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Homeopathic treatment of moles

Homeopathic treatment of moles

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Dear Doctor B,
I am 45 and I have lots of moles. Doctors say that they do not present any immediate danger to my health. But I am annoyed, I always wanted to get rid of them. My 16 y old son probably inherited this condition from me. He has lots of moles too. One of them on his back was diagnosed as malignant and was surgically removed. Further biopsies detected few a-typical moles on his body, which means, that he is at the greater risk of developing skin cancer in the future. But what about homeopathy? The traditional medicine does not offer anything better than staying out of the sun, watching for changes, and waiting for surgeron’s knife. It is frustrating to watch for changes in everyone of dozens of moles and fearing that something very bad may eventually come out. I hope that homeopathy may suggest us some new avenues. What is your opinion?
Thank you for your time. Sincerely,

Homeopathy does offer curative treatment in many so-called incurable conditions. But the
actual prognosis of a case can be ascertained only after a full case taking. In Homeopathy the approach is not just to treat the main complaint but also the susceptibility of that person to acquire that disease. That susceptibility may come from genetic factors (seems so in ur case) or environmental and life-style factors etc.

Under proper homeopathic treatment you have much to gain. The big moles may not vanish but their malignant propensity can be curtailed. And the smaller ones may disappear too. But the results vary from case to case and physician to physician. My advice to you is that find a good homeopath near you place and start treatment for your son and yourself as early as possible. The treatment may continue very long..but the results are often worth the effort.

Another thing that I would like to say. Don’t worry about what u can’t force to change (like ur moles) and don’t worry about the consequences and the future that you cannot control. Health makes life more enjoyable but you should not let your disease kill your ‘life’ on daily basis. Enjoy your life to its fullest. Try to help yourself by every possible means but don’t let your disease become your life. There is so much more to life…

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