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can removal of the causative toxic substance remove the symptoms?

can removal of the causative toxic substance remove the symptoms?

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Thanks again Dr.B. Your awnsers are most satisfying to me(a rare condition).

I feel most other remedies may also work similarily as you mentioned in case of Arsenicum& Plumb.

Now if is there any one or few remedies available which probably can remove all or several accumulated substances/toxins by creating a gernalized effect in body? Furthur, if it can be possible to achieve this effect by complete withdrawl of any acc.substance/toxin from the diet or by complete fasting?
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Hi Again,

Other medicines MAY work similarly in toxic cases but this needs to be proved on individual basis. I do not think that there could be a universal antidote (homeopathic) for all toxins as even potentised medicines(like ars, plumb etc) work in poisoning cases because they are very similar to the crude drug, yet different enough to work as a similimum. Now, don’t generalize this for every case. I am just talking about the chronic poisoning cases here. If you generalise it, Homeopathy will become Isopathy.

Removal of any toxin from diet will definitely help in long run but it is not sufficient to increase elimination. You will need similar medicines which can increase the rate of elimination.

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Dr. B

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