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Side Effects

The endless loop of drugs and side effects

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Alan V. Schmukler


      • Alan, have you seen the one that says, “Since starting my medication, my mental health is so much better….” and I’m like, Sure it is!!!! And it goes on to say, “But now I have these uncontrolled movements….” And, I’m, like, unbelievable! So you’re now admitting that these drugs like antidepressants, cause uncontrolled movements that you need yet another drug for? And that drug can lead to heart disease and death? And yet they’re trying to curb homeopathy! They’re so shameless it’s unbelievable.

  • OMG !! Pandora box of diseases ..with one dosage of Antidepressants.
    Alan, very humorous way of expressing the grave situation….:)

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