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Gargling with salt can produce symptoms of Natrum?

Gargling with salt can produce symptoms of Natrum?

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Respected Sir,
Will gargling the mouth with common salt everyday produce Natrum-mur symptoms just like the painter who unknowingly moistened his mouth with sepia by keeping the sepia laden brush in his mouth.

No, gargling the mouth with common salt water will not produce Natrum-mur symptoms. For two reasons. One – Common salt is not foreign to body (unlike sepia). It is a vital constituent of our body. Two – Since it is part of our daily diet, the body becomes accustomed to it from the very early childhood and in normal intake, it fails to excite the vital force to create symptoms. But when given in a potentised form, the nature of the base agent changes enough to excite symptoms for a proving.

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  • Hi when I was a child I had tonsilitis. Twice the doctor wanted me to have my tonsils removed. My tough wee granny said god gave you tonsils for a reason. They are a trap to guard you, she said. Granny said I was to gargle with salt water three or four times a day. I never got tonsilitis again. I still have my tonsils. Grannies know everything. thanks .Great article

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