

I’m surprised too!


for helping me to get this blasted thing out of my hand!

And thank you for documenting this terrible ordeal with pictures!  And, I think we should remember the immortal words of Elvis Presley as he once said, “I Got Stung!”


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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