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HOW TO use calcarea carb for weight loss?

calcarea carb for weight loss
Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Homeopathy remedy Calcarea carb for weight loss. Learn how to use Calcarea carbonica 200 drops for weight loss.

I am 37 year old female and my weight is 76 kg. I want to lose weight. My friend told me about homeopathic remedy calcarea carb for weight loss. Can I take calcarea carb for weight loss? If yes, what is the dosage and how quickly does one see the results. Are there any side effects of Calcarea carb?

Posted by: Amd.


Dear Amd,

Can you take calcarea carb for weight loss? My answer would be – No. In Homeopathy we do not treat any condition or disease or state in isolation. A homeopathy remedy, be it Calcarea carbonica or something else, is prescribed only after a detail case history, which will include your current complaints, past medical history as well as family history. Your BMI will need to be calculated (Use this BMI Calculator), your reason for weight gain will need to be assessed (check our weight gain calculator)., your diet and daily activity will need to be assessed.

Any underlying cause for weight gain, like hypothyroidism or PCOD will need to be ruled out.

Calcarea carb is not a magic potion for weight loss. It is just one homeopathy remedy that often suits patients who are fat and flabby. But there are many other remedies that suit such constitution. The rubric ‘Obesity’ in homeopathy repertory lists 195 remedies!

Here is the Calcarea carb. constitution for you:

Calcarea carb is fat, or at least in being inclined to be so. The children have pot bellies. The colour of the face is watery, pale. Temperamentally the patient is indolent, clumsy and slow in his motions, does not like to work. Calcarea carbonica acts per-eminently upon the bony structure, hence such patients have under-developed bones, disturbed growth, soft or bent bones. They dispose to glandular enlargement and swellings, polypi, etc.,

The Calcarea patient feels cold, and complains of cold head, and his feet are cold as “from wet socks”. Typical are partial perspiration, in children especially around the head, in men of the sexual organs with sexual weakness; women have too early and profuse menses with copious leucorrhoea. Peculiar is the Calcarea patient’s desire for eggs, while milk is not tolerated, often vomited.

So you can see the Calcarea carb is not a weight loss remedy. It is a polychrest homeopathy medicine which has diverse use. Do not take calcarea carb for weight loss blindly. Consult a homeopath in person and take help of a dietician and exercise to lose weight effectively.

Homeopathy remedies when taken according to symptom similarity, usually do not have any side effects, and that applies to Calcarea carbonica too.

You can read more about Calcarea carb here

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Hope you find this reply about using Calcarea carb for weight loss useful. DO share your feedback though comments.

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  • Thank you Manish. Using Homeopathy in an Allopathic way I believe is detrimental to the advancement of Homeopathy.

  • Dr Manish reply is very very authentic and appropriate . surely many aspects of an individual needs to be considered.
    Thanks for an eye opener reply.
    At the same time if we look at the question , it clearly indicates that friend told , question asked ! that itself indicates casual approach to Homeopathy treatment.
    However Dr Bhatia’s reply is be-fitting to such casual question.

  • Sir
    My father is 74yrs old suddenly had dementia had resign from the GoI assignment in the mid have diabetes but under control. He is been drinking 20 ml coconut oil soon after but there is little improvement . I need your advice for homeopathic treatment undergone MRI result is having cervical fluid in the brain.pleaSe help me out .

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