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Ask the Plant Doctor – August 2011

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Written by V.D. Kaviraj

Let Dr. Kaviraj treat your plants with homeopathy!

Each month V.D. Kaviraj answers questions about plants and plant problems. Kaviraj is one of the foremost pioneers of Agro-homeopathy and author of the book, Homeopathy for Farm and Garden. The completely revised and enlarged edition with an additional 176 pages is now available:

Send your questions! (with pictures when possible -JPG or GIF format) to [email protected] with the subject “Plant Doctor”.

Dosing Plants: When I refer to treating plants with homeopathic remedies, this is the standard dosing procedure: Put 20 drops of a 6X potency in a litre of water. Succuss the bottle 50 times. Put this litre in the watering can, fill it up with 19 litres of tap water and stir. If the watering can is smaller, the amount of remedy put in must be proportionally smaller. Thus a 10 litre can needs only ½ litre and just 10 drops of the remedy. Apply the contents of the watering can to the roots of the plants to be treated.

Dear Dr. Kaviraj,

Thanks a lot for your time and patience in answering questions from all of us.

I have two questions:

1. Application – can the remedies be sprayed onto the leaves also, or is it best to do the root application only?

2. Regarding keeping rice grains free from pests, how is Thuja to be used? I assume it cannot be applied to the rice directly.

Thank you


Kaviraj: Hi Charu,

1. as an example, do we spray remedies on the skin? No, we take them by mouth. The roots are the mouth of the plant so it is better to water just the roots.

2. There is a remedy Ledum, which can be applied in powder form. It is made from the dried herb. That is the best solution. You can also apply Thuja just before harvesting.

Dear Sir,

Please advise me how to control the “stem borer “on the horse radish tree (Moringa olifera). Primarily, I have been using Cantharis. I bought your book “Homeopathy for farm and garden” last month.

Thank you,

Prasert W. -Thailand.

Kaviraj: Hi Prasert,

Thuja or ledum is the remedy to control stem borers. Thuja works very well and Ledum may also do it, but I have not yet used it on stem borers.

Dear plant doctor,

we have pomegranate plants and they are severely attacked by some bacteria … and we remove the infected plants ..but it is spreading very fast. Are there any medicines for this and how do we apply them?

Rangarajan – India

Kaviraj: Dear Rangarajan,

First I’d like to know if you have a drought there. This looks to me like either you gave too much fertiliser and the fruits grew faster inside than out, or the plants were stressed from too little water. How is the monsoon coming on in your part of India? I would also not remove the “infected” plants, because it will then spread faster to the healthy ones. Give the bacteria something to eat. It’s just like how you keep mice out of the house by discarding food leftovers always in the same spot.
If it is bacterial, then try Salicylic acid, or Carbo veg. If neither works, there is always Silicea. From drought, Carbo veg is best.

Dear Dr. Kaviraj,

I am currently studying homeopathy at the Endeavour College of Natural Health, formerly known as the Australian College of Natural Medicine. I am in my final year and have to conduct and write up a research paper. After some deliberation I have chosen to look into agrohomeopathy. The basic aim of the study is to compare it against the effectiveness of commercial pesticides.

After research I found you and a Professor Dr Iftikhar Waris to be the only people to have done research into the comparison between homeopathy and its use in treating plants. I am hoping you can provide further information into what you have done. This would greatly aid me in producing a better research paper.


Roshan Kulkarni

Kaviraj : Hi Roshan,

It all started at where I was the creator of the materia medica agricultura. The next website about this subject is of course . There I have posted several articles on the subject of pest and disease attack. I also have a monthly column and in the list of articles you will find some other names of researchers. There is another one at with a monthly column. Then there is the site of my publisher, who also has a page with results.

If you need further information, please let me know. If necessary, I can send you my latest version of the book.

Wish you success!

Dear Kaviraj,


We are in the beginning stages of using agrohomeopathy on our farm, but we’re not certain about a few things. We just realized that we haven’t been succussing and we were using too much remedy. Can you apply different remedies for different problems in the same day, such as spraying Mentha and Helix Tosta for our brassicas? Can we spray the leaves as well as the roots? We follow the Stella Natura Biodynamic calendar, so is it critical to spray remedies on the appropriate day? Thank You for your help!


Jeffrey Ellis at Peace of Earth Farm, Albany, VT, USA


Kaviraj:Hi Jeffrey,

Let’s see what I can do for you. Dosage you now have under control. If you have different problems on the same plant, then generally a companion remedy is the best option. They cover a broader range of problems. More than one remedy is not a good idea. Just like with people, we do not want to confuse things.

The best way to apply remedies is on the roots. We also take remedies by mouth and plants are no different, apart from their mouths being underground.

Homoeopathy can be applied at any time, and is not dependent on a calendar. Of course there is nothing against using one. Since you follow one, I recommend the use of your calendar. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Cordial Greetings,


I am writing from Popayan Colombia. I own a farm for coffee cultivation and certified organic produce. In varieties such as caturra, Rust (fungus Hemileia Vastatix??) has been one of the most difficult to combat pests due to the strong rainy season. I would like your recommendations as well as what homeopathic dilutions and doses of either to spray foliar and soil fertilizer or what compost to prepare. To use spray pump 20 liters. Likewise, recommendations for controlling Broca (Hampei Hipothenemus insect) in the grain. I have some knowledge about biodynamic agriculture and combining it with agro-homeopathy. Experience has shown successful results but I still lack some information. Thanks for your input.  I believe it will be of benefit to our cafe.


Maria Teresa Mejia Tobon.- Organic farmer


Kaviraj: Hi Maria,

Rust can be controlled by Belladonna, if it is dark red to dark orange. If the colour is bright red or light orange to yellow, Aconite is the remedy. Ferrum phos is indicated for those that are lighter in colour still. Application rates and dilutions are found at the top of the page. Always water the roots. Spray has but little effect.
Fertiliser is best as B500. If the soil is acidic, Calcium carbonicum is the remedy. If alkaline, then a remedy to increase acidity is used, but better is both liming and horse manure for acidic soil and chicken or pig manure for alkaline soils.
The broca can be controlled by Ledum or Thuja, at the same application rates above.

About the author

V.D. Kaviraj

V.D. Kaviraj is a Dutch homeopath, author, researcher and pioneer in Agrohomeopathy. He is also Vice President, World Homoeopathic Association UK Chapter. He has written textbooks on various aspects of homeopathy including "Homeopathy for Farm and Garden", which is now available in seven languages. The revised and enlarged edition with 376 pages has just been published :


  • My dear Dr.Kaviraj,

    I am a post Graduate in Agriculture ,with more than 30 years Experience in Seed Production Technology.Presently i am working as Agriculture Consultant & providing Consultancy to the farmers.Major problen is of Paddy Bact Blight & Musk melon .Kindly Suggest me which Control meaures are needed in Agro.Homoeopathy.
    What help you can do if i Start my consultancy on copmmercial basis.I am located at Ludhiana,Punjab-India.
    I shall be grateful to you if You help me to go on Commercial way.

    Former Regional Manager
    Punjab State Seeds Corporation Ltd
    [email protected]
    919256916206 /919463988778

    • My Dear Doctor,
      kindly let me know the Books On Agro homeopathy ,use of a Particlar Medicine for control of Insects pests & Disease4s in Organic Agriculture.Also mention the cost of book & delivery system.
      Thanking You,

      Balbir Singh

  • Dear Sir,
    I have been trying to control PRV on papaya and chilli with Thuja 30c after infection , it became recover but not so clear. How to use the remedy, any times ,morning/evening? Thank you very much. Prasert W. Thailand.

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