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Dried Out By The Sun?

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Skip is a very capable and well trained Border Collie. At the age of 18 months he had already participated in his first sheep dog trials. On a hot day, when taken to a meeting, he collapsed under the heat, even before making any physical effort. Since then he has been lacking in energy whenever the weather is mild or warm.

Physically there was nothing wrong with him. He could run forever when the weather was fresh or cold. He was two and a half when I saw him.

The owner tells me: “‘He thinks he is the centre of the universe. (The same sentence will be repeated later during the consultation). He considers us to be equal to him. He is a friend to everybody, people and dogs alike. Young dogs that are too boisterous are sometimes kept at a distance; he does this by looking at them. Once, a dog attacked him by the throat. Skip just put his neck down and pushed him away quietly. The dog went off and you could see the expression of disdain on Skip’s face. He already showed this strength when he was very young.”

“The first week in the house he yapped all night, every night. Then he settled down. He never destroyed anything. He is a quiet dog in the house. Once outside he will run until he drops. He picks things up quickly. When I work him I have to concentrate very hard, otherwise he will stop working or do things for himself. He is very sensitive to my motivation. When there is a problem during work he never panics; he works things out and just gets on with it.”

“He is very docile with young dogs and lambs. He will stop barking even when a friend tells him to do so. He will seek out water to run through.” Explaining his attitude to water, the owner makes a wave gesture to illustrate his action like a fish in the water. “He can go on for hours in the water.”

I administered a remedy in 200k (June 05). He improved and received another dose in 200K a month later. A month later he was still improving but needed a further dose, which I gave him in 12C. At the end of the next spring, he received a further dose (200k) when his energy was not what it should have been. Skip then passed a whole warm summer exercising near to normal.


I made a repertorisation based on the two symptoms that are sure:

2 GENERALS – WEAKNESS – heat – from 17
lach. nat-c. nat-p. puls. sel. sulph. lac-del. absin. aesc. Aethusa
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
2 2 1 2 3 2 1

He is tranquil. He suffers from the heat. Out of the list of 7 remedies, lac-delphinum (DOLPHIN’S MILK) attracts my attention. The remedy doesn’t have many symptoms in the repertory and therefore has a greater value in this repertorisation. Then there is this attraction to water, that would fit in with the remedy belonging to a water animal. Dolphins also have an important symbolic value. Could this explain why the owner told me twice that “Skip is the centre of the universe”? Sulphur also may feel like the centre of the universe and could therefore be counted as a possible remedy. But dolphin’s milk fits in more with the attraction to water.

I did not know the remedy very well at the time but, considering all this, I thought I should have a go with the good result as explained above.

Here are a few observations about the remedy:

These are the most pronounced themes and symptoms that are found in the provings and published cases:

  • Calm during danger/unexpectedly calm when facing a difficult situation.
  • importance/facility of communication, with an interest in literature
  • ease of learning
  • Circles. Makes movements of circles, dreams of circling
  • Separation/Detached: importance of relationship to family and friends
  • Clairvoyance.
  • fears of blood, medical treatment, needles, horrible things and big teeth (illusions)
  • weakness from the sun
  • disease of sinuses, congestion/blockage of the left nostril
  • pain in big toe
  • pharyngeal infections with very sore lymph glands

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