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KALI PHOS 6x for Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia

kali phos
Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

When Kali Phos should be taken and in what doses? Use of homeopathy Kali phos for stress, depression, anxiety symptoms. Side effects and withdrawal symptoms of Kali phosphoricum.

My question is regarding the usage of Kali phos 6X– in what circumstances should kali phos be taken and also the dosage? I have been taking this medicine for one year for the treatment of depression, anxiety and insomnia (sleeplessness) but I have discontinued it since the past two months or so. Is it OK to start taking it again? Is there any withdrawal symptom related to it?

Posted by: Nitin

Dear Nitin,

Kali phos is some times used for depression, anxiety and sleeplessness on therapeutic indications. But this is not the right way to prescribe it or to take it. Homeopathic medicines are given on the basis of symptom similarity. The signs, symptoms, causative and maintaining factors, your constitution everything needs to be considered to prescribe the right remedy.

Today, people are taking Kali phos as a mild anti depressant or mood elevator and even to reduce stress. I have seen it being recommended in many corporates. I recently heard a banker say that in his organisation everyone is very stressed due to job targets and everyone is taking homeopathic Kali phos!

Some of the common symptoms or indications of the homeopathy remedy Kali phos are as follows:

Symptoms of Kali phos

“Kali phos corresponds to those numerous cases in which there is increased sensitiveness to all impressions, from a weakness of the vital organismic resistance or control. In weakened states from shock, mental or physical, from over-strain or over-drain of the system. Nervous, restless, fidgety feeling in feet, trembling sensation in muscles of legs. Numb sensations.

A disturbance, or deficiency, in the normal state of this physiological element shows, mentally, in despondency, anxiety, fearfulness, weak memory, mental decay, mental and physical break-down, neurasthenia, hypochondria, hysteria, insomnia, night terrors, irritability, insanity and paralysis;

Brain-fag from overwork.

General irritability.

Cerebral anaemia.

Mouth excessively dry.

amenorrhoea with depression of spirits, lassitude and general debility.

Neuralgic pains occurring in any organ, with depression, failure of strength, sensitiveness to noise and light, improved during pleasant excitement and by gentle motion, but most felt when quiet or alone.”

Kali phos may palliate your problems like depression, anxiety and insomnia for some time but if it is not the properly chosen one, it may not have any deep and lasting effect. I would suggest that you should not take Kali phos in this manner for such prolonged times. Even though kali phos may not have adverse effects, still it has limitations to work curatively for you. You should ideally consult a homeopath who can work not just on the depression but also on its cause – someone who can prescribe on your totality.

Side effects of Kali phos

There are no recorded side effects of the homeopathic or biochemic remedy Kali phosphoricum.

Withdrawal effects of Kali phosphoricum

Usually there are no withdrawal effects if you stop taking Kali phos homeopathy or biochemic remedy.

You should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor before starting or stopping this remedy.

Wishing you health,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • dear doctor,

    i am 18 year old male.
    i am suffering from nervous weakness,forgetfulness, low self esteem,depression and social anxiety for a long time.
    i was very lonely & shy from my childhood and for this reason i used to masturbate frequently.
    no i am undergoing graduate student (B.A) & its affect my study and concentration.
    i was not habituated to do any healthy physical exersice from my childhood but no from few weeks i am going for morning walk & it is giving me very nice feeling…

    thank you very much doctor for listening my problems.

    i am egarly waiting for your precious responce.

    thnks again.

  • Doctors are GOD’s GIFT to humanity, Sir, I m 73 year old.Mumbai, INDIA.After catract operation of L.eye.Now suffering from ” open angle glaucoma “, with watreing in both eye. After ” EUPHRASIA-1M, , 4 pills,3 times daily, is 90% comfortable. Now I take ” Staphysagria-10M. 2 drops in one table spoon of water one daily + ” Cineraria, eye drops,one drop in each eye, 3 times daily. Pl. guide & help me, wether I shopuld contineu,if YES, how long? OR BETTER ” HOMEOPATHY TREATMENT !
    thnks a lot.MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

    • Dear Moolchand,

      10M’s of any remedy should not be casually repeated, as this could result in a proving.

  • Hi Alan,
    could you please explain a bit – what do you mean it could result in proving? What do you mean by proving?


    • When a remedy is taken repeatedly when it it not needed, or even in too high a potency, the person may develop the symptoms of the remedy.

  • That means homeopathy could be dangerous too when taken without the supervision of a qualified physician …

  • sir i m 20 years old m suffering from depression i take so many medicines bt cant gt relief from today i taking kali phos 6x it is right or not

  • Can anyone tell me which medicine can make me feel happy.i have sever depression also tried kali phos but nothing worked.

    • Consult a professional Homeopath in person. He / She would make a complete case study & prescribe accordingly. You need to be in one to one contact with your Homeopath for follow up treatment.

      Kali Phos 6x is good for nerves & brain. It is not harmful in 6X potency. However depression is something which is curable through Homeopathy. There is no single remedy for depression .NEVER take any anti depressants , tranquilizers ; never go to a psychiatrist. There could be many reasons behind depression. And a qualified Homeopath alone can prescribe the right medicine in the right potency. An underactive thyroid , deep seated grief , childhood traumas etc can cause depression. Trust me , Homeopathy does cure effectively. In addition to that , pray to God. Attend Pravachans on Bhagavad Gita , Upanishads. Go for long walks regularly. Stick to vegetarian home cooked food. Do not eat fast food , junk food etc.

    • I have heard of a child being cured of autism by one Ayurvedic doctor. Unfortunately I do not have the name of the doctor. I am sure Homeopathy would be able to help. Preferably , you should consult a professional Homeopath. Kolkata ( Calcutta) has very good Homeopaths.

  • my self lalit gautam from himachal Pradesh.. i m also facing this kind of problem .. also loosing self confidence ….its so hard to remember.. any question .. related my study.. so sir plz… advise me . what should i do now ….. & which kind of medicine i can use.. now ….. my contact no is 08988453005.. plz…… plz…… plz… sir …

    • First go to psychiatrist tell all of your problem to them and ask what disease it is? They will tell you what mental disorder you, they will prescribe medication for that disorder (most probably this is depression).but dont take that medication, just go to a good homeopath and tell him that you have that disease that your psychiatrist told you (depression) and take homeopathy remedy for depression and visit again to your homeopath after 5 days of taking medication and tell him what do you feel now after taking med for 5 days. Generally I have used this process bcoz homeopath does not have ability to identify what disease you have, they only treat the symptoms. And also let me know what medicine is given by your homeopath to treat depression and symptoms associated with your depression.

  • Sir I have been told to take Kali phoscericum 12x I am having early ischemia having a clot In the right side of the artery cause of that clot my left side is paralysed so should I take this medicine pl suggest

    • Sir,
      I am a writer’s cramp dystonia patient from more than 15 yrs.

      Pl. suggest me treatment for cure.


  • I am having tremors in my both hands though not severe. Can I take kaliphos 6 x. I am 69. No other diseases. Doing regular yoga and not a diabetic . B.p. 130/80. Lifting weight 30 kg for muscle strength kindly advise.

  • I am Soroj Roy.. a pagient of chronic kidney disease with diabetese… i want to know is there any remedies for kidney in homfopathy… plz suggest me what i will do…

  • My child is 2.7 years old. He is suspected to suffering from autism. So he has been admitted in a special education school where he spent 1 & 1/2 hours everyday for3months.He had no speech. But now he can repeat the word spoken by us not the sentence. Some hyper activities grow in him such as hitting others by closing his eyes,throwing things after sometime. He never stays quite whenever he is alone and can not sits still in a place. He loves to play with a piece of cloth. I want your suggestions sir. If you want to know more about him please mention that. I am completely unaware whether he is suffering from autism or ADHD. Please help.

  • Dear sir,l am mentally depressed,anxiety,tension,sleepless,night terror,increasing heart beat,legs and hand tremling,slight pain and numbnees in left hands and legs,constipation,dysentry ,gastic irregularities,,foul sweating,dry mouth, are common sympton.pls tell me what homeopathy medicine I will take.

  • Iam diabetic , protein leakage problem, memory loss ,sleep apnea and fatigue. Iam a smoker .Please advice me which medicine will cure my disease and stop smoking.

  • Hello doctor

    I m stvn i have used last 2 year nexcito 5 tab a day and use amlong mt 50 half tab bed time. I used drink 2 small shot every day my age 41 year old
    I m depressed why but i dont no…
    Pls give sugession can i take kaliphos 6x tab
    Pls give reply

  • My memory power is so week… In normal work I’m ok… But in study… Whatever i read i just forget in 2 ro 3 hrs… I also try to repeat all those things… But unfortunately it didn’t work…
    Another problem is concentration power…even I cant concentrate on one things atleast 5 min… Plzz help me…
    I’m being depressed for my carrer….
    Plzz suggest

  • Sir my mother is 81 yrs, she has lost her memory, she doesn’t walks, nor talks, neither do any limb movements on her own. Doctors day she has cerebral atrophy, they say that her brain has contracted, so that is why her brain is not giving any directions. Please suggest some good medicine so that her brain may start give and receive signals.
    Rahul Sharma

  • Dear Doctor.. My son has been suffering from eye ticks for the last 10 days. Have visited eye specialist n got confirmed that there is no problem with the eye sight but am worried where you to go to get him ride of this eye ticks problem. Could you you please advise if there is any remedy in homeopathy. Thanks in advance

  • Hi Doctor,
    I am 32yeras old been suffering GB Syndrome for last 7 months.
    Now I am recovering well but recovery is slow. I am still not able to stand and walk self but with support.
    Please suggest for medicine in Homeopathy to recover faster and gain muscles and strength in nervous system.

  • I am suffering from stammering for more than 10 i’m 23+ .But still this problem haunted me a lot.. My symptoms are- 1) certain letters which start a word such as-R,M,N,L,K,A,S,D,B,& so on..whenever this r comes i lack my confidence & pronounce for several times but still no pronounce it properly & that time my eyes were blinking so much…
    2) Fear of public speaking
    3)Repeats the first letter for several times before going to the 2nd word.
    3)while talking for the first time to the strangers..
    please giveme tge suggestion that how can i revive myself from this diseaster which haunted me alltime in my life please give me tips ..please please…please suggest which medicine can i take?

    • Dear Abhijit, not having taken your case, I can only guess, based on the small amount of information you have given, but, try a single dose of Stramonium 200C. Now remember, I could be wrong; so, I’m not promising anything.

  • I have been suffering from insomnia for about15 years. It started from a mental pressure about property separation among brothers. Presently there is no problem or pressure but I could no sleep without sleeping pill.
    I like to come out from taking alopathy pill 1stly then like to stop taking hoemeopathic pill also.
    Can you give advice regarding above.

  • My 8 years son is non verbal n hyper due to autism.. He also has sleep issues too.. My 2 years son is also showing red flag.. Need a good doctor for my dear son.

    • Esha, stop vaccinating. Children are being sacrificed at the altar of huge profits for Pharmaceutical Companies, Pediatricians and Children’s Hospitals. Yes, it is a real racket! Look at it this way, your regularly scheduled trip to the doctor for the child’s shots is a guaranteed income for pediatricians. What a set-up! I have a section on autism on my website, maybe it will help you: .

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