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In vitro Evidence of Homeopathy

Upto the end of the year 2010, there have been 30 in-vitro studies published in 20 medical journals in evidence of homeopathy. These 30 in-vitro studies are part of the total 298 studies in evidence of homeopathy till 2010.

In vitro studies are those that are conducted on components (instead of whole) isolated from a living organism such as organs, cells, components of cells such as ribosomes or mitochondria, extracts of cells such as reticulocyte or cell molecules such as acids or proteins. Vitro means glass. The invitro studies are conducted in test tubes and culture dish.

Upto the end of the year 2010, there have been 30 in-vitro studies published in 20 medical journals in evidence of homeopathy. These 30 in-vitro studies are part of the total 298 studies in evidence of homeopathy till 2010.

1. 20 journals comprise of 15 integrative, 1 homeopathy and 4 CAM journals.
2. All journals beyond the year 1893 are peer-reviewed.
3. URL Links to all 30 studies (Journal-wise) including 22 FULL-TEXT PDF papers are available as a compendium on this webpage as well as read at or downloaded from Google Drive

Exclusion Criterion (Which studies are not included?)

  1. Studies on Plants and Animals
  2. Statistically non-significant studies
  3. non-peer reviewed studies from year 1893 onwards
  4. studies published in non-journal paper
  5. studies in which combination of homeopathic medicine with any other medicine is prescribed
  6. studies in which medicine is perceived to be homeopathic but is not such as radionically prepared or different potencies of same medicine mixed together.

The compendium is prepared by mining 14 online databases: PubMed Central (National Library of medicine, USA), MedWorm, British library Direct (type homeopathy in the search box), Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (type homeopathy in the search box), ScirusGoogle Scholar, HomBRexThe Allied and Complementary Medicine Database,Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trial, Excerpta Medica Database Embase,Science Citation Index,Lilacs , CAM QUEST and Clinical Outcome Research in Homeopathy


1. Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

Influence of diluted mediators on fungal laccase activity (2009) FULL TEXT // bi-phase action, in vitro & in vivo

2. International Journal of Oncology
Ruta 6 induces cell deaths in brain cancer cells: A novel treatment for human brain cancer (2003) FULL TEXT // in vitro,  and in vivo, n=15

Cytotoxic effects of ultra-diluted remedies on breast cancer cells (2010) FULL TEXT // Carcinosin 30c, Phytolacca Decandra 200c, Conium 3c and Thuja 30c for breast cancer

3. Experimental Biology and Medicine

Anti-cancer activity of Gelsimium 2-4c (2008) FULL TEXT

4.  Innovation et technologie en biologie et médecine (French) (meaning) Innovation and Technology in Biology and Medicine

Effect of Apis mellifica on the in vitro human basophil degranulation (1986)  // incubation of basophils with high dilutions of Apis mellifica inhibits allergen-induced basophil degranulation

5. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

In vitro immunological degranulation of human basophils is modulated by Lung histamine 5c,15c,18c and Apis mellifica 9c,10c (1988) FULL TEXT  //blind experiment

6. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology

Gripp-Heel (Aconitum 4X, Bryonia 3X, Eupatorium 2X, Lachesis 11X, Phosphorous 4X) for respiratory viral infections (2007) FULL TEXT

7 Ultrastructural Pathology (Informa)

(2008) FULL TEXT // combination remedy

8. Genetics and Molecular Research

FULL TEXT (2003) // combination remedy

9. Clinical and Developmental Immunology (Taylor and Francis)

Traummel S activates immunocytes (2004) FULL TEXT // combination remedy

10. Arzneimittel-Forschung

Antioxidative, antiproliferative and biochemical effects of Hepeel (Carduus marianus, Cinchona, Lycopodium, Nux moschata, Colocynthis D6, Veratrum album D6, Chelidonium, Phosphorus D6) in HepG2 cells (2003) // combination remedy

Homeopathic medicines in 1X to 30X potencies enhanced the phagocytic activity of granulocytes (1986) // in vitro & in vivo

11. Journal of Crystal Growth

Berberis vulgaris Q. Dioscorea Q. and Calcarea carb 200 for dissolution of gallbladder stone (2005)

12. Inflammation Research

Zeel comp. N (Arnica montana, Sanguinaria canadensis and Rhus toxicodendron) inhibits the production of Leukotriene B4; Solanum dulcamara Q inhibits the production of Prostaglandin E2 (2004) FULL TEXT // anti-inflammatory, single as well as combination remedy

13. Integrative Cancer Therapies

Effect of Sabal serrulata on prostate cancer growth (2006) FULL TEXT

14. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology

Hepeel prevented cadmium chloride-induced cell death in liver cells (2009) // FULL TEXT China Q and Nux moschata Q protected against loss of glutathione and lipid peroxidation. Carduus marianus Q demonstrated anti-apoptotic effects, single & in combination

15. Histology and Histopathology

Scanning electron microscopy to investigate the structure of platelets of HIV patients treated with Canova (2009) // combination remedy


1. Homeopathy

Histamine 3-20x inhibits basophil activation (2003)

FULL TEXT (2009), combination remedy

Canovas as Immunomodulator (2009) FULL TEXT // review article

Rhus Tox 6c, 30c, 200c, 1M stimulates phagocytosis, candidacidal activity and chemotaxis of poly-morpho-nuclear cells (2009)

2. British Homoeopathic Journal

Belladonna, Hepar sulphur, Pyrogenium, Silicea and Staphylococcin in Mother Tincture modifies the white blood cell movement (1982) FULL TEXT

Managanum phosphoricum 6x, Acidum malicum 4x and Acidum fumaricum 4x  regulate the oxidative metabolism and adhesion function of human neutrophils (1993) FULL TEXT


1. Complementary Therapies in Medicine

The in vitro evidence for an effect of high homeopathic potencies—A systematic review (2007) FULL TEXT // 73% of 67 in-vitro experiments published in 75 publications showed specific effects with high dilutions including 68% of high quality experiments

Potentized homeopathic drugs act through regulation of gene expression (1997) FULL TEXT // in vitro, homeopathic substances have the capacity to interact with the genetic blueprint and deliver their benefits by increasing the expression of genes that synthesise health promoting proteins i.e. homeopathic medicines activate genes.

2. Forschende Komplementärmedizin (German) meaning Research in Complimentary Medicine

Histamine 11c,12c inhibits basophil activation (2003)

3. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Immune-modulatory effects of Phase 6 and Flu Terminator (2007)  // elicts human immune response. Phase 6 and flu terminator are complex remedies

Cadmium 15c-20c exhibit a biologic effect on cell cultures of normal primary lymphocytes (2006) FULL TEXT

4. Forschende Komplementärmedizin und Klassische Naturheilkunde (German ) meaning Research in Complementary and Classical Natural Medicine

Euphorbium, Pulsitilla & Luffa for viral infection of respiratory tract, Influenza A virus & rhino virus (2001) FULLTEXT // Euphorbium Compositum compared to anti-viral drugs such as acyclovir, rabavirin and amatadine

Effect of homeopathic plant extract solutions on the cell proliferation of human cutaneous fibroblasts (2003)

No. of studies No. of Journals Type of Journal
In vitro 17 15 Integrative
6 1 Homeopathy
7 4 CAM
30 20

Studies Beyond the year 2010

1. Homeopathy

Lymphocyte proliferation stimulated by activated Cebus apella macrophages treated with a complex homeopathic immune response modifiers (2012)

Mercurius solubilis: actions on macrophages (2011)

 Ultra high dilution of triiodothyronine modifies cellular apoptosis in Rana catesbeiana tadpole tail in vitro (2011)

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