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Understanding Homeopathy in relationship to Nature – Part 2

The author gives a cursory explanation of the characteristics of the animal kingdom.

In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous – Aristotle

This is a continuation of my previous article about the homeopathic relationship to plants, part 1. In this article, I will explore the homeopathic alliance to the animal kingdom, and in part three, I will discuss the homeopathic kinship to minerals. There is considerable overlap in the different kingdoms and the descriptions of the characteristics are greatly simplified for the sake of illustration.

In my last article I had mentioned that the natural world enclosing us is demarcated into organic, having life, relating to the plant and animal kingdoms and inorganic, lifeless relating to elements, salts and compounds that belong to the mineral kingdom. There is remedial analogy between nature and diseases in human beings. Since each person is different, so is their remedy, and a well matched remedy can strengthen their vital force and bring them back into balance. Each homeopathic remedy has a distinct portrait based on countless years of research, study and practice.

Homeopathy and its relationship to the Animal Kingdom:

Individuals who will benefit from Homeopathic remedies that are potentized from animal sources, will differ in mental, physical symptoms, personality and individual characteristics, from people requiring plant or mineral remedies. Animal remedies are derived from amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, arthropods, mollusks, etc. The different kingdoms and the descriptions of the characteristics are greatly simplified here for the sake of illustration. Having said that, animal remedies emphasize issues of helplessness, obsession, sexuality, hostile behaviors, territoriality and hierarchy. These may feel abused, inferior, indecent, jealous, deceived, and bifurcated between the animal and human side of their nature leading to confusion of identity. The dominion characteristics in a patient, help decide a remedy from either the plant, animal or mineral kingdom.

Animals migrate for food, home, warmth, protection, are attention seeking, attractive, sexually active, competitive, camouflaging. Similarly individuals who call for animal remedies have symptoms relating to their beauty, skin, hair, sex life, weight, etc. These patients dress very attractively, are seductive, aggressive, competitive, unorganized, scattered all over, lively, alert, hasty in action, camouflaging or changing appearance internally and / or externally, are two-faced. They can be easily angered if provoked, are vindictive, adventurous, fear rejection, but are also loving, friendly, faithful and playful. These patients usually crave for milk, meat, fish. Animal based remedies are formulated from Mammal’s milk, insects, snakes and spider venom, secretions, oils, fur or feathers, etc.

These remedies are prescribed for deep rooted diseases, blood poisoning, cerebral disorders, nerve depression etc. They also act on a poisoned or malicious mind, in psychosis. Some examples of animal based homeopathic remedies are given below:

  • honey-beeApis Mellifica: This remedy is made from the dilution of female honeybee venom. It is indicated when there is rapid swelling on any part of the body with redness, burning, stinging pain, caused by bees, insect bites, hives, sunburn, burning urine or other irritants. This remedy also helps swollen, warm arthritic or injured joints, swollen sore throat, eye irritation, urinary infection, respiratory problems, all symptoms that are worse from heat, motion and better from pressure and in cold air or from cold application. Just like the bee, these individuals are constantly busy, fussy, fidgety, hard to please, jealous, suspicious, irritable, clumsy, are very protective of their family. Children cry constantly without apparent cause especially when jealous of a new sibling. When contradicted, these patients show their stinging emotional side. They can get sick from jealousy, fright, anger, bad news.
  • Bufo Rana: This remedy is made from the secretions of a Toad. It is indicated in mental retardation, autism, masturbation, epilepsy. This remedy is suited to individuals who are simple, childish, mentally and physically weak, may be insane, often make licking movements with their tongue, cannot stand music or shining objects. They have a weak memory, are passive, silly, talk nonsense but get angry when misunderstood. They have a strong sexual desire, desire to be alone so they can masturbate, their hands are always on their genitals. They feel electric shocks all over their body. They complain of bloody discharges, like nose bleed, bloody saliva, vomit, vaginal fluid, heavy menstruation. Their symptoms are worse at night, during menstruation, in a warm room and they feel better in the morning and in cool air. Identical to the toad, these individuals are active at night and passive during the day.
  • crotalus-horridus.jpgCrot. Horridus: This remedy is made from the venom of the rattlesnake. Snake venom has hemotoxins and neurotoxins. Hemotoxins attack the circulatory system, disrupting the blood clotting mechanism. Neurotoxins target the central nervous system, causing paralysis of all muscles even the respiratory muscles leading to suffocation. Rattlesnake venom is hemotoxic, hence, the homeopathic remedy derived from this venom is indicated in stroke, hemorrhages, blood disorders, heart disorders, hypertension, malignancy, low grade infectious diseases, delirium. It is suited to individuals who are sluggish, forgetful, may get lost on their daily route, may forget their own address or names of relatives. They crave intoxicating drinks. Their symptoms are worse in a warm room, on awakening, and better from bathing, cold air, from putting feet in hot water.
  • Lac Caninum: This remedy is made from dog’s milk, and is an excellent remedy for childhood abuse, diphtheria, throat infection, phobias, vaginal discharge, hypersensitivity, breast problems. It is suited to individuals who lack confidence, think low of themselves, are restless, nervous, over stimulated, depressed, have irrational fears, have suffered physical or emotional abuse. They complain of pains that alternate sides, are worse morning of one day and evening of the next day. Their tongue is coated white with bright red edges. They carry the shame of their past traumatic abusive events and have a distorted perception about their body. This remedy may be of great use in drying up milk in a lactating mother who has lost her child during the stage when she was still breast feeding.
  • Lachesis Mutus: This is a leading remedy in Homeopathic Pharmacopeia, made from the venom of the bushmaster snake, one of the most poisonous on earth. The venom of this snake is made up of coagulin and hemolysin which prevents blood from clotting. Hence, it is useful as a blood thinner, or anticoagulant remedy, and is indicated in circulatory, menstrual and menopausal complaints, varicose veins, spasms and tremors, paranoia. This remedy is suited to individuals who are very slim, pale, energetic, shrewd, motivated, artistic, talkative, animated. They do not like to be restricted, even tight clothing is not tolerable. Symptoms are worse after sleep, on the left side, from pressure, hot drinks, a warm bath and are better with appearance of discharges.
  • Moschus: This is preputial secretions from the male Siberian Musk deer, and is also an ingredient used in expensive perfumes. The secrestion of this deer attracts females during the rutting season (an annual period of sexual activity in deers). This remedy is effective in nervous and circulatory complains. It is indicated in hysteria, convulsions, excessive flatulence and asthma. Hyper-vigilance and fear are the main characteristics noticed in individuals who will benefit from this remedy. These patients laugh uncontrollably, develop palpitation, have an unwarranted fear of contracting a sexual disease and of dying in their sleep, leading to sleepless nights. They desire black coffee and stimulants. Symptoms are better in open air, rubbing and worse in cold.
  • shetye-sepia-july12-image008.jpgSepia Officinalis: This remedy is made from Squid Ink. It is obtained when a Cuttlefish releases its ink as defense against a predator. The cuttlefish is known to be the worst mother in the animal kingdom. It resembles the shape of a woman’s uterus. Similarly this remedy acts notably on the uterine organ in women and for symptoms related to venous congestion. It is suited to individuals who are very moody, are indifferent to their loved ones, dislike family, spouse, children and work. These women are not restricted by customs, rituals, male superiority. They dislike housekeeping and raising children. Individuals needing this remedy represent a trapped cuttlefish in her shell, like an overworked, unappreciated, neglected and frustrated homemaker, who fears being alone, is very sad, cries all the time, even while talking. Bearing down sensation is a typical symptom of these patients. They have to sit cross legged, as if the internal organs would escape through their vulva. Symptoms get worse from getting feet wet, doing laundry, before thunderstorm, and are better by drawing limbs up, cold bathing, after sleep.
  • Tarentula Hispanica: This remedy is made from venom of the poisonous Tarentula spider. Similar to the weaving characteristics of a spider, these patients are workaholics, exceptionally talented at weaving, knitting, crafts. Like the spider, these individuals are vengeful. The black widow spider is known to eat her mate after sex, and individuals responding to this remedy are seductive, like their own space and get annoyed if their spouse does not leave them alone. This remedy is indicated in mood swings, anxiety, mania, hyperactivity, angina pain or heart disorders, cystitis, physical and mental restlessness. These patients are over stimulated, energetic, impatient, impulsive, discontented, ungrateful, very sensitive to music. These patients are very thirsty but lack appetite, may suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia. Their symptoms are worse from motion, noise and better from being open air, bright colors, rubbing affected parts, music.

The third part of this article will talk about homeopathic relationship to the mineral kingdom.

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