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My daughter was prescribed Calcarea Carb IM for better teething and allergic rhinitis. Now has uncontrolled eye movement. Nystagmus?

My daughter was prescribed Calcarea Carb IM for better teething and allergic rhinitis. Now has uncontrolled eye movement. Nystagmus?

Posted by: Manish Dassani

My daughter was prescribed Calcarea Carb IM at the age of 1 year for better teething and allergic rhinitis. Within 4 days after taking the medicine we noticed strange ocular movements in her eyes. Her right eye was sometimes going towards the right. Gradually the peculiar eye movements only got worse. within a few days both eyes lost ordination and were moving in all directions.
We have consulted many eye specialists who are all at sea with her condition.
Her age now is 2 years and 10 months. I am extremely worried about her. Could the high dosage of Calcarea Carb have caused this condition. Her eyes were absolutely normal before taking the medicine. Please please help me. can something be done ?
I would also like to add that she had a head injury at the age of 7 months. She fell off the bed onto a metalic Voltage stabilizer lying on the floor. I got a CT scan done which showed everything was normal. Your response will be most sincerely appreciated.
warm regards
Manish Dassani

Hi Manish,

I personally do not recommend anything for ‘easy teething’ unless there are specific symptoms accompanying teething like fever, cold or diarrhoea or marked irritability. Since I do not have the full case details of your daughter with me, it is difficult for me to comment on the reasoning behind the Calcarea carb prescription but in general homeopathic remedies are not known to create any permanent disability.

We will need to diagnose the condition (is it Nystagmus?) Check this page:

Get her checked for any vision loss too.

And then assess the prognosis of the cases. If we are able to find the true simillimum for your daughter, homeopathy still has something to offer to your child.

Wishing health to your daughter,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • Mr.Manish Dasani,
    Generally to antidote any remedy in homeopathy the lower potency of the same medicine can be given,if she is given calc.carb 200 is given to her she may be releived from the problem if this problem has come up due to calc.carb. 1 M ,if not there will be no effect.(side effect)

  • Yes, you could antidote it with Calc-carb 6C. Not just any lower potency, but 6C.
    I see in the repertory that Calc-carb can cause nystagmus, and thus can cure it. And if your child got it from the 1M dose, she must have a slight tendency towards it. In other words, your daughter is proving the remedy. If someone takes a remedy in a proving and does not get any symptom from it, it is because this person has no underlying tendency to it. But if your daughter “resonates” with Calc-carb in this way, then she could get the symptom. But try some 6C of Calc-carb to antidote the dose of 1M. And give it to her dissolved in water. In other words, take two pellets of 6C, let them dissolve in an eight-ounce bottle of water, and then give her a drop of this. You could do this every day. Just make sure that before each dose after the first one, to give the bottle a good shaking.

  • I forgot to mention, you need to check, if you are giving her another homeopathic remedy, that these two are not inimical. It would be best if you gave the Calc-carb alone until this is over with.

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