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Tidbits, Part-5

Written by Elaine Lewis

Homeopath Elaine Lewis shares more practical healing tidbits for everyday practice.

More tips on homeopathy and natural healing.



What Is Anemia?



Anemia is a lower-than-normal red blood cell count.  How do you know you have it?  Symptoms to look for:





Rapid breathing

Low blood pressure

B12 deficiency anemia can cause:

Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet



Equilibrium difficulties

Before jumping in with iron tablets–and remember, iron is a toxic metal–consider a trial of Ferrum phos. 6X four times a day instead.


As you get better, take less often.


Rescue Remedy


Don’t leave home without it!  What’s it for?

Emotional shock or panic


Acute grief

Severe pain

Jet lag

Broken bones


Put two drops in water and wash out a wound.

Here’s a Rescue Remedy story for you.  I was stupid enough to eat in a restaurant while driving back from South Carolina a few years ago.  I got back in the car and immediately got that “Uh-oh” feeling!  I’m taking Arsenicum 30C, which somewhat works–but not completely.  I keep taking it but to no avail.  In desperation, I take a dose of Rescue Remedy.  Amazingly and unbelievably, I got completely better and took off again!  What can I say, except, thank God I had it in the car!  Rescue Remedy–what can’t it do?




Do you have Calendula in potency?


You should!  Dorothy Sheppard says it’s more powerful than morphine!  Get some 30C and 200C.  Give it after surgery, give it for cuts, stabs, abrasions, scrapes, lacerations, eye surgery, scratched cornea, snow blindness, shattered broken bones and wounds in general.


What Remedy Is Called the “Arnica of the Eye”?




Any injury to the eye, or even, “There’s something in my eye!”  Think of Aconite!  Needless to say, you will also think of Aconite for terror, shaking and starting (but you knew that already).


Urinary Tract Infection


I want everybody to have my treatment for urinary tract infections!  Women frequently get these things, and they can range from annoying to downright threatening, especially if they spread upward to the kidneys!  Here’s my story.  I had had these stupid things starting in college.  Going to the doctor and getting a sulfa drug was usally curative.  As you know, the symptoms are basically frequent urging to urinate with very little coming out, just drops, and pain at the end.  One day in my 20’s, I got it again.  Figuring I had plenty of time, I let two hours go by before going to the drugstore to get my prescription filled.  I had an unexpectedly long wait at the drugstore and by the time I got home, I collapsed on the floor with fever and wasn’t able to open the “child-proof top” on the medicine bottle!  Luckily there was a friend I was able to call (who took forever getting to my apartment!)  Fast-forward 10 years later, and I have another UTI.  The doctor prescribes Azogantanol for three days.  It works, (until it doesn’t)!  The doctor represcribes the drug.  It works again….  Then I relapsed!  I call the doctor again.  This time he says, “Now you have to go to a lab so we can find out what the bacteria is.”  Excuse me?  Do you understand what a urinary tract infection is?  It’s having to urinate every five minutes!  You can’t “go” anywhere!  Not to a lab, not to…and what’s a “lab”, anyway?  Where is “one”?  You’ve got to be kidding!  So, fortunately my cousin Flora was a doctor.  I called her up, explained what’s been going on, and she prescribed Bactrim DS for a week.  Bactrim worked great…until it didn’t!  It stopped working on a Sunday!  Now, back in those days, nothing was open on Sundays, including drugstores!  As far as I was concerned, this was an emergency, what was I going to do?  I remembered reading somewhere that Vitamin C was good for this, so, I put it to the test, and this was the protocol I came up with on the spot:


Hour-1:  6,000 mg. of Vitamin C.  Since I had a 1-Gram C bottle, that meant six capsules at once.

Hour-2:  4,000 mg. of Vitamin C, which for me meant four capsules.

Hour-3:  4,000 mg. of Vitamin C, meaning four more capsules.

Hour 4:  2,000 mg. of Vitamin C, meaning two capsules.

And then guess what?  It was gone!!!!!  And no relapse, which had been the theme of the past two weeks!

Since that time, I have used this protocol every time I’ve gotten a UTI and it has never failed to work!

About a year ago, my friend Caralyn called me in the middle of the night (you remember Caralyn, her father had gout?), it was the night before Thanksgiving, she had a big dinner planned for the next day, and she had a UTI that was threatening to blow the whole event to smitherines!  I said, “Vitamin C, 1-gram capsules.”  She said, “I only have chewables!”  But she started taking them.  They were 500 mg. each.  We must have talked for an hour.  By the time we got off the phone, her UTI was gone!

Don’t be so quick to rely on antibiotics, people!  Their side effects are getting pretty dangerous now, and I’m not even sure how well they work!



How many of you out there have Zingiber 30C?  Probably not many of you.  This is homeopathic ginger


and when you’ve got diarrhea from drinking bad water or contaminated water, this could be just the thing for you!  I’m hearing now that the ice from the ice machines in fast food restaurants are actually more contaminated than toilet water!  If I were you, I would make sure I had this remedy with me!  You won’t find it in stores, you’ll have to order it, OR…. you can just buy ginger and make ginger tea.


Better Warm/Better Cold


Remedies famous for wanting cold applications: Arnica, Ledum, Pulsatilla, Nat-mur, Phosphorus, Bryonia, Argent-nit., Apis, Coffea.

Remedies famous for wanting hot applications:  Rhus tox, Arsenicum, Silica, Mag-phos, Colocynthis.


Breast Injuries


A cyst forms–Bellis perennis

A hard tumor forms–Conium


Mammogram Alert!

You double your risk of getting breast cancer by having a mammogram.   Do breast massage to prevent breast cancer.  Massage in circular motion 50 times per breast, using olive oil or aloe vera gel, once a day.  Also, your deodorant may be causing breast cancer, especially if it contains aluminum.  Buy your deodorants from the health food store.





A really useful remedy and most people don’t have it!  What’s it for?  Blood poisoning, septic fever, ruptured appendix, high fever with muscle aches, post-surgery fever, septic flus–bed feels too hard; often there are bad odors in a Pyrogen case.




Anticipatory anxiety, stage-fright, fear of going to the dentist.  Person feels weak, shakey, trembly, legs feel weak, feels drained, muscle weakness, laxness, prostration, wants to lie down.  Diarrhea from anticipation.




Post-traumatic stress disorder, the image of the fright or traumatic event can’t be shaken.  When Aconite fails or doesn’t hold.  Think of it in rape or robbery.

Opium is haunted by the past,

Gelsemium is worried about the future, and

Aconite is focused in the present.




Nat-mur.–Grief with no emotions.  Ignatias try real hard to be in control but crack if you mention certain words.  But Nat-mur. is totally shut down.  They dwell on the past and their grief but never share it with anyone.   They have dry skin and dry lips. They can go into a severe depression.  Mask face, uptight and proper.  Diseases after grief.  Sensitive to sunlight.  They want no consolation or hugs, no support.  They don’t cry.




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  • Extremely useful tidbits . these all are very useful. I always like ur tidbits & wait for the next one. Please continue with the same. Thanks!

  • Loved this tidbits article! I regularly use Aconite but never knew it had applications regarding eye injuries or particles in the eye. Just hours after I read the tidbits, my daughter clocked herself in the eye with a plastic golf club last night so I gave her Aconite and it did help her eye get less red and irritated looking very quickly! Even she noticed it wasn’t smarting and watering and red!

  • The way you cured your UTI is amazing and unbelievable…….my mother (aged 70) has it now and then…….now I am going to give her vitamin c tabs…thanx for great tidbits.

  • Elaine
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    • Ravi, the truth is, yes, I am planning to put most of my articles into a book, but I keep postponing it til “Just one more article!” I promise to get it done before the end of the year! Thanks!!!!

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