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Ontario Homeopathic Association (OHA) Code of Ethics

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Homeopathic Doctors & Practitioners

The ethical Homeopathic Doctor & Practitioner shall apply the principles of homeopathy within a philosophy of care which requires him/her to:

Consider first the well-being of the patient and above all do no harm. The Homeopathic Doctor & Practitioner facilitates healing with gentle, non-invasive therapies.

Recognise and promote the self-healing power of nature inherent in every person.

Treat the whole person and encourage healing on all levels, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The Homeopathic Doctor & Practitioner treats each person by considering all individual health factors and influences.

Strive to resolve the underlying causes of illnesses, rather than suppress symptoms.

Educate his/her patients about the role homeopathy can play regarding their health as well as in preventing further ill health.

Encourage patients to actively participate in their health care and adopt a preventative approach to health and wellness.

Maintain the confidentiality of all patients records.

Recognise his/her limitations and the special skills of others in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Honour the homeopathic profession and its tradition.

Teach and be taught. That is, to responsibly facilitate public education regarding the values of homeopathy, and to maintain and upgrade one’s own expertise in homeopathy.

Encourage and support research in homeopathy.

Guide to Ethical Practice

The following enlarges and supplements the general principles stated above to guide individual homeopathic practitioners, governmental authorities and the public in the interpretation of ethical practice:

Responsibilities to the Patient

The Homeopathic Doctor & Practitioner:

Will practice the art and science of homeopathy to the best of his/her ability and judgement.

Will represent his/her qualifications honestly, including education and professional affiliations, and will perform only those services for which he/she is qualified.

Shall maintain competence in homeopathic medicine and strive for professional excellence through constant assessment of personal strengths, limitations and effectiveness and by the advancement of professional knowledge.

Will practice in a manner that is above reproach and will take neither physical, sexual, emotional nor financial advantage of the patient.

Will recognise his/her professional limitations and, when indicated, recommend to the patient that additional options and/or services be obtained.

Will request the opinion of an appropriate practitioner, acceptable to the patient, when diagnosis or treatment is difficult or obscure or when the patient requests it.

Will agree that a patient has the right to accept or reject any healthcare recommended.

Shall safeguard a patient’s privacy and only disclose confidential information, whether obtained from the patient or from another healthcare professional regarding the patient, when either authorised by the patient or mandated to do so by law.

Will recommend only diagnostic procedures and treatment that is believed necessary for the well-being of the patient. The homeopathic practitioner will exchange such information concerning these findings that is necessary for the patient to reach a decision.

Will, upon a patient’s request, supply the information that is required to enable a patient to receive any benefits to which the patient may be entitled.

Will be considerate of the concern of the patient’s next-of-kin and cooperate with them in the patient’s interest.

Will recognise the responsibility of a homeopathic doctor/practitioner to render care to any person regardless of colour, religion, sexual orientation or political belief.

Shall, except in an emergency or as required by law, have the right to refuse to accept a patient. Will, if absent, ensure the availability of care to his/her patients if possible.

Will, once having accepted a patient, continue to provide services until they are no longer required or until arrangements have been made for the services of another suitable practitioner.

May withdraw from the responsibility for the care of a patient provided that the patient is given adequate notice of that intention.

Will inform the patient when personal morality or religious conscience prevents him/her from recommending some forms of therapy.

Will consider, in determining professional fees, both the nature of the service provided and the ability of the patient to pay, and will be prepared to discuss the fee with the patient.

Will render all possible assistance to any patient where an urgent need for emergency care exist.

Will, when the patient is unable to give consent and an agent of the patient is not available to give consent, render such therapy as the homeopathic practitioner believes to be in the patient’s best interest.

Is willing to identify the remedy prescribed to a patient.

Responsibilities to the Profession

The Homeopathic Doctor & Practitioner:

Will recognise that the profession demands integrity and dedication from all its members.

Will strive to participate in professional activities at the national, provincial and local level in order to advance the standards of care, the body of knowledge and the public awareness of homeopathy.

Will recognise that self-discipline of the profession is a privilege and that each practitioner has a continuing responsibility to merit the retention of that privilege.

Will enter into a contract with an organisation only if it will allow maintenance of professional integrity.

Will ensure, before initiating clinical research involving humans, that proper recognised ethical protocol is followed.

Will recognise a responsibility to give the generally held opinions of the profession when interpreting knowledge of a scientific nature to the public.

Will indicate when he/she professes an opinion which is contrary to the generally held opinion of the profession, and will avoid any attempt to enhance his/her own professional reputation through the statement of a differing opinion. Will build a professional reputation based on ability and integrity and will only advertise professional services or make professional announcements as permitted by legislation or by the provincial homeopathic licensing authority.

Will avoid advocacy of any product when identified as a member of the homeopathic practitioner profession.

Avoid any interests, activities or influences which might conflict with their obligation to act in the best interest of the clients and the profession.

Refuse any gifts or benefits which are intended to influence a referral, a decision or a treatment.

Will avoid any personal profit motive in ordering drugs, appliances or diagnostic procedures from any facility in which he/she has a financial interest.

The Homeopathic Doctor & Practitioner:

Will behave in a way beyond reproach and will report to the appropriate professional body any conduct of a colleague which might generally be considered unbecoming to the profession.

Will only offer to a colleague a business contract which has terms and conditions equitable to both parties.

Will, having requested the opinion of a colleague, make available all relevant information and, providing the patient consents, indicate clearly if the consultant is to continue with the care of the patient.

Will, with permission from the patient, cooperate with those individuals who in the opinion of the homeopathic practitioner may assist in the care of the patient.

Will make available to appropriate practitioners, upon the request of the patient, a report of pertinent findings and treatment of the patient.

Responsibilities to Society

The Homeopathic Doctor & Practitioner:

Will strive to educate the public in health standards and promote health and safety in the community at large.

* OHA Codes will be expanded during the course of the next year.

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