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can homeopathic medicines can be taken parallel to Allopathy also. Is there any harm

can homeopathic medicines can be taken parallel to Allopathy also. Is there any harm

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can homeopathic medicines can be taken parallel to Allopathy also. Is there any harm

Hello Mr. Jain,

Homeopaths usually do not allow their patients to use allopathic drugs simultaneously, esp. for the same complaint. And basically the idea behind this is correct. For homeopathic medicines are selected on the basis of signs and symptoms, and the efficacy of a medicine is also judged by its effect on the quality, quantity and nature of the symptoms. The progression of the disease towards the positive or negative end is judged by that. And only with this knowledge in hand can a homeopath decide what medicine to give, what potency to give, when and how to repeat etc. since allopathic medicines distort the true picture of the disease/patient by suppressing isolated symptoms, providing partial reliefs, and due to their side-effects, it becomes difficult to judge the condition of the patient for a homeopath. So u can see the justification behind not allowing the use of allopathic drugs simultaneously with homeopathic medicines.

But this is the ideal, not a rule. There are many exceptions like:

1. When a patient has been taking some allopathic medication for a very long period, it is not possible to withdraw the drug immediately. Sudden withdrawal of drugs used in diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, arrhythmias, hormonal disorders etc can sometime prove disastrous for the patient. In such cases usually the homeopathic treatment is started along with the allopathic medicines, and as the condition of the patient starts improving, the allopathic drugs are tapered slowly.
But in such cases obtaining a cure becomes very difficult as the homeopath has to prescribe on the mixed symptomatic state due to disease and the drugs.

2. When a patient is unwilling to get proper homeopathic treatment for his/her chronic complaints but wants to get her isolated acute conditions treated homeopathically, then homeopaths usually do not deny treatment to such patients.

3. In pre-surgery, post-surgery, and trauma cases homeopathic medicines are often given along with allopathic medicines.

4. Pioneers like George Vithoulkas and some practitioners like myself have come to this conclusion that during the course of a proper homeopathic treatment for chronic ailments, if a patient suffers from an acute isolated condition (unrelated to his chronic tendencies)(like sick headache due to night watching, or vomiting due to too much wine etc (indisposition)) then allopathic medicine for such condition(if is required) can be used. The reason behind this thought is that often homeopathic medicines can interfere with each others action or can change the disease picture enough to make the follow-up prescribing difficult. This is not good for the long term treatment of such patients.

These are some of the conditions when homeopathic medicines are given along with the allopathic medicines.

Dr. B

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  • Hello Dr,

    I am suffering from chronic sinusitis and completely addicted to histamines for the last couple of years. I have recently swithched on to homeopathy, however the doc has advised me to completely stop my antihistamines. I am finding it extremely difficult to cope with my flared up cold and cough which aggravates during the morning. Can I switch on to my night dosage of antihistamine and slowly stop the the intake as my homeopathy treatment progresses.

  • Dr Bhatia
    Firstly, may I congratulate you on your website
    I am currently in my final year on the MSc homeopathy course at UCLAN and my dissertation is based on the above topic
    I would like to ask your permission to use the above in my thesis and also to forward the above in the form of a personal communication for comment to Mr Vithoulkas so I am able to reference it if a response is received
    Many Thanks
    Rehana Issat

  • dearsir
    In connection with your topic , as far as iam conccerned homeopathi should not administered with allopathic.homeopathic medicines cure mildly,there is certainity and permanant.but in allopathic medicine over rule the system and become antidote for entire homeomedicine.Allopathic medicines sometim,e misguided the indication ,leads to dangrous condition.

  • I am a serious steroid dependent nephrotic syndrome(SDNS) patient for the last 15yrs. My age is now 19yrs. I am taking traccolimus(allopathic medicine) for my treatment but cannot get well completely. Now I want to know if there is any homeopathic medicine which I can take along with the traccolimus as I cannot stop my allopathy treatment. Thanking you!

  • Hello, I am 7 weeks pregnant. Two weeks ago I started a homeopathic treatment for a heart condition. I have a serious UTI infection and want to treat it with antibiotics with my OBGYN. I wonder if it is ok to take this (and possibly other medication my OBGYN might send) while still following my homeopathic treatment for my heart condition. Can there be any dangerous interaction? might one treatment stop working due to the other?

    • There is unlikely to be any serious interaction. Whether you can take both together will depend upon what kind of homeopathic treatment you are taking. if you are consulting a classical homeopath then he is likely to take care of your other complaints too. if you are taking complex homeopathy, then you can take any other treatment you prefer.

  • There should be no harm in taking homeopathic and “allopathic” medicines concurrently. In fact, the objectively measurable improvement brought about the latter may be co-opted by the homeopathic “practitioner” and credited to the homeopathic intervention instead, in order to continue to dupe both him/herself and his/her patients as to the homeopathic intervention’s efficacy.

    But there should be no worry about an interaction between water that at some point had contact with snake oil, and actual medicine.

  • Sir,Taking medicine of homoeopathy and that of allopathy concurrently depends upon the interactions of the medicines.However I should say that homoeomedicine would lose its efficacy in such ineraction.

  • sir,i am taking the motair-lc and deriphyliin syurp from 10 days but i am getting much relief from these simultaneously a started the the homeopathic treatment and they gave me the NAT.SULPH 6X i want to know the can take both the medicines simultaneously..

  • Hello,
    Can homeopathic medicine be given along with allopathy in case of cold? Usually how much time it takes to cure throat infection for a baby of about a year. Redness is there in eyes as well as watering also. Chest appeared to be clear. Coughing throughout the day. Refusing to eat anything.
    Please suggest.


  • Im using allopathy creams amd homeomedicine for rosacea, can I go forward?
    While taking homeo medicine will it increase in the beggining

  • Sir my mother is a heart patient and is taking allopathic medicines, and now along with yhem she is taking homeopathic medicines for hair problem and obesity.
    Can u please suggest if theres any harm in that or it is okay.

  • Thanks for the Nice Post , Sir i would like to know that can we use homeopathic medicine with herbal medicines? i m 23 year boy and suffering from psoriasis since 5 years , i m very tired of it, i have started homeopathic medicine and treatment, but the process is too slow and for some time instant relive i use ointments and cyclic acid lotions to get instant relive i also start some herbal medicines they work for blood purification and some works in skin. i would like to know is that allowed?

  • Dear Sir
    My daughter is having enlarged adenoid And for that she was hospitalised for 3 days. Now doctor started 3 months course as a further prescription.
    Could you please tell me weather I can start Homeopathy treatment at the same time?
    Does it create side effects or no use to have medicines at a same time
    Please guide me

  • Dear Sir,
    I found ur page and i see a light of hope here, i m suffering from Panic Attack and hypertension and so many other likewise type of problems since last 17 years….i m now 39 and still using allopathic medicines, the problems i mentioned above named by my physicians but i don’t know what is it actually. i done a lot during these years and visits various psychiatrists and neurologists for help….some of them told me that i have to take medicines for life time as there is no permanent solution of it and when i leave medicines then after some time (days / weeks/ months depends on situation) it will attack again.
    Sir, i don’t know what to do, i have still problems even using medicines if i reduce potency then i feel headache, discomforts and stress and if i increase then long sleeping and slowness in life. i cant manage daily work and other matters of life. i want to get rid of these allopathy medicines …… there a way for me.
    hopefully u will guide me

  • Hello Sir,

    My 2.7 years old daughter is a nephrotic. She is in steroids since last 5 months and got her relapse immidietly after stopping steroids. I’m considering to start homeopathy as well in parallel. Please suggest if it is advisable to continue with steroids.

  • namaste sir,iam suffering skin problem psoriosis since 1 month,as i started the medicine my problem increases then i consult with skin specialist he presbribed me medicine and lotion.
    is it safe to use both medicine at the same time

  • Dear doctor, my daughter is having epilepsy problem and taking alopathy medicine. Can we take homeopathic medicine with alopathy. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    My daughter aged 6 yrs. suffering from frequent seizure (complex partial) attack daily. All medical imaging & pathological report are normal. She is taking allopathic medicines i. e. Oxacarbazipine Syp. 16ml , Enchorate Chono 600mg & Lobazam 30 mg daily since last 8 months but no significant improvement rather the condition is detoriating day by day. We would like to switch homeopathic doses parallel to allopathic. Can it be possible & beneficial or may create compplicacy for the patient. Please suggest.

  • Dear Doctor,

    I am presently under homeopathic treatment (skin allergy/urticaria) for the last six months but progress is quite slow though there is improvement. (1) Is it safe for me to have Hamdard Safi tonic at the same time without any negative side effects? OR (2) Should I discontinue the treatment and only take Safi for 2-3 months since it is a blood purifier and ayurvedic tonic? Your earliest advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Dear Dr, Useful website. My mother is 40 yr old .she is suffering from hypothyroidism and has been using allopathy levothyroxine75 for the last 5 yrs but symptoms remain persistent. For permanent cure she has shifted to homeopathy one month back. Our homeo dr advised to stop allpathy immediately. Now I.e, after one months her tsh increased to 30. She wants to start allopathy and slowly tamper the dose along with homeopathic medication. Whether to start allopathy or not be worried about TSH is confusing. Please ,advice sir.

  • Sir i m suffering from tinnitus since last 45 days, and its becomming intolerable .i have taken allopathy medicines but got no relief. Is there any treatment in homoeopathy for this? Can allopathy n homoropathy medicines b taken parallaly?

  • Dear Dr.
    I am taking alopthy medicine (lybotrip-DS) three times in a day for depression for the last twenty years can I take idel-19 homeopathic medicine for recovery and to leave the alopthy medicine

  • sir my father suffering from leukoencephalopathy. allopathy said there is no treatment for this. as it’s a progressive demalination
    one of homeopathic said they will give treatment. and for normal fever allopathy treatment given its must. so can we give him both parallelly

  • Hello Doctor,
    I have problem of gum abscess five months ago. I got visit by a homeopathic doctor. By having the prescribed medicine the abscess was gone. but now it appears again with pain. I took some allopathic medicine , the pain is gone but the abscess is still there and everyday the pus formed and burst. I think a fistula has formed. will you please help me to get rid of these problem?

  • My baby is 2 years &2 month old last 2 days she is suffering from stomach ach.& frequently passes stole . I give her homeopathy medicine . Now she having fever of temp 98. Can i give her MEFTAL P , 5ml for fever ? She still take homeopathy medicine.

  • Hello sir, i am an intern homoeopath student. I have a query. Can homoeopathic medicine be given for gynaecological problems while the patient is using artificial oestrogen and progesterone ?

  • sir i am taking homeopathic from last 6 months for severe acne vulgaris it is benefiting me but it is taking a very long period of time.. nd meanwhile recently i got much more big pimpless with puss so it will again take huge time to get out of it…
    but with allopatheic it will get over within a week.. so can you please tell that can i take allopathic for just a week or two .. along with my homeopathic treatment…?
    will it be having any side effects?

  • Please prescribe medicines Respected sir , Since last seven months. I am suffering from Gullien Barrie Syndrome ( GBS) chronic disease.I Can’t. Walk properly due to tingling & numbness in hand & feet

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