online homeopathy courses

Online Homeopathy Courses

Homeopathy Elementary Course


Start learning homeopathy with the world’s most popular homeopathy courses, with one of the most loved homeopathy teachers, Dr. Manish Bhatia. 20,000 people have started their homeopathic journey with this course already. It’s your turn to experience the power of homeopathy!

  • If you are a patient/guardian and want to understand the concepts of homeopathy in-depth before starting homeopathic treatment – this course is for you.
  • If you want to study homeopathy before taking up a professional course – this course is for you.
  • If you are a medical doctor or nurse and want to diversify your medical knowledge and integrate complementary medicine into your practice – this course is for you.



Certificate/Diploma Course from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece


  • Are you DISSATISFIED with your homeopathy education OR do you find it DIFFICULT to cure with consistency?
  • Do you want to learn Classical Homeopathy and EXCEL as a master homeopath?

If your answer is YES, then you have got the once in a life-time opportunity to learn homeopathy from the master of all masters, the world’s most renowned homeopath, Alternative Noble Prize winner, Prof. George Vithoulkas from Greece.

Vithoulkas’ teachings are now available to everyone by this special E-LEARNING PROGRAM.



Organon Course with Prof. Vithoulkas and Dr. Bhatia


  • Do you feel Hahnemann’s Organon is difficult to study?
  • Do you feel Organon is difficult to follow in practice?
  • Have you found the aphorisms intimidating?
  • Have you yearned for learning Organon from The Masters?

N O T A N Y M O R E !

If your answer is YES, then you have got the once in a life-time opportunity to learn Organon from The Masters.

Two of the most loved Organon teachers in the world are now coming together to teach you Organon; to make every aphorism, every word of Hahnemann come alive; to make application of Organon easy in practice; to take you on a journey that is inspiring and uplifting!



Levels of Health Online Course from IACH, Greece


The new and pioneering theory of the Levels of Health enables the homeopathy doctors and students to deeply understand the process that their patient is going through and understand when to apply, what potency, how often to repeat it and what to expect as a reaction.

The Levels of Health” is a highly original contribution to homeopathic medicine by Professor George Vithoulkas.

Every homeopath needs to evaluate the treatment he or she has given and understand why it does not always bring the expected results. “The Levels of Health” provides the tools for accomplishing that task.



Clinical Training

Understanding theory is one thing and seeing the results in actual practice another. Experience the power of homeopathy personally through the internship programs with Dr. Manish Bhatia in Jaipur, India.

Every year, just a handful of international students are allowed to intern with Dr. Bhatia. Only two students at a time get to see all new cases and followups with Dr. Bhatia for several weeks.




Note: Homeopathy online courses can be used for understanding the basics of homeopathy or as continued medical education by professional homeopaths. The legal status of distance education courses varies from country to country. In India, you can not practice homeopathy solely on the basis of distance education or online courses. You need to have a BHMS degree. In many other countries online courses are allowed as certificate courses or even diploma courses. Professional homeopaths can do advanced homeopathy courses online as part of their continued medical education. Please follow your countries laws or rules when pursuing online homeopathy courses.