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How we can differentiate the type of music on the basis of rubrics given in repertory

How we can differentiate the type of music on the basis of rubrics given in repertory

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Respected Sir,
When we see Rubrics relating to MUSIC in repertories, they may probably relate to western classical music as many of the provings took place quite long ago in western countries. Hence do the rubrics have any relevance to Say,jazz,pop,rock and such things?
What exactly is MUSIC in relation to Homoeopathy? Is it rhythm, melody or feeling or everything combined? Someone was commenting that western music was more rhythm-based while Indian classical music was more raaga (Feeling) based.
It is said that some Raagas destroy depression and produce enthusiasm. If that is true how will it affect our understanding of rubric SADNESS FROM MUSIC? Will provers become sad even after hearing such mood-elevating music?If not Which type of music does the rubric relate to?

The science of Bio Acoustics teaches that people have physiological responses to sound. Indeed, a recording of a person’s voice can be analyzed to detect which notes are missing. When those notes are supplied by listening to pure tones, balance is restored and healing sometimes occurs.
As regards your question, a close look at the repertory shows that certain remedies are listed as being sensitive to music and that further distinctions are for piano, sacred music, violin music, church music. Sadness from music is also listed. That means that SOME kind of music evokes sadness in the person.
Alan V. Schmukler

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